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Wednesday Transcript: WR Rueben Randle

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/30/2015 4:22 pm
WR Rueben Randle

September 30, 2015

Q: Little bit of sense of rallying again for you guys at receiver?

A: Yeah, I’m getting pretty used to it now. I think we all will be prepared for it. We work pretty hard together, had a pretty good practice, made a lot of plays. Once you get that confidence in Eli, getting to those checks he’ll get into during the game and make some plays, I think everything will be okay.

Q: When you look at what the Patriots did against the Bills, can you do the same kind of stuff?

A: Yeah. We’re going to try to do that. Spread them out a little bit. Try to get the ball out of there quick so they can’t get as much pressure on Eli as they’re going to. It’s going to be upon us to make some plays, especially outside the catch.

Q: Everybody seemed pretty excited about the potential of Victor’s return, how much does the air blow out of the balloon—I know you have a job to do and it doesn’t matter in that regard, but how much does it feel to see him come off the field?

A: It sucks, to say the least. We don’t have much time to dwell on it. We’ve got to prepare for Sunday. Our focus is trying to do well on the field. We tried to get with him now, I haven’t talked to him since to see how he feels. Just wish him the best.

Q: Were you looking forward to you, Victor and Odell on the field?

A: Yeah. We were hoping this would be the week, but like I said, there will be a day when he comes back when he’s ready. We’re not trying to rush him back or anything like that. I think we have enough talent now while he’s out.

Q: Still up to other guys to step up as they have throughout, right?

A: Yeah. Like I said, I think we’re all pretty comfortable with the situation at hand and we have enough talent in this room to make some plays and that’s what we’re going to do.

Q: How good does it make you feel to make those plays to help your team last week to get the first win of the season?

A: It felt pretty good. Always just want to feel part of the team, just make some plays and help us lead to a victory. That’s what I want to do.

Sounds highly motivated  
TMS : 9/30/2015 8:28 pm : link
more than usual. His great performance last week when we really needed him to step up might have lit fire under him. He is a vet of this team now among all these new players. Good news if that is the case. He has a a lot of skills if the light has finally gone on.
Great to see RR involved early  
mrvax : 9/30/2015 8:36 pm : link
The 2nd game saw a screen pass to him later in the the game for the 1st target. RR probably needs to get it going early.

He made some nice catches and most importantly, he held on. Go Rueben!!!
Is Randle back on track,  
Doomster : 9/30/2015 10:00 pm : link
or was the last game a blip on the radar?
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