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Wednesday Transcript: CB Prince Amukamara

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/30/2015 4:24 pm

CB Prince Amukamara

September 30, 2015

Q: Do you feel for your teammate Victor Cruz who had a little bit of a setback today?

A: Yeah, I know Victor is very anxious. Iíve seen him in the training room and on the field just working hard trying to get back out there. Anytime you have a little mishap, for me it just plays with the mind, but Victor is very strong mentally and like I told him, itís a long season, just forget the pressure. You know when youíre injured and much is expected out of you, thereís a lot of pressure on you, and I just told him to forget about that itís a long season and to keep his head up.

Q: Do you feel like a guy like that [Cruz] is going to do everything he can to get back out there?

A: Yeah, no question. Victor is a leader for this team on and off the field. He does all the right things; like I said he was in the training room doing everything he can. On Thursday when everybody had a break who didnít have treatment, heís back here, and he was here all offseason. I got to see his journey and him getting back, so I just understand how frustrating it can be.

Q: How big is this game this weekend?

A: I think every game every week is huge but I think itíll be great to see how our team responds after the win we got on Thursday.

Q: How much of a letdown was it to see what Victor has been through and then to see him leave early like that? How much of a letdown was that to you?

A: I wouldnít call it a letdown. We were expecting him to play but itís just one of things that if itís not right, then itís right. I donít know the extent of the injury, I know itís not surgery or nothing, but I just keep telling him and telling myself like itís a long season. We know when we get him back thereís going to be great things to see.

Q: What is the key to containing this Buffalo offense?

A: Just being smart and disciplined. Anytime you have a quarterback that can run and pass, if youíre supposed to be outside be outside, if youíre supposed to be inside be inside, and just donít let them get the running game going. Once they get the running game going they can play action us, boot us, and then weíll have a big problem.

Q: The win against Washington and whatís going on in the division. Does that give you guys a lot of confidence like hey weíre right there?

A: We know that weíre still the controllers of our own destiny and right now weíre really worried about ourselves. We do have an eye out on the division and we are aware of whatís going on. Right now weíre just worried about ourselves and just worried about Buffalo now.

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