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Post-Game Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/4/2015 7:56 pm
Eli Manning

Q: How big was that play by Rashad [Jennings] there in that fourth quarter?
A: Yeah that was a huge play by Rashad [Jennings] great effort and we needed it, the team needed it. Offensively we really hadn’t done anything in the second half; we had some penalties and hadn’t done a great job. Sure enough we got a few first downs on a drive, got to a third down and they played man to man coverage and we were able to get Rashad to break the tackle just to get the first down and it was great pick up on our tackles, good blocks down field and get the touchdown- big play of the game right there.

Q: What have you guys done a better job of these past two weeks to finish games as opposed to earlier in the season?
A: Yeah, I think Coach challenged us. We were challenged after the first two games where we were had leads going into the fourth quarter and lost them and we weren’t able to come back. We weren’t playing as well in the fourth quarter. So he challenged us and said ‘Hey we gotta elevate our level of play in the fourth quarter’ and I think we have done that in these past two weeks. There’s a difference in winning games and losing. We had a good first half, we had a little lull there in the third quarter but we found ways to make it happen and we needed some plays late in the fourth quarter and we were able to get to them.

Q: What do you think about your defense?
A: Yeah, a couple big stands by them. Obviously the third and fourth quarter, holding them down to a field goal one time and they missed it. The next time they got down to the one yard line and they stopped them so a couple great stands and turnovers and some big plays by the defense all day. They’re playing good football right now.

Q: On that Rashad [Jennings] play when you flipped it up there, were you hoping for a first down?
A: Yeah, I was hoping for a first down. I didn’t throw a great ball but I was just hoping he would catch it and make that first guy miss and get that first down. He went down the sideline and made a big play for us.

Q: Can you talk about the interception?
A: I’m not happy about the interception. The guy made a play, it was tough, he drove on it and it was tough to see. I was going into double coverage and usually throwing the slant is pretty safe but he drove on it and it was a tough situation.

Q: I understand the math but can you explain why 2-2 is that much better than 1-3?
A: Well I feel like you just feel like your back in the mix. Winning two games in a row, with everything going on in the division, I know we’ve got some divisional games being played right now- Washington and Philly.

Q: Washington beat Philly.
A: Washington beat Philly so as a division, Dallas is going through some stuff, so we’re right back in the mix and we have a lot of football. It’s exciting to not feel like we’re 1-3 at that point you’re fighting uphill but we still have to fight, we still have to climb but I feel like we’re right in the mix.
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