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Post-Game Transcript: LB Jon Beason

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/4/2015 7:57 pm
Jon Beason

Q: Tell me about the goal line stand.
A: Bend, donít break. Itís clichť but in that moment, momentum was swinging. Weíre giving up a couple plays, big plays that we shouldnít have and now weíve got our backs to the wall. We could have easily gotten there and folded, it was a collective effort of guys coming out and doing their jobs, executing in the moment and coming up with a huge, huge stop.

Q: What does it mean with two different guys coming up with the stops? It seemed like different people were stepping up.
A: Thatís the mark of a great team. Collectively itís the unusual suspects, thatís the way you want to play, when you go out there and see (JT Thomas) go out there and make that play itís like fourth down. Before that it was Landon Collins. I really canít say enough about each individual guy and their effort in this game. Attention to detail, being relentless and doing it together.

Q: A lot of people look at your defense and say thereís not a single playmaker, not a guy who is dynamic like JPP. Are you guys proving that you donít need that player?
A: Itís been done before, no name defense. We donít look at ourselves like that. Weíve got some journeymen, some guys who have been around, guys who have made a lot of plays in this league. Weíre just buying into a mentality obviously spearheaded by our defensive coordinator and our position coaches and guys are doing it collectively.

Q: At 0-2 everyone thought the world was ending and two weeks later youíre 2-2. How do you feel?
A: You look at those games and obviously they hurt. For us, look at the different plays that we made. When we made them. 3 out of 4 quarters we were great. Probably personnel wise in Dallas is the best weíll see all year and an Atlanta team thatís rolling right now. We hung our hats on that they were all plays that we did make, now weíve just got to be more consistent. We learned from those games and now weíre just trying to get better every week.
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