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Monday Conference Call Transcript: OC Weston Richburg

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/5/2015 3:10 pm
C Weston Richburg

Conference Call, October 5, 2015

Q: Weíll ask you what we asked Jon Beason, when you wake up this morning and see the standings of the NFC East, what do you think about those?

A: I think I said last night that the win made us relevant again. We never took ourselves out of the race. Itís just a testament to how hard we work and we just kept going last night. It was cool to see. It was a great win for us and now weíve just got to keep confident.

Q: How big a part did Tom Coughlin play when you guys were 0-2 to get you guys back on track? Maybe just sticking to what he does?

A: Yeah, I think heís made a name for himself by being able to motivate people and he definitely did that for us. Itís good to have a leader like that and I think itís going to be a big part of the success of the team this year.

Q: When you look at what Ereck Flowers went through yesterday, fighting through that ankle injury, did that kind of uplift you guys a little bit more than usual?

A: I donít know if it uplifted anybody, but it was good to see toughness and him to be able to come back into the game. We were prepared to go with or without him, so Iím just glad he was able to come back and play and play against a good defense like that.

Q: You and Justin have both talked about playing tough. Do you feel that you guys have put to rest any notion about the toughness of the offensive line with something like what Ereck did?

A: Iím sure there will be people that say things about us that we didnít but thatís not for us to really worry about, itís up to us to continue to work hard and continue to come together as a unit, try to get better each week.

Q: What does it say about the offensive line that you didnít allow a sack to their defensive line?

A: That was a real positive, I think. We handled their really different looks pretty well and obviously they have good talent. I think we, for the most part, blocked them well. They did have one sack weíd like to have back, but I think we did a good job at pass protection for the most part.

Q: How hard is it to block Nikita Whitlock in practice?

A: Iíve never done it and I hope I never have to do it. I feel so bad for those guys who have to block that guy. Heís a mismatch when he gets in there, especially at the end of games when guys are tired. Itís fun to watch him, though. Iím extremely happy for that guy. He does a great job.

Q: A mismatch because youíve got to get so low to get after him?

A: Heís got leverage, heís got speed, his get-off is great. Iíve never seen his college tape but I heard in college he was a force to be reckoned with, so you can obviously see him get the sack. I mean, he doesnít play defense and he goes in and gets a sack. I was so happy to see that. Very proud of that guy.

Q: Big offensive linemen sort of underestimate him a little bit?

A: I think there could be definitely, definitely some underestimation when he comes out there, but right when the ball snaps and you see him get off, you figure out real quick that heís not going to be easy to block.

Q: Iím sure you guys were confident, but to have that kind of performance against maybe the best defensive line in football, does that help all of you, individually or collectively, feel a little bit better about yourselves and what you think will develop?

A: I think itís definitely good for our confidence as a unit. We saw things on film we definitely need to fix. I think if weíre able to find things each week, which weíll be able to, to get better at, I think we will be better and better each week and continue to really build a reputation for our offensive line.

Q: What area do you see yourself being way better at now?

A: Oh man, I think pass protection from IDing everything to really keeping the interior pocket tight, I think thatís going to be a big part in the run game, just getting our run fits better, moving guys off the ball better. Itís just going to be something each week we see we need to work on.
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TMS : 10/5/2015 5:47 pm : link
the enthusiasm and pride in performance in this guy. Seems that atmosphere is taking hold in the whole team. This coaching staff is bringing out their best effort and it shows. An Improving team getting to know each othere better and better. Good stuff.
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