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Monday Conference Call Transcript: LB Jon Beason

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/5/2015 3:25 pm
LB Jon Beason

Conference Call, October 5, 2015

Q: It seems like the way this defense is set up, every guy on this defense can be that guy, that playmaker. When you take a look at that, would you say thatís accurate and also does it make it more challenging to scheme against the defense?

A: The imprint of a great defense is the guys playing fast, physical, being relentless and swarming. We donít really care about stats, long as weíre doing it together, I think thatís what makes us special, and you watch the film and itís an example of football. You donít know which guy itís going to be, but everyone is playing hard, getting to the ball, and good things are happening.

Q: When you watch the film, how much better is it now?

A: Itís great. Itís fun to watch guys that get after it. There was a big emphasis on finishing and we did that. We got put into some tough situations, they made some plays late, and we were able to come up with some huge stops in the red zone, a 10-point swing. To me, that was key in the game.

Q: You often times described this defense as very complex and during the summer you had guys coming in and out of the lineup because of injury and circumstances . What do you think has been the key to everybody clicking at this stage of the game?

A: Well, I think guys are embracing their roles. We have multiple packages where we are getting guys on the field who do things well and weíre creating a niche for those guys. You go out and play four or five different personnel groups and all the linebackers are involved, and all the secondary guys are involved, you donít see that happen much. We thought we have a unique skillset; coaches are doing a great job recognizing what guys do well, and putting them in position to make plays.

Q: What would you say about your defensive coordinatorís personality, number one, and also his willingness to let players, not freelance, but make some decisions on their own on the field? How has that affected the defense?

A: First off, I think heís aggressive, I think he enjoys scheming, studying guys, getting tendencies, and heís very prepared for everything. We go over the situations that may come up once or twice in a career, let alone in a game, but they happen. With that, you can appreciate a guy like that, so we try and go out there and execute at a high level, and know that he put us in a position to make plays. Thatís all you can ask as a defensive coordinator. Sometimes when they have a play or get a scheme, heís the first one to say, ďHey, listen, that was on me, that was on the call.Ē Itís the same thing if we mess up and itís on us, so I think weíre developing that cohesiveness. Guys are being accountable for where theyíre supposed to be. More than not thus far, weíve been where weíre supposed to be, and weíre making plays.

Q: What about you? I know you stayed in the meetings while you were dealing with the knee injury but being in the meetings and doing it on the field are two different things. Have you spent more time with Spags [Steve Spagnuolo] trying to pick his brain and get on the same wave length as him? What do you think has been the biggest difference for you?

A: I think weíre just developing an overall relationship, as friends, and as co-workers. Heís a great dude. For me, you get out there and youíre thinking a lot when you miss time. It doesnít become second nature, and yeah itís one thing that I want to do better, Iím where Iím supposed to be, I can be a half a step faster in my decision-making process, or even getting guys lined up, making checks, and changing our fronts. For the most part I feel good about it but there is a little bit of a learning curve, so to speak, based off missing time and in a live situation.

Q: How much has it been in-game adjustments? How much have you guys gone to that and how much has been sticking to the game plan?

A: Last week, a little bit more; this week, not so much. I think we executed well, we played fast and physical to the football, and the scheme was sound in what our objective was going into the game and we took care of that, for the most part. I love when a coordinator comes up and pulls the defense together on the bench and says, ďHey, weíre going to come up with this call. This is what weíre going to do, youíre going to go here, youíre going to go there, and letís go and do it on the next series.Ē They give us this, weíre checking to this and when guys go out and use their same rules within the defense and make it aÖItís great because youíre taking away what their game plan was. We call it flavor of the day, meaning you can watch film if you want, but youíre going to have a run thatís going to be different, youíre going to have a passing concept thatís different, and weíre going to have to be able to take care of it and we did that.

Q: How calming is it when Tom Coughlin stays the course when things are going bad? What reflection does that have on the team?

A: I think the thing that I love about Coach Coughlin is that heís consistent. Heís going to preach the same thing no matter what. We have a process, we have goals in mind, and he knows how to get us there. When heís consistent, weíre reminded of the fact that we can trust in him and the direction that weíre going. You start off 0-2, plenty of good, not quite enough to get the W, but a lot to learn from. Knowing that ďHey, look at all of the great things we did do. Letís build on that and donít forget about those things. The small things that are costing us games, letís focus on those things and be more complete, and hopefully we can win more football games.Ē

Q: How much of a part did he [Coughlin] play do you feel in kind of getting you guys back on track the last couple of weeks?

A: I would say heís come in with more energy, more enthusiasm, and a guy whoís 69 years old. He comes in, heís doing jumping jacks in the meetings, itís always a joy to see how much he loves to do what he does, and how much of a competitor he is. Itís easy to get up and go out and fight for a guy like that.

Q: I donít know how bad his injury is, but if youíre without [Devon] Kennard for a couple of weeks, how equipped are you to handle that?

A: Itís tough, man. Heís playing lights out right now, heís doing more than whatís asked of him, heís playing at an extremely dominating level, and any time you lose a guy like that, itís tough. I donít know what the nature of the injury is or how long heís going to be out. The thing about it, like I said earlier, collectively every linebacker has played in every game besides me, and we all have different roles and during the same room meeting, if you give something to Kennard, Iím expected to know it, Uani [ĎUnga] should know, JB [Jasper Brinkley], JT [Thomas], everyone should know it. Even though weíre young with Uani, weíre very veteran, so being able to move guys around and cover up if there is a lack. I look for Kennard to do what he always does. Heís professional, he takes care of his body extremely well, he prepares like no other, and hopefully heís back as soon as possible.

Q: When you look at the NFC East standings, what do you see and what do you feel about them?

A: Itís wide open. Itís still too early to say anybody is the favorite, which is a good thing. You start off 0-2, itís tough to stay in the race, especially when you lose a divisional game, but weíre just excited to win this game and now all the focus is on the 49ers.
Relentless is the key  
Torrag : 10/5/2015 3:27 pm : link
We aren't the most talented defesne. We have players don't get me wrong. The effort of every guy to fight to get to the ball is what is generating our success.
This guy is just a great leader  
Bob from Massachusetts : 10/5/2015 4:57 pm : link
for the defense. He's intelligent, he's articulate, and he has a great attitude. I just hope he can stay on the field enough as his leadership capabilities in many ways may exceed his on-field performance at this point, but I'm pretty sure they're a better team with him on the field than not
You have to get and stay on the field to be a real leader  
Torrag : 10/5/2015 5:06 pm : link
Hopefully Beason can fulfill that requirement for the rest of the season. I'd say that's a longshot but I hope I'm wrong.
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