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Wednesday Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/7/2015 5:14 pm
QB Eli Manning

October 7, 2015

Q: Eli some of the names have changed from San Francisco’s front seven but, from what I’m told, they hit hard, they’re pretty aggressive and they get after you pretty good. Is that right?

A: Yeah, they do have some new bodies in there. Patrick Willis and Aldon Smith and Justin Smith, couple guys who are tremendous players aren’t there but they still do a good job getting to the quarterback, getting pressure on the quarterback, making it tough with their scheme and linemen. So we got to make sure—we got a great game plan for them, guys know their responsibilities and we got to get out there and execute.

Q: They’ve been pretty susceptible to big plays down field this season. Do you think that might be something you guys can finally break out with this week?

A: Well, you know I’ve seen a couple of them on film just a couple great plays or scramble drills or different things. We got to look at it. If there are some opportunities to make big plays we’ll make them, if not we just got to let our offense find completions, run the ball well and just play our game. If an opportunity comes up to take a shot, we’ll take it.

Q: Eli have you noticed a lot more attention being paid to Odell this year as opposed to last year?

A: Maybe, not totally. I think sometimes if they’re in one high safety maybe they’ll work that middle safety to Odell a little bit. I think we still got some opportunities to get him the ball and if teams want to double him, other guys got to win and we have great confidence in them to do that.

Q: He obviously got under the skin of the Buffalo Bills in the fourth quarter, which worked out well for you guys, but do you have any issue with the way he sometimes reacts with the obvious targeting that goes on with him?

A: No, I think he wants to go out there and do well. He plays hard, practices hard and he wants to be great and he’s emotional about it and he takes it very serious and I think that’s a good way to play football.

Q: Does this MRSA issue concern you at all?

A: No, I don’t think it’s a concern. I think we do a pretty good job taking precaution to that and have a pep talk about washing our hands and having Purell all over the facility and try to be smart about that. I feel for Danny Fells and what he’s going through. Unfortunate, but I’m not worried about being here.

Q: There was obviously an extreme example on Sunday. Did you notice him getting under the skin of defenses? Is that something he’s particularly good at?

A: I haven’t noticed it particularly. I think they had several personal fouls and a lot of it was because of him annoying defensive linemen and stuff. I think our offensive line being physical, playing well could frustrate guys and obviously we got under their skin a little bit and got some personal fouls in our favors. Good job by us being smart and not getting them and making sure we’re not getting called for them.

Q: Did you see teams playing him more physically than they have in the past?

A: I haven’t seen anything specific this year. I haven’t noticed anything.

Q: Is it a different feeling preparing this week, knowing that you’re 2-2, tied for first place in the division. Far cry from where you’ve been.

A: I think we have to prepare the same way. We have to understand that just a few weeks ago we had to grind to get out of that circumstance. I think that’s the kind of way San Francisco is going to be coming in. They’re fighting and they’re going to grinding to get a win and we have to match that same intensity. Our preparation has to be great and we have to come out playing hard and playing determined to keep this thing going to get a win.

Q: You guys haven’t had a winning record much the last couple of years, what would that mean?

A: Obviously that’d be great. That would be a big and we just have to keep it going. We got two in a row and we have to keep it going on Sunday night. Play good football, get to the fourth quarter, and then play our best football and get the win.

Q: With a lot of young guys do you have to try and reinforce that? The human nature is that you exhale a little bit, we got it figured out a little bit, just to make sure they realize, look this team doesn’t care about that?

A: I think the coaches talked about it. Coach [Ben] McAdoo talked about it so we just have to go out there and our practices have to be good. We’re limited on numbers a little bit so it’s more a mental. We got live reps, but some mental reps also where we just have to stayed tuned in, and we can’t say, “Oh we have some jog through reps we can relax”. We have to stay tuned in and be sharp on everything that’s going on and go out there and keep that same intensity and focus we’ve had these last couple weeks.

Q: Do they look like the same kind of defense? They struggled a little bit offensively but they’ve got some names still there.

A: They played Green Bay great this past week and their offense in Green Bay had been scoring a lot of points and been strong. They held them to a few points and even on the touchdowns there was a scramble and create, it wasn’t real clean and it wasn’t easy. Nothing is easy, played Minnesota tough and their offense was good. Arizona, they got down early, and then Pittsburgh hit some big plays on them, and some go routes. They had pretty good calls on, coverages on, guys just made some great individual efforts. I think their scheme is good, they got good players, and we have to be sharp.

Q: It seems like you play them a lot for a team to be in the [NFC] West and not your division? I know you played them in the playoffs obviously but you seem to play them pretty often.

A: Seems like it yeah. It seems like we play them, kind of had the same finish in the division in a lot of years. Seem to play them a bunch and played them out there and played them at home. We’ve had some good battles with them.
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okiegiant : 10/7/2015 5:21 pm : link
Q: Eli some of the names have changed from San Francisco’s front seven but, from what I’m told, they hit hard, they’re pretty aggressive and they get after you pretty good. Is that right?

If your job is writing about an NFL team it might behoove you to know a little about the upcoming opponent.
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