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Thursday Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/8/2015 3:46 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

October 8, 2015

Q: You guys had the missed extra point. Is that becoming more of a concern throughout the league than you thought it would be? It seems like itís becoming a major issue.

A: Youíre always concerned, whether itís last year or the year before, about making all your kicks. It comes down to snapping, holding and kicks. I donít think thereís any more or any less worry.

Q: I think itís doubled up now, the missed extra points.

A: Yeah, I mean regardless of where the ball was spotted, weíve always started our session with PAT. Weíll continue to do the same thing.

Q: I know weíve talked about it, but [Brad] Wing had another good game. What is he bringing you guys?

A: Heís trying to get better every day, every week, and heís working hard. Heís a good listener and I think weíve been fortunate with the offense being able to drive the ball and putting it in situations where you can punt it down inside the 10. Thatís a by-product of the defense playing well, the offense playing, and then our job is easier.

Q: Whatís different about the Australian style kick as opposed to the American style?

A: Everyone kicks the spiral punt and then the Aussie punt is the nose down, and youíre hitting it with the top of your foot, and youíre getting the end-over-end location. Thatís the difference and then if it does bounce in the field of play, hopefully it does bounce and check back as opposed to if you hit a spiral punt, it hits and more times than not, itíll roll into the end zone.

Q: To have 12 [punts] inside the 20-yard line without a touchback, thatís pretty impressive?

A: Well, like I said, I think the offense is doing a good job of putting us in positions where you can punt it down there. I think sometimes that inside the 20 stat is a bit misleading nowadays because the guys are so strong, so you can get it inside the 20 from a lot of different spots on the field. Itís a little bit different from when I first came into the league until now, but heís doing a decent job with it.

Q: So would the 15 [yard-line] be more accurate?

A: You try to get it inside the 10, really, to affect field position and play calls on the other side. Itís different calling a play at the 5 [yard-line], at the 10 [yard-line], at the 20 [yard-line], so you donít want t get too greedy and have a touchback.

Q: I think Rueben [Randle] returned your last punt.

A: He did at the end of the half.

Q: When Dwayne [Harris] got banged up.

A: Heís our second and Odell [Beckham Jr.]. Either one of those guys is ready to go.

Q: I didnít know if it was just a get the ball caught in that situation.

A: Dwayne was down for that play so we needed somebody and we went with Rueben.

Q: So Reuben is second?

A: Yeah.
No questions about Josh Browns short  
Simms11 : 10/8/2015 8:22 pm : link
kick offs?
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