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Thursday Transcript: Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/8/2015 5:24 pm
Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo

October 8, 2015

Q: You guys really got the ball out quick in Buffalo. How much was that the plan and how much of that was the offense in general?

A: It was probably a combination of both. They do a nice job with their front, theyíre pretty good there. Playing in the noise, we thought that it was best for the offensive unit to play with good time and precision in the game.

Q: Is that something you measure, how quickly the ball comes out on each pass? Is it important for you to be at a certain number?

A: No, we want to play fast and get the ball out on time when itís supposed to get out and to who itís supposed to go to. Go through your reads and take the completions when you have them.

Q: It seems like when you guys have needed a big play, Rashad Jennings has sort of stepped up. What does that say about him?

A: He certainly did on Sunday. That was a big play in the game for us, and it was good to have him make it. It was a challenging play in the game, itís not like he just came up and made an ordinary play. He went above the xís and oís there and came through for us and provided a nice lift when we needed it.

Q: The guys have been talking a little bit about being more self-governing in terms of taking ownership of the offense. Have you seen that this year from them? In terms of spurring themselves on.

A: Absolutely, I think the second year in the system, itís an adjustment-based offense. Itís good to get input from everyone in the locker room, and they take pride in that and they take ownership of it. Itís good to have.

Q: On that pass to Rashad, obviously they said it was a hot read. He gave credit to Eli [Manning] saying that Eli is reading the defender and kind of putting the ball where, letting Rashad know to come inside. Does it get down to those kinds of details that you guys have honed in on?

A: Yeah, Eli did a nice job on the play. He drew the defender to him and put a ball just above his outstretched arms with it. 55 [Jerry Hughes] does a nice job of batting the ball down, heís a jumper, thatís kind of been his game in the league and heís had a lot of success at it. Eli did a good job of drawing him to him and getting the ball up where he couldnít get a hand on it and putting it where he needed to put it to stop Rashad so he can cut back and gain some green. It was a nice play.

Q: Up two scores late, I think it was a third down when the interception came. Any looking back and saying maybe we should just run it and take the field goal there or do you just want to be aggressive and keep going for it.

A: With over four minutes left in the game, it was a lot of time left in the game and until you start milking the clock in four-minute mode, you want to stay aggressive, keep your foot on the gas, and go for the knockout shot there.

Q: Whatís the difference between 17 and 21 at that point in your mind then?

A: Four points. We have confidence, we train the situation, we believe that weíre going to go out there and execute the way weíre capable. You have to give credit to the defense.

Q: Your line kept their defensive front from getting any sacks and getting very many pressures. Can you talk a little bit about the progress that unit has made?

A: Theyíre playing well together right now. Theyíre doing a nice job communicating. Buffalo, they did an excellent job of creating some chaos. They have some noise, they do it with scheme, they have good players, and theyíre well coached. You have to be on the same page and we felt they did a nice job in pass protection communicating and keeping the quarterback clean long enough where he can get the ball out on time.

Q: The outside expectations for Odell Beckham [Jr.] this year were obviously sky high and his numbers arenít what they were last year, but theyíre still pretty good. Do you feel like the Manning/Beckham connection hasnít quite hit on all cylinders or are you okay where it is?

A: I think, in general, weíve havenít been as clean outside the numbers as weíve liked to be. Itís not the quarterback, itís not Odell, itís not Rueben [Randle], itís just a combination of everything, and thatís something weíre working at right now to get better at. Weíre going to keep targeting Odell and we feel his production will come as long as heís dialed in. Heís doing a nice job blocking and being physical out there and we expect the numbers to be there. What those numbers will be, I donít know, but heís going to have plenty opportunity.

Q: Do you think heís getting a lot more attention than he did a year ago from defenses? Is he having any trouble finding his way open with that extra attention?

A: After whe played the first game of his career last year against Atlanta and got the game winner, after that, heís been receiving a ton of attention since that moment.

Q: It seemed like last week was the first week you got the third receiver involved. Was that the game plan or was that just how it happened?

A: Itís just the way things worked out. Dwayne [Harris] has been doing a nice job in practice and to be able to get him the catches on game day was good for him. Itís healthy for him, he came through for us, he had a nice day out here today for us, and as he grows more comfortable with the offense and the more his feet talk to him, the more productive he has a chance to be.

Q: How close is [Geremy] Davis to starting to make another boost?

A: Weíll find out. He just has to keep coming out, keep practicing, and at some point itís going to transition to the game field.

Q: Where do you move on now at tight end? You have two rookies and a second year starter.

A: Next man up. We just the develop the guys in the room and keep working on getting those better, and working. Larry [Donnell] is the lead dog in there right now and heís got to stand up, heís got to lead those guys. Kevin [Gilbride] does a great job with them, so whoever is in there, weíre going to play with, weíre going to develop them, and we trust them. They wouldnít be here if we didnít trust them.

Q: Daniel [Fells] was probably your best blocking tight end. Whoís the best blocking tight end in that group now?

A: Larry does a nice job blocking and weíre bringing the other guys along.

Q: What do you make of Ereck Flowers, a rookie who sounds like he gets ticked off any time he has to miss a snap, even though you can argue heís hurt sometimes?

A: I think itís encouraging when you bring a guy in like Ereck who loves football. You can see that, thatís evident, he doesnít want to miss, heís a tough guy, and we look forward to him getting healthy and continuing to develop and improving his technique.

Q: Tom [Coughlin] spoke a little bit last week about the play calling against Washington late in the game, being aggressive and then you mentioned the aggressiveness earlier. Is there any more conventional wisdom in play-calling in this league you think?

A: The game has probably changed a little bit. You like to put as many big guys on the field as you can at the end of the game and run the ball. Thatís tougher to do now, you donít have as much time in pads as maybe you used to have, and thatís not an excuse, thatís just the reality. The game is played with more speed on the field and more in space, so with that being said, itís tougher on the quarterback because he has to deal with more adjustments and more moving things around him. There are more moving parts, so he has to be very crafty with his time.

Q: Miles White is a guy youíve known obviously since his rookie year. Promoting him this week, what do you like in Miles and has he progressed?

A: Miles is a smart player. Heís been in the system for a while. Heís a guy that can stick his foot in the ground and create some separation that way. As a rookie, he came in, he was a young guy, what he had the big game up in Minnesota? I think it was Sunday night but it may have been Monday. It was a night game but he came in and he played for us and did a nice job. We expect him to do the same from here on out.

Q: Has your offensive line exceeded your expectations so far?

A: Theyíre like everybody else, under construction. Weíre all a work in progress and theyíre right there with us.

Q: Are they greatly improved from Week 1 in your estimation?

A: They got better last week and we need to take another step this week. Just get a little bit better each week, find a way to win the games, and weíll be where we need to be.
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