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Friday Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/9/2015 3:58 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

October 9, 2015

Q: Do you have the injuries?

A: You have four guys (Ayers, Cruz, Kennard and Selvie) that are out. Thatís all I have for you for today.

Q: Leaves you thin at end. Is Cullen Jenkins now an option?

A: Well, he becomes more of that, yeah. Yeah, heíd have to be the guy that helps balance that out.

Q: What do you lose without Devon Kennard?

A: Heís had a very good start to the season, so obviously we lose his energy, his enthusiasm, his love of the game, his physical play. Itís unfortunate that heís out this week, but hopefully heíll be back soon.

Q: Kennard is a guy you use in a bunch of different ways, is that something youíre going to have to fill in a variety of guys because thereís not one guy who has that same skillset?

A: Yeah, thatís basically what will happen, more people will participate in the roles that he fulfilled.

Q: How much do you think Markus Kuhn will be able to give you?

A: I think heíll be able to give us a lot. I think heíll be ready to go.

Q: What do you see from the 49ers offensive line? What kind of challenges do they present to you guys?

A: Their offensive lineótheyíre talented, theyíre big, they run the football. Theyíve established an outstanding running back in Hyde and I think thatís where it all starts for them, run and play action pass.

Q: I know we talked about this the last couple years when Osi and both Chris retired, but now that theyíre going into the Ring of Honor, do you have any thoughts about what both of them have meant to this team?

A: Iím as thrilled as can be for both of them. And again, our staff is very excited for these two guys and very proud of having had an opportunity to work with such outstanding men, number one, and football players, each in their own way. When you think of Chris Snee, you think of a powerful, very serious, very devoted offensive guard who could do anythingóhe could pull, he could pass block, he could run block, he could do it all. And then when you think of Osi, you think of a guy who reallyóI keep thinking of that picture over and over again. I canít help it, itís 92, 91, and 72 and thereís Tom Brady laying on the ground. I canít help but think of that. Osi was an outstanding young man to coach who could collect his thoughts and tell you exactly what he was thinking. Probably, along with Snee, studied the opponent better than anybody that weíve seen. Guys that would be in the rooms by themselves learning more about the people they were going to play against. Iím excited for those guys. Itís a great honor, itís a very nice honor. When you look up there and see the names that are up there, itís a tremendous honor.

Q: Howís Daniel Fells doing? You said he might get out yesterday?

A: Yeah, he didnít. Heís still in and from what I understand, heís still running a temperature. Weíre all praying for him, believe me.

Q: Have you seen results from the recovery day schedule and if so, what kind of benefits?

A: The whole idea is to be energized for the game, to have more energy and to have an opportunity in the midst of a very physical week to have recovery. I think weíre seeing that. Of course, only time will tell. I believe thatís starting to take place and itís helpful.

Q: Youíve talked a lot about the soft tissue injuries. You have four or five guys with them. Is that something thatís more applicable to the preseason and training camp or something the recovery days is also beneficial in that regard?

A: Hopefully very beneficial. I thought you were going to ask meóall this stuff is designed for the elimination of the soft tissues and there they were, a lot of them at the end of the game the other day, to be honest with you. We have to look more into that. Weíve really, really wrapped our arms around this hydration and dehydration and so weíre really, as a staff, weíre emphasizing this more and more. Thatís a big part of it as well.

Q: Both in terms of coverage and what heís done coming up against the run, how impressive has Landon Collins been?

A: Well, in all aspects, heís learned each game heís played and heís gotten better each time heís played. Weíre excited about his continued development.

Q: Has the learning curve exceeded what you could have expected?

A: No, thatís why we drafted him when we did.
Listen, I know it's been beaten to death...  
Torrag : 10/9/2015 4:03 pm : link
...but I still don't get this.

Q: How much do you think Markus Kuhn will be able to give you?

A: I think heíll be able to give us a lot. I think heíll be ready to go.

I said this earlier and will repost it here: If Kuhn gets burn ahead of Bromley it's a mistake. Bromnley has made rapid progress since the start of preseason. He's already a better player than Kuhn has ever been and he's just tapping into his potential.

AP in Halfmoon : 10/9/2015 4:08 pm : link
You should write to Spags.
I love Spags  
Torrag : 10/9/2015 4:09 pm : link
That doesn't make me a blind fan that thinks he and the rest of our coaches get every decision right.
Reale01 : 10/9/2015 9:03 pm : link
The Giants have been calling their defensive signals in German since the days of Strahan and Kuhn is the player who is the most effective translator.
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