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Post-Game Transcript: WR Odell Beckham

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/12/2015 1:35 am
WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Postgame vs. San Francisco, October 12, 2015

Q: Ö.

A: Öthe offense understands that itís that time and that you have to step up. We have to do our job. It was great to see the final production of it all, to watch these young guys Ė Myles [White] and Geremy [Davis] Ė get in and just keep doing everything that weíve been doingÖkeep moving the ball. It was definitely a great win and I was a little overwhelmed at the end.

Q: How did you talk your way back into the game after tweaking your hamstring?

A: You gotta go. Thereís nothing more to it. Like I said multiple times before, this is what I love, this is my passion, this is everything. Thereís no way in a moment like that that you canít step up. I felt as if I let the team down by being out for a while and you just gotta put it all together, man. God gave me the strength, itís just truly amazing. Thatís a whole other story, but really all the glory goes to Him.

Q: Youíve had hamstring injuries before. What does this one feel like right now?

A: Youíre never happy when you do something like this, but Iím happy it is what it is. It wonít be long at all. Iíve just got to get in, do a little strengthening, rehab the next couple of days. I know we have some days to relax and rehab so Iíll be on it pretty heavy starting tonight, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday leading up to next week.

Q: Is there a chance you tweaked it dancing?

A: Ha, no. It was probably five or six plays before the touchdown going down to that end. I just felt something, like a little bite. You know what it is when youíve had something like that and you know the issues that it could cause. Thereís just something about being out here on the field with these guys and Iím just happy to be able to come back in the game and do something to help the team.

Q: You were emotional out there during the interview and coming into the locker room. What brought you to that point?

A: Itís just one of those things. It seems like weíre always counted out. Things donít always go our way. In the past weíve made these mistakes. They say history is doomed to repeat itself and it was just great to see this team and the fans just light the stadium up. [The fans] lit the stadium up and they gave us the energy we needed to be able to go down there and score the winning touchdown.

Q: You were talking and talking with the training staff. At what point did you start to win that conversation to go back into the game?

A: It was on the last drive. Like I said, I love doing this. I love football. Thereís no way you canít be a part of moments like that. Thatís what you play for. 27-23, youíre down and have to go score the game winning drive. To watch that ball go up and see Larry [Donnell] go up and just know that heís going to catch it and literally watch the ball all the way down into his hands and just see him holding onto it. Just like thisÖ It was great to just be able to just get the win.

Q: That was the back of the football tooÖ

A: It was everything. It didnít matter. He grabbed it, he scored, and we won. It was a great feeling.

Q: You also know how long a hamstring [injury] can keep you out. Were you worried at all?

A: Iím not worried. Iím very happy that we won. Thatís the main thing, that the Giants won. Thereís no other issues with anything else but that.

Q: I mean, were you thinking about that when you were lobbying to go back into the game?

A: It is something that when youíve had that injury and you know what it feels like, youíre going to be smart about it and do the best that you can with it. Like I said, it was great for us to be able to pull off the win.
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Ten Ton Hammer : 10/12/2015 1:39 am : link
Hopefully people read this before firing off their next hot take about how his emotion rubs them the wrong way.
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