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Post-Game Transcript: TE Larry Donnell

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/12/2015 1:37 am
Giants TE Larry Donnell

Postgame vs. 49ers, October 11, 2015

The whole week in practice we saw the two high look. We saw the down the field open. And we saw the look in the game. Then Eli put it up and I got it.

Q: You were holding that ball pretty tight on that play.

A: Once I had it, I had to hold that thing. You know, the game was on the line and I had to make a play.

Q: You had to go high and over the linebacker also, right?

A: Yeah, it was too high. Man to man. Eli put it up there and thatís where I feel comfortable. And we won the game.

Q: How did it feel to catch the game-winning touchdown? Just because of Daniel Fells and everything you guys have gone through?

A: Yeah, it definitely felt great for Daniel. But just in general, it was good to win the football game and get another victory.

Q: When Odell came back in, did you see them change up their coverage any to account for him, to free things up for you?

A: Youíd have to, once he comes back on the field. But Iím glad it worked out in my favor and we got the win.

Q: Was there any doubting the way this game went?

A: No doubt. Itís a football game. You have to play four quarters. Nobody said it would be easy. Itís a 60-minute game. We fought and we won.

Q: At the start of that last drive youíre missing Odell, youíre missing Rueben at one point, obviously Cruz isnít there. Is there any point where you looked around and realized youíre missing the top three receivers?

A: No, with the amount of time on the clock, Iím just thinking about my job, the ways I can help the team. They were not there but we have other good guys, great guys, great players. They came in and did a great job.

Q: You guys really controlled the first halfÖ

A: It happens, itís part of the game. We fell behind but we bounced back and got the victory.

Q: Any other game winning touchdowns in your high school or college career?

A: I was the quarterback in high school, so I threw a few, never caught any. In college I switched over to tight end and caught a few.

Q: You guys dedicated this game to Daniel (Fells)?

A: Oh yeah, thatís important. Definitely, and we won, so it just feels good.

Q: Given the way the season started, 0-2, and now you guys are atop the division, does that feel sweet right now?

A: Yeah, weíve got to keep grinding. Feels good to win, it always does.
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