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Monday Conference Call Transcript: RB Shane Vereen

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/12/2015 4:47 pm
RB Shane Vereen

Conference Call, October 12, 2015

Q: How does your experience with this team in terms of how youíve been used and what youíve been able to do, how does that match up with what you expected?

A: Thatís a good question, because I didnít really know how much to expect. Me personally, I just knew I needed to come in and get my role down and get my plays that I needed to learn and get the playbook kind of situated and really feel comfortable with that. That was really my main goal coming in. Now that Iíve got that, Iím kind of able to play a little more freer.

Q: When you were choosing a team, how important was it to get the right quarterback and how important was it for Eli to be that guy?

A: When I was looking for a team, I just wanted to go to an organization that a) cared about the players and b) had some success winning. And thatís exactly what has been happening here in New York. I couldnít have picked a better organization. I canít speak highly enough about this organization, about the coaching staff and the job that theyíve done so far this season. Hopefully we can continue to improve.

Q: Do you think this team knows you and knows what you can do? Or is still a learning process and you have more that you can offer?

A: I think itís a learning process on both ends. I still think I have a lot to learn and I still think thereís some things out there that we can improve on as on offense, me personally and as an offense as a whole. Itís still only the fifth week of the season, we just played our fifth game, so we still have 11 games to go. We still have a long way to go, so thereís a lot of room to improve, thereís a lot of room for adjustments and things to change throughout the rest of the season.

Q: When you were going into that final drive, obviously Odell isnít there, Ruebenís not there, did you know you were going to be the primary target on that drive?

A: Not exactly. I knew I had been singled up for the whole game and it had just been one-on-one coverage. So I knew that I was going to have opportunities to make some plays. So I was just focused on winning, just winning my matchups and trying to be an option for Eli to throw the ball to.

Q: Did they do anything different? Were the safeties deeper? Is that one thing that helped make it successful?

A: I donít know if that was it. I think it was just the fact that we were able to get favorable one-on-one matchups across the board and we were able to win and move the chains. And then the screen, of course, the O-line did a great job. Richburg did fantastic.

Q: On the screen, I think Tom Coughlin described it as it looked like the Red Sea parted. Did it look that way to you, too?

A: Absolutely. As soon as I caught the ball, I turned around and I saw Richburg had kicked his guy out. I saw nothing but green grass and itís very comforting as a running back to see a lot of green grass.

Q: Youíre on pace for 80 catches this year. What do you think when you hear 80 catches? I know we talked about expectations before.

A: Yeah, thatís a lot of catches. Take it game by game, still got 11 more. Still got some big games coming up and weíve got Philly on Monday. So hopefully we can go to Philly and get a win.

Q: What do you tell these guys about handling success? For a lot of them, this is their first time in first place here. You were on a team that was pretty much there all the time during your career. What can you tell them about how to handle that?

A: Keep your head down and keep grinding. We still have a long way to go. Long, long season ahead of us. We really are just getting started, really just getting started in the season. So we still have a lot to improve on, take it week to week, and like I said, weíve got Philadelphia on Monday at Philly, big game. Canít wait for that, itís going to be a good test for us.

Q: For a lot of these players on the Giants, first place is someplace theyíve rarely been or never been. For you, itís a place youíve been pretty often. What kind of feeling is that and do you sense that some of these guys are looking around and saying, ďWow, what does first place really feel like?Ē

A: You know, I havenít really gotten that feel from the team. I think guys were happy that we were able to get a good, emotional win, a good team win last night. But I think mentally that we know that weíve got to go do it again next week. Weíve got to go do it again the week after that, and the week after that. The job is not done, the job is just getting started.

Q: What have you been told about what happened last year? The Giants were in the same spot, 3-2 going into Philadelphia.

A: Not too much, to be honest. It was mentioned today in our running back meeting, thatís about it. As far as Iím concerned, that was last year, this is this year. Just move forward. Just try and get another win, just to keep stacking them together.
Nice comment on Richburg..  
Big Blue '56 : 10/12/2015 4:54 pm : link
With not much league-wide fanfare, we are building a very solid foundation with the OL..Flowers, Pugh, Richburg and Schwartz(not real old at 29)..

And who knows about this kid Hart?  
Big Blue '56 : 10/12/2015 4:55 pm : link
RE: And who knows about this kid Hart?  
giantgiantfan : 10/13/2015 1:09 am : link
In comment 12545398 Big Blue '56 said:

I read up on him as he got hyped a bit during camp and such, he projected as a RG, but played RT at FSU, though I think he was surprising in camp as an RT. Might have a guy with some versatility on the right side there.
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