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Thursday Media Transcript: CB Prince Amukamara

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/15/2015 4:45 pm
CB Prince Amukamara

October 15, 2015

Q: Do you know how you did it?

A: I know it was in the third quarter. I think I was playing cloud and I made the tackle on the fullback back in the flat. I just felt something weird. I stayed in on that drive and then when I realized, ďOk, Iím having a hard time running,Ē I never want to be a liability out there so I had the trainers come check it out. They said, ďOk, the tendon is still attached.Ē I said, ďOk, good. If I can still go, then youíre not going to stop me. Iím going to go.Ē So then I ran out and of course thatís when Anquan scored on that play. Just finished the whole game with it.

Q: Did you think it was as serious as it turned out to be when you went back in the game? Do you think you could have reinjured it?

A: No, I donít think I injured it more. I still donít think itís as serious. I think serious would be me being on IR or serious would be the tendon fully coming off the bone like my bicep. So that wasnít the case, itís still attached. It gives me a chance to rehab it and weíll do another MRI in a couple weeks to see if progress has been made and weíll go from there.

Q: So it bothered you running?

A: Yeah, it bothered me running but pressing-wise, I was able to do that. So thatís another reason I stayed in the game. But when I would open up and run, I would feel it a little bit more. During the game when you have all that adrenaline, you donít really feel no pain.

Q: How disappointing is this for you? You were putting together a good season, the team is winning now.

A: Yeah, it is. Itís always discouraging for me anytime I get an injury or I miss time. But Iím just happy itís an upper body injury and hopefully I donít miss a lot of time.

Q: You said ďgood chanceĒ before when you were talking about coming back. Is there any chance or any concern on your part that this might wind up being larger and finish your season?

A: Not right now. Iím very encouraged because Iím more mobile, I can move it, I can move it around. I can still brush my teeth and I can still do stuff with it. That gives me encouragement. When it starts to get to the second and third week and if Iím still at this stage, then Iíll probably start panicking a little bit.

Q: Did you say itís on the same side of the bicep injury?

A: No, no, no. Itís the opposite.

Q: Obviously it is the contract year, you know that. Does that factor into your mindset at all? Do you even think of that? How do you view that?

A: Right now just not trying to worry about that. Iím really just worried about, ďMan, weíre on a good run.Ē Just really trying to help this team win the division. This was a huge week with the Eagles and especially with how it ended last week. It would have been a good game to play in only because we have so much momentum right now. It would have been great. Thatís the most disappointing.

Q: Do you sit there and go, ďAm I ever going to have a year where Iím not injured?Ē

A: Yeah that question has definitely come into my head. I try different things. I tried switching my eating habits, my workout habits. So Iím still just going to continue to just try to figure it out.

Q: How do you think Jayron Hosley will do in your place?

A: I think Hosley is going to do great. Hosley did a great job for DRC against the Falcons and the Redskins. I feel like heís been playing great for us and I feel like heís definitely ready.

Q: What do you see specifically from him thatís better than what he showed in previous years?

A: Just his confidence. I know coming out of college he was a guy who made a lot of plays on the ball. So just his confidence level and how he carries himself on the field. If he doesnít make a play, heís not down on himself. The coaches are very much confident in him and I think that helps him out a lot.

Q: Is your injury one particular play or an accumulation of plays?

A: It was one particular play. It was on a tackle that I made on the 49ers fullback. And yeah, I just felt discomfort in my arm and in my shoulder. The trainers checked it out and the doctor diagnosed me there and just told me it was a torn pec or a strained pec. He told me that the tendon was still connected which is a good thing and that allowed me to continue to play.

Q: Was there any doubt in your mind whether you were going to get back in there and what was your thought process when he told you that?

A: Well we were pressing a lot that game, so since I was able to still press, I felt like I could still go out there and get the job done. But the fact that it did hurt me to run a little bit, I just figured one half, I could push through this.

Q: In two weeks when you see the MRI, the MRI is about seeing the progress that itís healing?

A: Yeah. So the MRI just shows if Iím healing. But leading up to the MRI Iíll know if Iím getting my strength back. If I could do a pushup, that would be a good sign. If I could start pushing a little bit of weight, that would be a good sign. So leading up there, I would know if Iím improving or not.

Q: In your head, Coach Coughlin told us two to four weeks, the two week spot is when you can start thinking about getting closer to being back on the field?

A: Yeah, I would say thatís about right.

Q: How do you feel now compared to Sunday night?

A: I feel better than I did on Sunday. I think SundayóI drive with my left hand, after the game it was kind of tough driving but since itís been mobile, itís starting to get easier. Like I said, Iím able to brush my teeth. Usually that brushing motion kind of affects it a little bit. Anytime Iím able to do my daily routine with no discomfort, thatís promising.

Q: This team has obviously had an alarming number of injuries this year and really the last three years. Do you ever wonder why it just kind of seems to keep happening to this team?

A: Sometimes, I do, sometimes, I donít because you never really know. Itís a physical game, sometimes it can be a fluke injury. Thereís like 60 guys on this team and each one has a different way they eat, a different way they work out, a different way they hydrate themselves. Thereís probably so many factors.
He seems like a nice guy  
AP in Halfmoon : 10/15/2015 4:48 pm : link
I feel for him, this could cost him a lot of cash.
This is beyond frustrating  
Jay on the Island : 10/15/2015 4:59 pm : link
Prince and DRC were forming arguably the best CB duo in football and now his injury leaves Hosley in the starting lineup. This time last season I thought it was a 100% chance Hosley would be cut in the offseason. Let's just hope he becomes the Webster of 2007 and finally lives up to his potential. So frustrating dealing with all these injuries every year especially when the Giants sit atop the NFC East.
Les in TO : 10/15/2015 5:29 pm : link
Q: Do you sit there and go, ďAm I ever going to have a year where Iím not injured?Ē

A: Yeah that question has definitely come into my head. I try different things. I tried switching my eating habits, my workout habits. So Iím still just going to continue to just try to figure it out.

Maybe I'm naÔve but I thought teams today would mandate what and how much the players eat/hydrate and how they should work out to ensure optimal performance.
A team can't 'mandate' what a player eats and drinks.  
Ten Ton Hammer : 10/15/2015 5:37 pm : link
They're not parents. They can advise on nutrition and diet but they're adults.
No way he's back in two weeks  
est1986 : 10/15/2015 6:35 pm : link
Patriots game?
I'd like to think he's back before the bye week,  
MOOPS : 10/15/2015 7:37 pm : link
but we'll see.
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