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Friday Media Transcript: LB Jon Beason

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/16/2015 4:16 pm
LB Jon Beason

October 16, 2015

Q: Theyíre telling us your head is okay?

A: Yeah. My first concussion in my career ever. I can honestly say that if I hadnít gotten pushed in the back, I wouldnít have been concussed. Itís unfortunate when another player, Alex Boone to be exact, can reach out, grab you from behind, and then deliberately push you in the back. Itís hard enough to stay healthy in this league. I think it was a cowardly move, didnít show any sportsmanship, no regard for another player, their career. It could have been a lot worse. So it is what it is. I never saw (Carlos) Hyde because I was too busy trying to keep my balance from being pushed from behind. I wanted to get that out there, I hope it goes back to him and thatís how I feel. Thatís how I feel. Now we can talk about how I feel. I feel great, thanks for asking.

Q: Coming off one of those things, you said itís your first one ever. Does it scare you?

A: Yeah, I mean itís your head, itís not a tough guy injury. Theyíve made it a big deal and rightfully so. Itís very subjective in terms of each individual guy. Thereís an extensive protocol that you have to go through to get cleared. I had to be honest with myself, and itís really up to me. I say, ďHey, I feel bad or I feel good.Ē And you go from there. The doctors have basically told me that the tests are to try and catch guys in lies because back in the day, it was more so, ďHey, youíre dinged, you go back in. How many fingers am I holding up?Ē I was coherent right away. Then I found out, you go back there, start the protocol, I was never going back out. It was just precautionary and it makes a lot of sense.

Q: And you practiced today?

A: I did, I did. I felt great. Obviously I didnít have any pads on so there was no contact. But from an overall neuro standpointóthe symptoms, the headaches, the vomitingóI didnít have any of that.

Q: Nothing is holding you back from Monday?

A: I wouldnít think so.

Q: When you look at Phillyís offense, what is the biggest challenge that you guys think you face come Monday night?

A: I think they do a good job of tempo, I think the illusion is the tempo. Not allowing you to sub, not allowing you to get in the elaborate coverages, schemes that you have based on tendencies, and they do a great job. They have an amazing skillset and thatís why theyíve been successful in terms of putting defenses on their heels and taking away what you do best, which is play fast and physical. Itís hard to do that when youíre thinking.

Q: Is that going to be the challenge for you, to kind of match that tempo with getting everybody set up?

A: Yeah, tempo is everything, but youíve got to know them. Thatís the hardest part studying them. What they do, moving guys around, changing personnel, to shifts, and itís hard to get a beat on them. Once you kind of dumb it down and you try to see what theyíre doing, if you can just see what their formation is, it tells a lot.

Q: Are they very explicit with each of their running backs or are they interchangeable?

A: I think theyíre interchangeable in the running game. In the passing game, obviously Sproles creates a lot of mismatches. But Iím not taking anything away from Mathews, who has proven that he can catch the ball out of the backfield. And, obviously, I think DeMarco Murray is also complete. So, a three-headed monster.

Q: Itís early but youíre in first place, you have back-to-back division games coming up here. What do these two games mean?

A: Well, weíve got a lead right now, itís a long race, but you donít want to give that lead back. So weíve worked hard to kind of climb out of being irrelevant to somewhat relevant. We donít want to look back, so this game means everything to us, as it does for Philadelphia as well.

Q: Can you take us through the play you were talking about earlier?

A: You missed it?

Q: No, I heard it. I just want to know the play.

A: So basically it was a stretch play to my right. Alex Boone came up to block me, I got over the block and I had cleared him. Then he reached out, horse-collared me, and then pushed me and I never saw Hyde. So I never saw Hyde because my head was down, which Iíve been tackling people for a long time. I have several hundred tackles and Iíve never had a recorded concussion, Iíve never been delusional or what not. I didnít know what happened, but once you watch the play, itís clear thereís intent there, not necessarily to harm, but you have to have some regard for other players in terms of the rules. Thatís why the rules are created, for a reason.

Q: That play wasnít called right?

A: It was not called. It was turned in from us to say, ďHey, this is whatís going on.Ē And thatís the way you go about it. Thatís the one downside of moving the official from behind the linebackers to the other side, that stuff doesnít get called. So itís basically using that as an advantage, knowing that, ďHey, thatís not going to get called.Ē That type of holding doesnít get seen.

Q: You said thereís intent. You think he was intending for you to injure your head?

A: I donít think he was intending to hurt me. But when you do something illegal, thatís why itís called a clip for a reason. Thereís no reason to push anybody in the back in football. Like I said, I think itís a cowardly move and it is what it is.

Q: That type of hold, is that something you saw on film that maybe they, as an offensive line, tend to do?

A: No, you donít see it because most guys, they care about their competition and thereís a level of sportsmanship in our game.

Q: He pushed you and you hit your head on the turf? Is that what happened?

A: No. He pushed me, and I was trying to catch myself and thatís when Hyde ran into me. I never saw Hyde. Itís like pushing someone down stairs.

Q: With the secondary banged up the way it is, do you guys have to pull guys together and give them a pat on the back and say, ďLetís go do this.Ē Is it like a pep-talk almost?

A: Itís so tough. Going into the season, we had a lot of question marks of different positions whether guys werenít here, guys were injured, guys were youngówhatever it is. Itís just the game that we live in. It has to be pretty tough if youíre playing fantasy football. Guys get hurt and who are you going to start? Thatís basically what happens. We know that itís the ďnext man upĒ mentality and itís all about a young guy taking advantage of his opportunity. Injuries are going to come and itís how well can we overcome them. Thatís part of the game.

Q: Did you ever reach out to Alex Boone and say, ďHey, what the hell were you doing?Ē

A: No. I donít have anything to say to him. It is what it is, I just want him to know how I feel.

Q: What kind of impact has Brandon Meriweather had on this defense?

A: Words cannot express. Heís a leader; in my eyes, heís a captain. Heís getting guys lined up, heís assertive, heís making big plays, heís where he needs to be. An immense understanding of the defense. And Brandonówe trust, I trust. So heís helped us out big time. Got a young guy playing next to himóheís very, very talented. In the secondary, itís all about communication, signals, getting guys on the same page so then you can go play fast, you can go be special, like our defensive backfield is. In my opinion, I think we have one of the best. Itís underrated and if we can stay healthy, even with the guys having to step in, we still have played well. So I feel good about whoever is back there.
People need to read that stuff when they talk about how injury prone  
Curtis in VA : 10/16/2015 4:20 pm : link
a player is and call him all sorts of names.

I'm not saying Beason isn't prone to injury, but that wasn't his fault.
Honesty re Boone..  
Big Blue '56 : 10/16/2015 4:22 pm : link
Nice words about Meriweather
Look it Beason calling out Boone for the block in the back  
cnewk : 10/16/2015 4:25 pm : link
I didn't even noticed it before. But if you look back at the replay, it's clear. Beason beats the block, then Boone (who is actually holding on to the back of Beason's jersey gives him a tug then a shove. This is what makes Beason sort of stumble into the tackle.
Having Beason  
AP in Halfmoon : 10/16/2015 4:29 pm : link
Will be huge on Monday
I looked at the replay again  
cnewk : 10/16/2015 4:52 pm : link
and it's exactly as Beason described it. He grabs him like a horse-collar and shoves him right as Hyde was getting there. I feel bad for Beason, and understand why he is mad. He didn't stand a chance against this dirty play.

the RB was fined for his role as wel  
Ten Ton Hammer : 10/16/2015 4:55 pm : link
I don't think Boone meant to hurt Beason ...  
Manny in CA : 10/18/2015 6:17 pm : link
I think it was a clumsy attempt to block him. He's the one who should have been fined

The biggest loser, of course was Beason, but next, I think it was Hyde (who was fined). Seems to me, he was just trying to advance the ball, when along comes an out-of-control Beason, right at him.

Tomsula comes across as a big goofy dude, not a head coach, at the NFL level.

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