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Friday Media Transcript: CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/16/2015 4:20 pm
CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

October 16, 2015

Q: The secondary is rather banged up right now and how much of a concern is that for you going into Philly?

A: Itís not a concern. I mean it is, but it isnít, you canít fix your mind on things like that. Around here we have this thing called the next-guy-up mentality, so definitely looking forward to Jayron [Hosley] and the other guys, [Trevin ] Wade, to come in and do what theyíve been doing, and thatís playing good football.

Q: There were times when [Sam] Bradford has looked very streaky and other times heís looked very hot. Can you tell the difference?

A: You canít. Only thing you can tell is that you have to try to kind of get after him early and rattle him a little bit. If you give him time, he is a guy that can make all throws and does have the strength to get it down the field.

Q: How much do you study the quarterback versus the scheme and vice versa? Do you do a lot of studying of Bradford?

A: Yes, sir, just to see how good he throws the out breaking routes to the outside receiver, because it tends to let you know your skillset as a corner if you can break and things that you can try to do to bait him somewhat into a throw, but he definitely has all the tangibles that you need at quarterback as far as getting the ball out and the arm strength. Youíre going to have to be disciplined, especially with the offense they run. Youíre going to have to be very disciplined. Itís all about your eyes this game.

Q: With the Eagles, is there a bigger concern with [Jordan] Matthews or [Riley] Cooper or [Josh] Huff?

A: No, all the receivers are good guys, guys that can make something happen with the ball, but itís just all about scheme, where they line up, and the things they try to do to you. Quick pace, they try and make you make a mistake and be undisciplined with your eyes, so itís all about just being disciplined really.

Q: You guys have defended this offense a bunch of times now, has it sort of lost its luster?

A: No, itís still a tough offense, no matter how many times you see it, that fast-paced, crossing routes, and running play-action. Itís kind of hard because you tend to want to see a lot of things and thatís when they get you, so itís definitely hard to game plan for.

Q: Is it still that much different than everyone else, though?

A: Yeah, way different. Just the fast pace and the little things they do in and out the backfield, using all the backs. They have three good backs and they do have receiver talent at the receiving level, so itís definitely different.

Q: You see anything different with DeMarco [Murray], obviously he hasnít had the same success as he had in Dallas.

A: Heís still a hard runner, still a guy that wants to go downhill, and still has everything that they had last year. Unfortunately, it just hasnít been working out for him, but you canít worry about that.

Q: Along with their receivers they have three backs that can catch the ball out of the backfield, how in tune do you have to be with that?

A: Thatís a big one. If you look at their offense, sometimes thatís Bradfordís first read, the back, so definitely a big part of their offense. You definitely have to include them in the pass game.
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