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Friday Media Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/23/2015 3:03 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

October 23, 2015

Q: How have you conveyed to your players or how have you had to convey to your players the importance of this game Sunday?

A: Well, the importance was conveyed on Wednesday. The importance being a divisional game, second time around already early in the season. But they know, believe me, they know how important this game is. And they know it’s within the division and who it’s against and the fact we played them the first game and so on and so forth. So they’re very much aware of that.

Q: Chins off the floor yesterday?

A: I think so. They’re back. They’re over that part of it and they’re excited, that’s about as far as I can go.

Q: Has there been any talk about that last game you had against them?

A: No. Someone asked me that earlier in the week, there really hasn’t been. Other than the fact than the way in which the game unfolded. The plus-three and losing a game, that’s the one that I grind on. And, of course, two defensive plays that really amounted to 14 points, which was terrific. But other than that, we know the kind of physical game we’re in for and there’s no changing that.

Q: I know every week we’ve talked to you about the pass rush and getting the pass rush going. The idea that Devon Kennard and Robert Ayers are both listed as probable, is that a sign that maybe up front you can get some things going?

A: Well, hopefully, that part of the game will be better, yeah. Obviously Dallas has an outstanding offensive line. We would have some people that have demonstrated the ability to at least make the quarterback uncomfortable.

Q: When an offensive line is that dominant in terms of their numbers and their pressures allowed, do you have to look at your game plan and how you attack that?

A: Oh sure, absolutely. That’s all taken into consideration. You do have to incorporate all those thoughts.

Q: How do you think Will Tye has come along as a receiver and as a blocker?

A: To be honest with you, he’s done a good job as a receiver. He’s worked his way from the line of scrimmage into some open voids and we’ve gotten him the ball. I think he’s a powerful man who can be a better blocker, and hopefully that’s going to happen for him.

Q: Was Jon Beason yesterday just a maintenance thing with his knee?

A: Yeah, yeah, that’s all.

Q: If Uani ‘Unga can’t play, is Jasper Brinkley ready?

A: Sure, he can step in there. (Mark) Herzlich can step in there, and we have some guys that can do that.

Q: Do you think Odell Beckham will be okay for Sunday?

A: I’m counting on that, yes.

Q: Is there anything that you change schedule-wise, I know you changed the schedule a little bit this week. Does Saturday change at all for you or is it your normal day before the game routine?

A: Well, what’s good about it is…I pulled them all together and told them, “Saturday morning is a normal Saturday morning now.” We’re back on schedule.

Q: Do you see yourself continuing to play Nikita Whitlock on both sides of the ball?

A: Well, under whatever specific circumstances we plan for that particular opponent, yes.
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