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Post-Game Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/25/2015 8:54 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Postgame vs. Dallas, October 25, 2015

That was a very good offense, defense and special teams win. The contributions from all three were superior. To get the kickoff return at that point and time was really exciting and, of course, Dwayne’s been waiting for that for the previous six games as well and he reminded me of that. We played hard, we knew we had to stop the run, we take everything we had that they would commit and do that. They mixed it up enough, obviously, to throw the ball down the field with the three picks, probably should have had five, to be honest with you. We dropped a couple that could’ve helped as well. We did not have any turnovers on the offensive side of the ball, we did rush the ball well ourselves, we didn’t have the production in the last game that we’ve been having. We hit the long ball to Rueben down the sideline, almost hit the post ball, which was great, Odell chipped in with some key first downs there and Darkwa ran the ball for us tonight and he certainly did look good out there. His touchdown run when he cut back behind the slanting defensive line was really quite an outstanding play. We played hard, we wanted it bad, we talked about it all week, we knew what it was going to be like to play this team twice in the first half of the season, the team that tonight they were going into the game 2-0 in the division, we were 1-2 and now we’re 2-2, so it balances this thing back up a little bit for us.

Q: Can you talk about why Darkwa got carries tonight?

A: Yeah, we planned on it. We planned on having an opportunity with him as well and he did come through for us.

Q: First couple of games when you lost, you were not making the plays in the fourth quarter when you needed to. You made a lot of plays this time in the fourth quarter, was it good to see that?

A: Defensively, yeah, it was great to see it happen. Particularly the interception at the one-yard line in which we took it all the way down; we should’ve scored a touchdown, but at least we came away with points.

Q: When DRC is getting his interception do you try to get him to run faster instead of celebrating?

A: I try to get him not to hold the ball up in the air when the guy, 83, is running right behind him. I just mentioned it to him in there and he agreed.

Q: What does this say about your team?

A: They’re fighters, they’re scrappy. They’re scrappy. We’re gritty and scrappy, that’s what we describe ourselves as, and they are. They battle and they fight and can’t say enough about that aspect.

Q: What about the win in the context of bouncing back after what you said was a poor game in Philadelphia?

A: Well, from our offense. I didn’t think special teams or defense necessarilym but the penalties killed us and there were three penalties tonight on that one drive that they scored on. You just get Helter Skelter, whatever and two pass interference, whatever they called it, those two calls and then that one down in the end zone. The running back is going full speed, I don’t see how that gets called.

Q: Was Damontre Moore being inactive a direct result of…

A: That’s between me and him.

Q: You said that you were confident that the game in Philly was going to define this team’s season, what inspired that?

A: Well, I just think that I hadn’t—I was disappointed in the game, I thought we played a little bit out of character, something I hadn’t seen before. I knew we could get back on track and I felt we could and I thought that once the offensive team looked at the tape, they would agree and they did. They came out and fought, it wasn’t pretty and I mean this is an outstanding defensive front, tonight they made their plays. Eli did a couple really good things that will never show up in the stats, I mean he didn’t try to force anything when he didn’t have any place to go with the ball, went down with it and I thought that was—he’s learned from the areas of a week ago and that was good.

Q: Your team this week said they felt like they owed Dallas and they said they absolutely had to beat them. What do you think winning this game can do?

A: Well, it keeps us relevant. It keeps us in the hunt. We’ve split with Dallas now. We’ve lost to Philly, we’ve beaten Washington, so in the division, that’s the most direct route to where we want to go.

Q: Emotionally though?

A: Well, it’s a happy group tonight. The exhilaration of victory, especially when most people tell you you can’t, that’s a great thing.

Q: …Dwayne Harris for you and taking him off their roster, how much has that worked?

A: Well, tonight’s the night when that works obviously. You know what, he’s played well from the receiver standpoint. Look at the guy that came shooting out of there on the drive that ended up with the touchdown, it was Harris. He’s made strong contributions offensively and, of course, punt return, kickoff return, we haven’t had much before tonight, and tonight’s kickoff return was outstanding.

Q: How much more confidence do you have in your special teams?

A: Probably a lot more because there are more outstanding players that are here knowing for a while they’re going to contribute to special teams.

Q: When you guys got the ball back, you were just adamant you were going to make them use their timeouts and run, run, run…

A: It’s a situation where I preach a lot about that. You do have to, as I’ve said before, if you’re gonna keep it, most likely you do have to throw the ball. It was third and five tonight, we thought we had a real good run on… it’s the run that busted out of there down in Dallas for 20 yards there at the end of the game and it just didn’t happen for us. Protection on the punt was outstanding, the punt was great, there was some wind involved in that punt as well, which was a nice thing to see. How about Myles [White] coming up with that ball?

Q: You run three times there, you were essentially handing it off to your defense?

A: They’re on their own 30 with no timeouts. That would have been 70 yards to go. No guarantees, but better than making a mistake with the ball.
mattlawson : 10/25/2015 8:58 pm : link
"You made a lot of plays this time in the fourth quarter, was it good to see that?"
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