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Post-Game Transcript: Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/25/2015 8:59 pm
CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Postgame vs. Dallas, October 25, 2015

Q: What was the book on Matt Cassel going into this game?

A: He hasnít played a lot of games, so the main thing coach wanted to do was get out and pressure him and just see as much as you can.

Q: You almost had an interception earlier, was it a similar play when you got the pick-six?

A: Yes, sir. It was an out-breaking route and I knew they were coming there because it was open a little bit. I said to myself, ďIf they do it, just take a chance and go.Ē

Q: On the second one, did you bait him a little bit?

A: Yes sir, yes sir. I know their route combinations a little bit and once I saw Witten go in, I knew the one behind me was coming in. So I just took off and I knew I had Landon over the top so I just played the defense that was called.

Q: You were trying to score on that one, too, werenít you?

A: Yes sir, itís been a while, so I was trying to get in the end zone.

Q: When the ball is in the air, did you know you had it and thatís where he was going with it?

A: Yes, sir. Which one?

Q: The touchdown.

A: Oh yeah. Once I saw the release of it, it was outside and I had outside leverage. I didnít know if it was going for six, but I knew I was going to have a chance to get it.

Q: On the first one you almost had, what happened to your hand on that play?

A: Coming in with a bruise, the bone right here. So it kind of hit it and it kind of got away from me.

Q: Didnít feel it on the other two, though, did you?

A: No, sir, I put a cast on it.

Q: Whatíd the coach say to you when you ran back the first one?

A: I canít be holding the ball like that and donít celebrate, get in the end zone first. He gave it to me a little bit.

Q: You guys felt like you owed the Cowboys from Week One. To win this one means what?

A: It means a lot. The first time we played, we go out and we should have won. You have a chance at the end and itís the same thing, but they made a mistake and we were there to recover and finish the game. Itís definitely a game it took all three phases from the offense, defense, and special teams.

Q: Did you come in here with Cassel at quarterback intent on changing the game and then you end up with two interceptions, including the pick-six?

A: We were definitely trying to make him throw the ball because he hadnít played quarterback in a while. We knew they were going to establish a run, so we were trying to stop the run, stack the box, and have him beat us with his arm.

Q: For those of us who will never do it, what is it like to intercept a ball and high step 40 yards with a hand in the air and ball in the air?

A: Itís always a good feeling. Itís just the emotions get the best of you. You canít do it all the time. You definitely know Coach is going to be right there waiting to get you, so I have to think twice about that.
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