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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/28/2015 3:21 pm
QB Eli Manning

October 28, 2015

Q: Where else do you want to see improvements in the offense to continue what you guys did against the Cowboys last week?

A: Well, I thought we ran the ball well last week, so hopefully we continue to do that. Weve got to do a little bit better job on third down. We had good third down opportunities, good down and distance, weve just got to convert a little bit more and do a little better job in the red zone getting touchdowns instead of field goals.

Q: Specifically against that New Orleans defense and Cameron Jordan, how do you keep that run game going?

A: Weve got to stick with it. Theyve got a good defense, theyre really good on third down. Theyve done a great job getting guys off the field, I think theyre in the top-five in getting guys off the field on third down. Weve got to get good down and distance, good first and second down production so we get manageable situations and be able to get the ball out without having to hold the ball too long back there with that pass rush.

Q: Whats it like to have JPP back here in this locker room?

A: Its good to have him back. Hopefully he can get back into playing shape and football shape and get back on the field soon. Until that, weve just got to keep going about our business. I know its good to have all your players, good to have him back in the locker room and hopefully he can help us out.

Q: Did you talk to him yet at all?

A: Yeah, talked to him this morning.

Q: Hows he look and how does he feel?

A: He looks good. Youll have to ask him how he feels, but he looks good and I know hes ready to get back and back to playing football.

Q: To talk about this Saints defensive line for a secondCameron Jordan for the last couple weeks has been a ferocious force. What do you see in him and what do you have to be concerned about?

A: You see him getting to the quarterback. Hes a big guy, hes got some speed and some quickness. Hes done a good job getting to the quarterback. So weve got to do a good job having our offensive line block him up and Ive got to get the ball out quickly, move around the pocket and find some throwing lanes.

Q: How difficult is it playing in the Superdome?

A: The times weve played, its been loud. So its always going to be loud. Their offense has been scoring and weve gotten down, so they get pumped up. Weve got to do a good job just trying to control the crowd, try to get some first downs and get into a little rhythm. Its going to get loud at times, but we can deal with that.

Q: You know what its like to go home, what about Odell playing there for the first time as a pro?

A: Im sure there will be lots of friends and family there. Youve got to tune it all out and just worry about playing football. Its about just doing your job, knowing your assignment, and going out there and just playing the game.

Q: Dwayne Harris, we knew he was an explosive kickoff returner, but the Giants kept saying hes going to be a weapon on offense. What do you see from him in the offense so far? What do you think we can expect to see?

A: I think Dwayne has done well. I think hes gotten a lot better since the season started and playing in a more prominent role, played receiver. So I think hes done a good job just understanding the concepts, the timing of the routes, little nuances versus man or zone and how routes are run differently. I think hes really improved and making some plays for us.

Q: Obviously he has speed, is that the most important attribute he brings to the offense?

A: I think just run after catch ability. You see those kick return/punt return guys usually get the ball in their hands, let them break some tackles, make some big plays. So weve just got to keep getting him completions, hitting him in stride on some things. He can make some big plays for us.

Q: Since he was new to the offense, did it just take him awhile to get your trust, get the trust of the coaches before he could start being worked in a little bit more?

A: I think its just getting that feel and just understanding the timing of the offense, all the little things that can dictate how the route is run based on coverage and leverage and those things. Just getting a good feel for him, getting some reps with him. But hes done a good job understanding things and playing fast.

Q: Is there a homecoming aspect to Sunday for you?

A: No, really not. Just going to play a game. Im not seeing family before the game or doing anything. Its the next game, going to New Orleans and trying to get a win.

Q: For Odell, maybe its slightly different because its his first time back as a pro?

A: Im sure, yeah, hes excited to go back to your home town. But youve got to just keep the focus on the game and on your assignments and on your play and dont get too excited or overworked or overexcited to go. And just play your game and dont try to do more than you have to.

Q: Was that difficult the first time you went?

A: I dont think so. I think youre just kind of focused. I think theres obviously some excitement. Just focus, and try to be focused on what your assignments are and what you have to do to play well.

Q: Having grown up in New Orleans and gone to a few of those games when you were a kid, what makes that environment so special, so difficult for the opponent?

A: The fans are good fans and they get loud and take great pride in being loud and trying to cause difficulty for the offense to communicate. I think its our job to get into a rhythm, get first downs, move the ball and make some plays and try to see if we can keep them contained a little bit.

Q: It seemed in both of the last two games you played there that once things started to get out of control, it just snowballed. It almost looked like the team in general was rattled by that environment. Can that happen to a team down there?

A: I guess it can happen. But I think well be in good shape, weve just got to worry about doing our assignments, doing our job and well be fine.
Funny how they want the players to  
Randy in CT : 10/28/2015 4:07 pm : link
focus on WHERE they are playing and the potential meaning in it as opposed to, I don't know, playing the game and knowing your assignment?
um, yeah.  
mattlawson : 10/28/2015 9:53 pm : link
"weve just got to convert a little bit more and do a little better job in the red zone getting touchdowns instead of field goals"
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