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Wednesday Media Transcript: DT Cullen Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/28/2015 3:55 pm
DT Cullen Jenkins

October 28, 2015

Q: Did it ever get to a point where you thought JPPís return might not happen or were you always confident that you would see him?

A: I mean, thereís always a possibility, even though I felt that most likely heís going to be back at some point because I know JPP and I know the type of person he is and I know heís going to fight. But thereís always that chance, always that small percentage of the unknown. Just glad to see him back.

Q: Sometimes there are situations when a new guy comes in and team has already established the identity and the new guy might be a change that upsets the corps a little bit. Do you feel that at all or is this one of those open arms kind of things?

A: I feel like it should be an open arms thing. I know it is for me. We know what we are up front, we know what weíve been, we know what our strengths and weaknesses have been and he can definitely come and help out and help us improve with some of our weaknesses as a D-line.

Q: How cool was it to see him back out there in uniform, even if it was just in early team drills?

A: It was great. We got a chance toówhile we were doing our drill, you look down and you see him doing it and he moves well. Heís still fast as ever, quick as ever. Excited to see him get back in action and go out.

Q: Was there a curiosity at all just because you hadnít seen him around? How heíd look?

A: Yeah, I think the whole world had some type of curiosity waiting for this. But he looked good. He looked really good out there.

Q: Tom said heís not planning on playing him this week. Can he still be a positive impact for you guys just having him back here? Having this shroud of mystery lifted and what not?

A: Yeah. Our D-line is more complete now. Instead of having to answer the questions of when heíll be back and if and all this stuff, he is back now, heís back with the group and now itís just a matter of waiting until heís game ready.

Q: Did you make him carry any helmets or anything like that?

A: (Laughs) No. No, we didnít. Weíre still trying to get him back, get him back to his old self in the room.

Q: How hard do you think itís going to be for him physically? After the damage that was done.

A: Iím not sure. Thatís something between him and whatever heís going through. Watching him in drills, I feel like if there are challenges, heís fighting through it pretty well. Thereís definitely going to be a little bit of a challenge for him but I think that heíll have no problem fighting through it.

Q: Is it exciting? I mean once heís ready to go, itís kind of rare for a team in a playoff race to add a guy like him midway through. Have you thought about what he could bring potentially?

A: Oh yeah, I thought about it the whole year. Itís no secret that we havenít rushed the passer as well as weíd like to and I feel like thatís something that he definitely brings to the table, will definitely instantly help us with.

Q: Prince was saying he seems like the same guy but more focused. Did you notice that?

A: Yeah. Heís very serious, a lot more quiet, focused on what he has to do because he still has a journey ahead of him. Just because heís back here, his road getting back hasnít stopped. Heís still focused on getting through that road.

Q: Did you get a good look at his hand and what was your reaction if you did? Was it better than or worse than you thought or about what you thought?

A: Itís probably about what I thought.

Q: You said you guys have had some struggles rushing the passer, is it important that he doesnít think that he, for a lack of a better word, has to be a savior on the pass rush?

A: Itís a possibility. Most important thing for him is getting back comfortable. Sometimes you can try too hard to do things. I think when he comes out there, heís a veteran, heís been out there for a while and I think heíll have no problem. Itís probably going to be emotional for him at first, a lot of different feelings, emotions, adrenaline, all that.

Q: But you donít think heíll put too much pressure on himself?

A: I donít think so.

Q: Have you been in the meeting room with him today?

A: Yeah.

Q: What was the reaction?

A: I first saw him in the locker room here. So everybody just said hey, whatís up and talked and caught up a little bit.

Q: Was it a full team meeting room or just defensive?

A: He was in the full team meeting room, too. Then the defensive meeting room and heís been in all the meetings with us.
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