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Thursday Media Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/29/2015 1:05 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

October 29, 2015

Q: How did Jason Pierre-Paul look moving around a little bit?

A: Moved around well. He moved well and I think he proved to the medical people that heís in good shape. Thatís not to include all the back and forth, sideways stuff. Heís going to have to work his way through some of that, too. But heís in excellent condition.

Q: So whatís the next step?

A: Heís going to get a couple of reps in scout squad today.

Q: Is he maybe further along than you even expected?

A: No, not necessarily. His first visit, he was in pretty good cardiovascular shape and heís even better now.

Q: The eye test is not obviously reliable, but he doesnít look as big as he was. Is there a strength concern?

A: I donít know that itís a strength concern. Heís not 278, but I think heís probably better to be 268, to be honest with you. I think that where he is right now, with some time spent in the weight room under the tutelage of our group, I think heíll be fine.

Q: Was that sort of his plan even before all this happened? I think he had mentioned possibly dropping weight and playing at a lower weight.

A: Heís 268.

Q: Tom, you remember that worked for Strahan.

A: It always does. Later in the career, it works very well. Itís an excellent formula at certain spots. Michael did very, very well much lighter than that, to be honest with you.

Q: How does he seem to you personally?

A: Excited. Very, very glad to be back. I think he was really, really movedóif the word is rightóto be in the practice yesterday, to be stretching with the guys etc. etc. I think that only gets better.

Q: He had kind of a, for a lack of a better word, goofy aspect to him in the past. Does he seem subdued in any way or altered?

A: I donít know about subdued. I think anyone who has experienced the trauma that heís gone through will kind of feel their way back into their place. Heís a very confident young man, but he obviously has some things to prove.

Q: As far as youíre aware, does he have to use his left hand on the ground at all times? Is that restrictive in any way?

A: I donít think he has to do that.

Q: How would you assess Steve Spagnuolo this season? You guys have had challenges with injuries.

A: Hard-working coach. Again, weíre doing a good job as best we can. The guys work very, very hard at it and the defensive staff. Weíre where we are.

Q: How much more, if any, do you stress the run defense this week because of the last two weeks? Or is it the same?

A: Same as itís always stressed. We knew exactly what to expect last week and there wasnít any surprise along those lines. Each opponent is different and they feature different styles, so we see exactly whatÖ Will they ramp the run up a little bit? Perhaps.

Q: What have you seen as the reason that you had the drop off in that category the last couple weeks?

A: They blocked us pretty good, the guys running the ball were pretty good, and we didnít play it as well.

Q: Whatís your level of concern with Josh Brown and the kickoffs?

A: Well, thereís always going to be concern when a guy doesnít knock it out of the park every time. Hopefully heíll just settle down and go through his mechanics and trust himself, because I think sometimes he gets a little anxious. The result of that hasnít been as good as youíd like. I think heíll settle down.

Q: I think youíve scored two offensive touchdowns in the last two weeks, is that right?

A: You tell me.

Q: Itís not a malaise obviously, but how do you jumpstart the whole process? Youíre going to need points against the Saints.

A: One thing, if we can continue the turnover aspect of it and then also convert at the other end in the green zone, that would help. I think one drive was very frustrating, not getting in the end zone with a touchdown.

Q: But the turnover aspect is a defensive spark.

A: Itís an offensive spark, too, if it comes at the right spot.

Q: But your team is going to have to drive the ball repeatedly, I would think. When this started, there appeared to be more answers on offense than defense. Is that kind of troubling at this point?

A: Anytime you donít score the way you feel you should, itís an issue for you. I think everybody is aware of it and working hard to do something about it. The fact that the run game came along a little bit, thatís going to help.

Q: Every coach emphasizes turnovers and forcing them, have you guys done anything differently in terms of emphasis this year? Is it just a luck thing?

A: No, no, itís not luck. Itís hard work. It starts from day one and thatís the emphasis. We have fundamental drills, core drills that I call them. The first two, however you want to put them, are tackling and takeaways.

Q: Can you count on takeaways?

A: You can coach the heck of it, yeah, you sure can. Look around the league, watch the number of people that are punching the ball out. Itís well-coached.

Q: Is there anything different that Spagnuolo has brought in with that?

A: Emphasis. Continued emphasis on it.

Q: The running backs, in terms of the distribution for the guys. Obviously you have four guys. Is it game specific do you think or is it one of those things where Darkwa showed enough that heís going to get more of a role?

A: There are roles and, fortunately, we have four guys to do that. Can you have enough snaps for four? Maybe not. But on a game to game basis, you can, you certainly can. Weíll continue to analyze the opponent, where we think we need to be able to utilize the talents of the guys we have.

Q: How much difference did you see in Odell Beckham this week than maybe the last few weeks?

A: He practiced well yesterday.

Q: Did he come through it okay?

A: Yup.
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