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Thursday Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/29/2015 4:52 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

October 29, 2015

Re: Dwayne Harrisí kickoff return TD vs. Dallas

A: Yeah, that was nice, it was well blocked, and something we needed at that time. It was good.

Q: He [Dwayne Harris] said he had been close or is that just a case of returners always think theyíre close?

A: No, they were, especially against Atlanta. I thought we had two there that we were close with. He slipped on one and another one, a guy flowed over and made a tackle. He hits it well and productive.

Q: When you look at Josh Brownís kickoffs, are you seeing anything in particular thatís not happening?

A: The biggest thing we want to coach is tempo. Heís a little too slow and herky jerky, so we kind of smooth him out. We looked at some tape from the previous two years trying to get just more tempo into it.

Q: Is any of that related to the injury he had in the preseason you think?

A: No, not related to that.

Q: Why would that be with such a veteran guy?

A: With tempo? I mean it happens to all different ages. A lot of times guys will go away for five weeks and then come back and theyíve acquired a new habit if youíre just kicking off sticks or something like that. You can kind of go in and out, thatís why we always try and have a little library of good kicks, good punts, so you can kind of know, ďOh, thatís what Iím doingĒ and it kind of just refreshes them back into that.

Q: By tempo, itís just picking up the tempo?

A: Just being smooth throughout, probably less thinking and more reacting. Anytime we think and try and swing and hit something, itís not good.

Q: Because he has the leg strength, right?

A: Yeah, heís just not making good contact with the ball, so thatís where heís at right now.

Q: Are some of those planned?

A: No. I mean we do mortar kick, we do squib kick at the end of the half, but we want to kick those deep.

Q: For the ones that looked like they might have been something different.

A: Last week, yeah. They were deep kicks.

Q: With [Marcus] Murphy, what does he bring to the Saints?

A: Heís really good at setting the return and quick. I looked at him coming out of college and just was impressed with theÖreturns for touchdowns, punt returns, kick returns, so heís dynamic. Heís a little bit like [Darren] Sproles, real elusive, and gets vertical, thatís the thing. He sets the return and he knows exactly where heís going, just puts his foot in the ground and gets vertical. Heís been a great addition for them.

Q: He had one against Atlanta, didnít he?

A: Yeah. Well no, they had the blocked punt and they had the punt return against Carolina. Heís done a good job for them.
The questions about Brown ...  
DonQuixote : 10/29/2015 4:59 pm : link
... it strikes me that players always need coaching, not matter what level they are at, or things slip and habits creep in. That is what I am hearing from Quinn here.

I know a few high level athletes (and musicians too), and they are always taking lessons, as it were.
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