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Thursday Media Transcript: LB Jon Beason

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/29/2015 5:13 pm
LB Jon Beason

October 29, 2015

Re: last weekís game

A: Played a bunch of snaps Sunday, did a little work, had a little fun, and we were able to get a win and Iím just a little sore. Weíre trying to be smart and Iím trying to make it to Sunday.

Q: Do you think youíll make Sunday?

A: Thatís the plan. That is the plan, feeling better every day, but it happens when you go out and you play a lot of reps.

Q: Because youíve been splitting?

A: Yeah, and itís been working, but unfortunately guys get nicked. The good thing about our room is we have a lot of guys that can play, a lot of veteran guys, smart players, and we feel good about whoever is out there.

Q: Do you feel like youíve gotten into a groove though with the increased reps?

A: Yeah, for sure. For me, thatís what itís all about. Iíve been on the bike before, just got to get back on, and start pedaling. Getting out there was fun, felt good, felt natural, and you know some things I felt like I could have done better, but thatíll come with time.

Q: Is it your ankle or your knee? Is it both? I mean we see your knee wrapped.

A: I did get rolled up in the game, but the knee, thatís the nature of the injury, thatís maintenance.

Q: How many snaps did you play?

A: Iím not sure, Iím really not sure. I know we played a lot as a defense. I donít know, 50 something [plays], 60 maybe, Iím not sure.

Q: Is it something you think youíre just going to have to deal with going forward for the duration?

A: I would say. The nature of the injury says that the...every so often so itís just where Iím at.

Q: What did it mean to you to see Jason Pierre-Paul back out on the practice field?

A: It brought a big smile to my face. Long time coming, happy to have the guy back, a member of the family is back home, and anxious to see what he can do. I know heís going to give us a lift. Heís going to help us.

Q: I donít know how much you were able to watch him at all but it looked like he was able to do a little bit more than some people may have thought.

A: Thatís the thing man, people say what they want to say, but until you see it, you donít know. You never deny a guy the opportunity, especially when heís as determined as he is. Heís working extremely hard, already you see it, and heís just anxious to get out there and help us win some games.

Q: Drew Brees has been very successful for a long time, and youíve been around this league for a while, so what is it about him thatís been able to play at such a high-level for so long?

A: I think, first off, heís a great teammate. Heís a leader, captain of that [offense], he makes that team go and that offense go. Heís pinpoint accurate, he makes smart decisions, and quick decisions. You know heís kind of one of those guys that, he came back from injury and people said he couldnít do something, and he just went out and proved why he still is Drew Brees.

Q: It seems like people are seeing JPP back and theyíre saying, ďOkay, the Giants are going to have a pass rush again.Ē Is that too high of an expectation?

A: No, you always set the expectations high. Heís JPP for a reason. I donít see why he wonít be able to go out there and help us. Anybody who is about what weíre trying to do, weíre trying to get after the quarterback, whether we bring pressure or we just send our front four. We need to do a better job of that.

Q: Last week with the run defense, was there one specific thing that was creating the breakdown? It looked like you guys were having edge problems.

A: I would say, for the most part, we were good against the run and then we would have a mess up and then you rip off 15 or 20 [yards]. You give up big runs, big plays, they add up to big totals. In that game, I mean how many rushes did they have? I know [Darren] McFadden had what 30 carries? I mean most running backs dream of a 30 [carry] day. You donít really see that that much in the NFL, so we have a lot of respect for their offense, especially their offensive line. They really hit some runs on us, but the bend and donít break mentality ended up being enough.

Q; A different style of that this week because McFadden did it with some speed and got into some open spaces. This guy [Mark] Ingram, heíll get yards after contact.

A: Yeah, for sure. That was his m.o. coming out of Bama, played against him early in his career, heís a tough running back, and a lot of the scheme is the same this week. Zone scheme, theyíre going to line up in some two backs, and kind of try and bloody your nose a little bit. We have a big task, every week itís always somebody else. Heís a good back and it looks like heís really getting some steam going as of late.

Q: You look at this team and whatís impressive is plus-10 in turnover ratio. Itís always the same drills, why is it so effective this year?

A: I donít know, I guess guys are just doing a good job of doing their job first, and the emphasis on taking the ball away is huge. You donít want to be big in the stats but when you win the turnover battle, you usually win the game. Itís a huge momentum swing, give our offense good field position, short field, and hopefully we get points off of it.
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