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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Rueben Randle

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/29/2015 5:20 pm
WR Rueben Randle

October 29, 2015

Q: Do you think any differently when you go to a place like this, which there are often times a lot of points scored in that building, and often times you have to match them?

A: Yeah, it’s definitely a challenge for us to put points on the board when we do have the ball. Their offense does a great job on converting on third down and keeping the ball, so when you have the ball you’ve got to take advantage of the opportunities that you get and put some points on the board.

Q: Do you think you’re close in regards to getting more touchdowns?

A: We’re close. We just can’t—we know that we’re still confident in ourselves and what we can do. Just about us going out there and doing it.

Q: Because last week you didn’t have any penalties and the week before the penalties hurt but last week they were not. So I guess that is a positive or a negative depending on how you look at it.

A: We definitely missed some points on the board even though we did play smarter with the penalties. We’ve still got little things we can correct as far as finishing our blocks and things like that and getting a little bit more separation as receivers and helping Eli out a little bit more. I think if we do that, we’ll be fine.

Q: Do you see them as a big-play defense as far as they make big plays but you can also get big plays on them?

A: Yeah, you definitely can make some big plays. They like to play man, especially on third down, so there are opportunities there. It’s going to be upon us as receivers to create that separation and make some plays. Kind of take the air out of the building because you know they’re going to be rowdy and they’re coming from winning three games straight so we’ve got to be ready for the challenge.

Q: Do you the 100+ yards the running game got this past weekend will also help you guys out a little bit? Because that is the first we’ve seen of a real running game.

A: Right. That’ll definitely help us out and we’ve got to continue to build on that, we can’t stay stagnant on that. Like I said, we’ve got to make some more plays down field and kind of help the running game some more. We’re trying to put it together still, still working out some kinks but time is kind of getting there.

Q: Is that a frustration? This is midseason already, you think you’re sitting on something everyone is waiting to happen…

A: Yeah, yeah definitely, and everyone feels it. It’s time for us to put the pieces together and get this thing going to where we know we can play. Go out there and put the points on the board and prove ourselves.

Q: It seems that more people are practicing and healthier. Like the whole offensive line, you and Odell are practicing full out there. It seems like there’s an opportunity there with the guys there?

A: Yeah, we feel it coming. We’ve just got to stay with it, stay patient, got to let it come to us a little bit. Don’t try to rush it and force some things. We know the time will come, big plays are going to come. Just got to continue to do the right thing for us to be prepared for the opportunities.
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