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Friday Media Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/30/2015 4:00 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

October 25, 2015

Q: Has there been any decision made on whether you’re going to take JPP with you on this trip?

A: I’ll talk to him, but really the normal procedure is if the guy is not going to play, he doesn’t travel. But I will visit with him on that.

Q: If he wants to, is that something you would…

A: I would consider it. I’d consider it. Yeah.

Q: How much of a lift do you think he can give the guys just being on the sideline?

A: I think if the guys are really, really focused that they’ll be as into the game as they can be.

Q: Uani ‘Unga was a full participant yesterday?

A: Yes.

Q: When you look at the way the Saints have been playing lately in that building and everything that goes into it, what concerns you most going into this game?

A: The way they’ve been playing. For two weeks they’ve played very, very well. They certainly started out as we did, and they’ve gotten better and better and they’re plus-five in turnovers in the last two ball games and only one turnover, one interception, they rushed the ball very well last weekend, which gives them the balance that they want. Brees is very, very accurate. So all of the above. I think their special teams is outstanding, they blocked the punt against Atlanta for a touchdown. There’s a lot of things you have to be very mindful of, but we’ve prepared well and we look forward to it.

Q: All of these guys have played in loud atmospheres but is there something different about the Superdome?

A: That’s a good question because I really don’t think there’s anything different about it. The fans are great participants there, they remain that way. There’s excitement because it’s Halloween weekend and all that business. But we’ve had it, and if you’ve walked by within three miles from here while we’ve had the noise on in there, it’s probably louder in there than it’s going to be down in New Orleans.

Q: Last week, Orleans Darkwa emerged a little bit. What do you see as his potential?

A: He did a nice job during preseason, that’s where that all started. Yeah, he ran the ball well in preseason. He’s powerful, he makes good cuts, he seems to have the proper gate going through the line of scrimmage as his own runner, and so the opportunity that he received last weekend, he did well with it.

Q: What’s the difference when Odell Beckham practices versus when he doesn’t?

A: When he practices, he practices. The timing is something that has to be taken up a notch to allow for his speed and his maneuverability and it makes the quarterback sharper, it makes the practice better. Whenever people practice, if they practice at the right speed, then they are preparing themselves for the game, so that’s what I think happened this week.

Q: Do you think Eli is more comfortable going to him on game days when they do have that midweek preparation?

A: I think he’s comfortable communicating with him anytime. And Odell, the same way. And any of the receivers. He’ll meet with the receivers here in probably 10 minutes. That’s his routine.

Q: With JPP, is there any sort of indication based on what you’ve seen on the field he could be ready one week, two weeks, four weeks?

A: We’ll advance him next week and we will see where we are. And that’s all we can say.

Q: But he’s come through so far so fast?

A: Oh he’s done—whatever you ask him to do, he does it in flying colors.

Q: But don’t you want to get him out there soon?

A: I do want to get him out there soon; that’s the whole idea, but I want him ready when he goes out there. I want him for the rest of the year.
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