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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/4/2015 3:59 pm
QB Eli Manning

November 4, 2015

Q: How do you maintain the offensive rhythm that you had last week?

A: I think its just comes with practice. We have to have a great week of practice and make sure were getting a lot of reps on the plays that were running, the new plays, the new things, everybody has a great feel and understanding of how were going to block things up, what our checks might be, and so were playing fast. Were playing fast on Sunday and the plays come in, they know exactly where theyre getting lined up, how theyre going to run it, what to look for or expect, and how were going to react to the different coverages that we might see.

Q: When the offense comes off a game like you just had, is the feeling kind of like nobody can stop us?

A: Its like that on game day, but we just have to know each Sunday is different. Its a different day, its a different game, it's a different team, and so we have to make sure that were sharp in our preparation this week, that our practices are really good, were playing fast, have a good game plan, good understanding of the defense and their scheme and their technique, and go out there and make the plays on Sunday.

Q: What particular problem does their defense pose to you?

A: They do a great job causing turnovers, I think. Stripping the ball, getting fumbles, getting pressure on the quarterback, they have a good pass rush, good defensive line, and mix up their coverages and disguises. They have a good scheme.

Q: Youre 4-4 after 8 games, is that disappointing?

A: I think we just have to worry about how we finish the season right now. Were not in a bad spot, you like to always win more games than what you have, but weve got an opportunity if we can finish the way we want to and expect to, well be in good shape.

Q: Are you glad to see JPP [Jason Pierre-Paul] back?

A: Yeah, this is awesome. It makes my life easier.

Q: When you look out at tight end, I mean this Sunday, obviously Larry [Donnell] doesnt look like hes going to go. You have a kid Will Tye, who didnt even make your last cut. Do you sit there and go, Wow?

A: Yeah, thats just the way it goes sometimes. Will has played well for us. Hes gotten into games, hes made some plays, made some nice catches, so hell have a good plan, and good idea of what were trying to do. He can do some good things and well adjust. Well have some different personnel, different guys in different spots, and well go run our offense.

Q: Hes got the whole package now, doesnt he?

A: He knows whats going on, hes been here the whole time, and has some athletic ability to make some nice catches in the game last week.

Q: Pretty impressive numbers for the entire offense last week. Is this the way you envisioned the offense clicking when you put it together?

A: You never know, I mean I think just being able to score points. I think weve had some other sharp games that weve been playing, some other games that weve played a high level, we just have to be able to match that every week. Each week is going to be different. There are going to be different things that happen that are preventing you from doing well or giving you the opportunities to do well, so we just have to keep playing smart, protect the football, and take advantage of our opportunities when we do have the plays there to be made.

Q: Odell said he wasnt surprised by the output. He said it was something that could happen every week. Do you guys feel like this can be sustained?

A: Thats obviously the goal, but its all in the amount of how we prepare each and every week, how we practice, guys understanding the game plan, and then what we do on Sunday. Hopefully well be put in an opportunity to make plays, its a matter of all the guys stepping up, doing their job, winning individual battles, and playing well on Sunday, and playing smart.

Q: Looks like youll need a lot from Will Tye this week if Larry Donnell is not playing. What have you seen from him?

A: I think Will has played well. Hes played well for us these past few weeks, getting more comfortable with the offense and moving around and different things. I think hes got some ability, catches the ball well, hes made some nice plays for us so far in the past month or so, and so I think hes ready for it. I think he should be able and play well.

Q: You may have been asked this, but do you call Jameis Winston or anything when he gets selected as the number one overall pick? Reach out to him in the offseason?

A: I dont think I reached out to him, but Ive met him before. Hes been at the Manning passing academy before and I met him there.

Q: Do you kind of sympathize with a guy like that a little bit? I know youve been there in that situation where youre suddenly the face of a franchise.

A: I kind of keep up with all the quarterbacks in the league and how guys are playing and what theyre going through. With young guys, there are going to be good days and bad days, and hes just going through learning, and learning from each experience.

Q: You guys are in first place and youve done it mostly without some of your best players even being on the field. A lot of them have been limited, like Jon [Beason], Robert [Ayers], Prince [Amukamara]. Is there a sense when these guys come back, if you get them all back or the majority of them back, youll be in really good shape to make a run?

A: Hopefully, yeah. You get guys back and playing our best football the second half of the season. Were right in the middle of the season, we should be playing well, and doing things correctly, and reaching our peak. Hopefully we can keep moving the ball, get some guys back healthy, get some guys back in the mix, and be playing our best football and win some games.

Q: This is the time of the year when some teams lose their best players and you seem to be on the verge of getting some of them back.

A: That should be good. That should help us out.

Q: I know you focus on the next game, but you know what comes next and then the bye. After what happened in New Orleans, does it create even more urgency to take care of business now?

A: I think every game is the same urgency. Every game is important, its not one team is less important than the next, so this is a huge game for us. Were fighting to stay ahead in the division, and this is the next game, and this is one we have to win.

Q: You say fighting to say ahead in the division, Tom [Coughlin] said the other day he reminded the team that youre in first place. Does it feel like it? Youve been on teams that have been well in first place and teams that have been well behind. What does it feel like?

A: I dont think at the halfway point you get too concerned with it. Its so much football left and you worry about just getting better, looking at your own games, your own practices, how can we improve, how can we game plan for this team, and find a way to get the next game and thats at this time.

Q: So first place is not the

A: Its not the mindset. You dont play different if youre first or second. Were in the mix and we know we have to win games.

Q: Does it mean a lot to see JPP over there, holding court, talking to the reporters, and also being somewhat productive so far on the practice field?

A: Yeah, I like when JPP is here because he takes all the reporters away and I can hopefully slide under the radar. Its good to have him back in practice and seeing him out there and challenging our offensive linemen. Hes getting great work against them.

Q: Just looking at the numbers of their defense, 12 forced fumbles, 9 fumble recoveries leads the league. Are they exceptionally good at knocking the ball free and stripping it?

A: Yeah, theyre good. They do a good job of getting the quarterback on some sack fumbles but they also do it with receivers, running backs, stripping the ball, and whether its the DBs, linebackers, everybody is doing it. I think they obviously coach that up and its paid off. They do a good job of getting turnovers, so we have to make sure were sharp and protect the football.

Q: What is it like having JPP back energy-wise for this football team?

A: Its just good to see him back. I know everything hes been through and one of our key players. Were all wishing him well after everything that happened to him and the injury. Its good to see him back playing football and with us.

Q: When hes at his best, if he can get back to being JPP, how does he help this football team, especially defensively?

A: Hopefully, he can get some sacks, get some pressure on the quarterback, and cause some turnovers just having his presence and get him back playing good football.

Q: How anxious are you guys as far as getting back on the field? You put up 49 points, you guys are only the second team in NFL history to do that and still lose.

A: Yeah, thats not really a record were proud of in that aspect. We have to worry about getting a great understanding of Tampa, what their scheme is, who their players are, and how were going to go out and attack them, and how were going to get first downs, and move the ball.
Randy in CT : 11/4/2015 4:11 pm : link
A: Yeah, I like when JPP is here because he takes all the reporters away and I can hopefully slide under the radar. Its good to have him back in practice and seeing him out there and challenging our offensive linemen. Hes getting great work against them
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