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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/5/2015 4:20 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr.

November 5, 2015

Q: Any special birthday wishes today that stood out?

A: Just a bunch of Happy Birthdays, nothing too special. I think I hit all my memorial birthdays already, 18, 21. Other than that, I heard itís all downhill.

Q: Is it really? Youíre coming off a three touchdown performance, one of the best offensive performances since youíve been here, whatís ahead for you and the offense?

A: We have to keep getting better. We didnít get the win like we wanted to and thatís unfortunate. You go down there and it being such a special game for me, always dreamed of playing in the dome, and this, that, and the other. It just didnít turn out the way that we wanted, so back to the drawing board, had some good days of practice this week, and looking forward to Sunday.

Q: The Bucs have used five different secondary combinations in the first seven games of the season, how difficult is it for you to even do your film study and figure out what youíre going to go against?

A: It is tough. You see a bunch of different things when you watch the game, a bunch of different guys, you donít know if what youíre seeing on film is how itís going to be on Sunday. You take that and use it on Sunday, but at the same time you have to adjust on the fly to anything new that you might see on Sunday.

Q: How much do you have to concentrate on ball security this week?

A: Itís the same every week. That ball is for the Giants when we have it and when we donít have it, itís for the Giants, so weíre trying to get it back, and weíre trying to keep it. Itís one thing that I know coach preaches the most, so hold on to the ball.

Q: Whatís it like having JPP [Jason Pierre-Paul] out there again? I know itís the other side of the ball for you.

A: Itís just great. His persona is something that canít really be duplicated. Heís a voice in the room, regardless if heís speaking or not. Just being able to have him back and him being a leader on this team, a guy who people look up to, is great.

Q: Whatís Odellís football wish?

A: Football wish?

Q: Do you have a football wish for your birthday?

A: I donít even know. What football wish?

Q: Like an overall wish, but a football wish.

A: I wish that we win the game Sunday, and then one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that, the ones all the way after that, leading up to maybe hoisting the trophy one day. That would be the wish for me.

Q: You spoke about the offense needing to get better, do you feel you couldíve done something better despite the fact that you had such a good game?

A: Yeah, there were plays, I remember there was a 3rd and 11 that we had, a play that they set up like a picket fence on the line, and I think if I could have made a better block on there, we couldíve maybe broke it and got a first down. You never know, you canít say one play can change the game, but you never know what it will do. Just being perfect on your assignments and making sure that you do your job.

Q: Do the numbers ever surprise you? Your numbers in terms of records youíve been setting along the way.

A: Itís hard because I donít really look at it and I donít see the records that are being broken. People have told me about them and itís just kind of like, I donít know. I just know what I want to be and I know what Iím going to strive for every single day. Whatever result I get at the end of the day, thatís the one that I have to live with, whether itís good or bad. You go back to the drawing board right after and you try to improve on things, and you try and get better, and you try and come back and do it again. My goal every single week is the same. I want to be the best that I can on the field and whatever I can do to help the teamÖscore zero touchdowns, no catches, or 25 catches and 5 touchdowns. Whatever it is, just do it to the best of my ability.

Q: How frustrating has it been that three of the losses have basically been games you could have or should have won?

A: Itís unfortunate, but I think itíll help us in the end. Itís unfortunate to have those losses on the record but once it comes down to those crunch times towards the back end of the season and its games that are going to be like that. Weíve been in that situation three times in a row. We know what itís like to have lost it at the last minute and what we could have done better, or whatever the case may be, so youíre able to use it, learn from it, and correct your mistakes.

Q: The other day you guys scored 42 points as an offense and yet you werenít at full strength, the running game wasnít even as good as you want it to be, so what does that tell you about this attack?

A: Thereís a lot of good on this offense, itís just a matter of putting it all together, honestly. I say it all the time but it really is true, just execute whatever play is called, whatever the job is, making sure that you get it done. Whether itís a bad call or good call, no matter what it is, you make it work.

Q: You talked about JPPís presence in the locker room but how much do you guys just need him back on the field?

A: Iím definitely looking forward to having him back. A guy whoís been through so much, I only expect him to come out and have 20 sacks, something like that. Iím just expecting so much from him just because I know where his mindset is, and I know what heís overcoming. I think heís still going to be alright, for sure.

Q: People love to watch you play on the field, are you going to be on the sidelines watching him, looking for that spectacular play?

A: Absolutely, Iíll watch it at any point in time. I never just sit back and just day dream. Iíll be watching somebody out there, just to get a spark. You get energy from other people and you see a guy out there having fun, and making plays flying around and it makes you want to do that. You see somebody make a big play, it makes you want to make a big play because you know how it fills this team up.
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