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Thursday Transcript: Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/5/2015 5:01 pm
Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo

November 5, 2015

Letís talk about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, right? Can we talk about the Bucs? What do you want to know about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Iíll just open it up and let you guys fire away.

Q: Is that the goal for you, you guys just want to completely put it aside or do you focus heavily on what happened last week?

A: Monday. We did on Monday but then itís put to bed. You know how that is in the league, if you donít do that, you get stuck in mud. If you have a great game and you shut somebody out and score 50 points and win big, youíve got to let that go, too. So weíve had to do the same thing.

Q: How painful was the film session that you did have to sit through?

A: I think it goes without saying, thatís a tough one to watch. But youíve got to go through it and the guys did a nice job with it.

Q: How much of it is a physical thing, how much of it is a mental thing and is there a percentage that youíd prefer? Do you prefer mental over physical?

A: If you all want to go back to the game, thatís just not really where I wanted to head, but Iíll do it for a minute. When you have things happen like a flea flicker and boom, they get that one. Then we give up the big one, it was man coverage and they hit a big one. Those things go bang, bang and youíve got to recover. Look it, I thought we recovered fairly well. You get a hot quarterback, it was tough. We did not play our best football and thatís whatís probably the most disappointing. But Iím going to tip my hat off to Drew Brees and what those players did down there, they did some nice work. Ended up being a lot of points, but I will say this, our guys rally, we come up with a series, we get an interception, we come back we stop them on three downs. If we can come out with the big stop at the end of the game, I think everybody feels okay. We donít feel okay defensively because weíve got to get some things squared away. But look, weíre beyond it now. You have to, youíve got to let it go. You canít be looking in the rearview mirror, you go backwards. Thatís where weíre at. I do understand, itís the first time youíve had the chance to take some shots at me and find out what happened, I get it.

Q: Do you anticipate that youíll get JPP back this week?

A: Hope so. Nothingís been decided, thatís above my pay level. But optimistic and hopeful.

Q: How does he look?

A: He looks pretty good. I just got done watching the tape in there and I remember one play, when the ball is snapped, heís off the ball pretty good. His takeoff looks real good, too.

Q: That was todayís practice?

A: Yeah.

Q: Did you say there was only one play?

A: No, thereís one that sticks out, yeah. He practiced more than one. That one just stuck out. So when you asked that, ďHowís he doing,Ē that looks impressive. But look, heís got a long way to go, itís hard to take that much time off and be at the level that you think he can play. But weíre optimistic.

Q: If he does come back, is it a situational thing?

A: I donít know that yet. Look, itís with Ronnie and Coach Coughlin in deciding whether heís going to be there or not. As it gets closer to that, I think we may have to do that. Look, every player wants to play all the time but sometimes you have to protect players from themselves because itís hard to go from not playing very much football at all and playing a high volume of numbers. So weíll try to be smart with it.

Q: Youíd never worked with him before.

A: Have not.

Q: What have you learned in the last week?

A: I could see from afar that he was an exceptional athlete and a good football player. And again, itís only been a couple of days. We went over today and we were talking through some things, the look in his eye, I could tell heís ready to go, why would he not be? Heís been away from something he loves and heís getting to play it again. So heís anxious, I think weíre all anxious. Hopefully if we can get him to the point where everybody feels comfortable, weíll get him out there on Sunday.

Q: What do you recall about him as a player playing on the other side?

A: Iím trying to remember, I think one time I was in St. Louis we came here and played one game, so I saw him as an opponent. Other than that, it would be on crossover film. And you always see the wow plays because thatís what they show on ESPN. So Iím just like you guys, I saw the same ones. Look, heís got some real good skills, heís a talented football player, and I respect that part of it. Hoping we get the most out of him.

Q: How much does maybe his limitations and your needs make it more viable as a pass rushing option early?

A: I guess you combine them all. But again, itís hard. He hasnít had a preseason game, hasnít had any live action. Weíve got to find out where weíre at. To think heís just going to go out there and be the JPP that everybody hopes and wants, I donít know if thatís fair, but weíll see.

Q: Even if that canít be expected, is there something he can give you in a situation where youíre really struggling to get pressure on quarterbacks?

A: I hope so. Yeah, I hope so. Weíre hopeful. Weíre not going to know. Heís a good football player and hopefully he can go out there and give us some needed pass rush. But Iím not going to put that kind of pressure on him. When I say that, Iím not going to publicly put that kind of pressure on him. I think heís going to put it on himself, heís a prideful guy. But letís get him to the point where we can get him active and ready to go.

Q: Do you have to talk to him about that?

A: Slowing him down?

Q: People are going to expect him to be the savior.

A: I think thatís a lot to ask. Look it, defensive football is a team game, itís 11 guys, itís not one guy. I wouldnít put that on a guy.

Q: Could he open things up for other guys? Youíve had some near misses.

A: Yeah, you would hope. You would think if gets to where heís been before. I would ask all the offensive coaches around the league, I think theyíd say theyíd have to account for him. Weíll find out.

Q: If this were another sport, you would probably send him on a rehab assignment, go play some minor league games, that doesnít happen here. Is it fair to think that first couple series-- if and when he gets out there, whether itís this week, next week-- that you guys donít know what to expect if a run comes his side?

A: Thereís going to be an adjustment period. We donít do any live football. A baseball player gets to hit off a pitcher, like youíre saying, we donít get that. Hey, maybe we have to live with some growing pains, so to speak, in hopes that when itís all said and done, it makes a big difference.

Q: What have you observed about how his teammates have accepted him?

A: They look like they just picked up where they left off. Guys are guys, itís amazing when you go in the locker room, guys havenít been around, it just feels like heís been here forever. Now look, I havenít been here so I donít know, but everything looks normal to me.

Q: I mean on the practice field.

A: Yeah, kind of looks the same. Heís a good looking football player, I know that, with that jersey on.

Q: You mentioned earlier about getting a key stop late in the game, thatís been something in three of the four losses that you havenít been able to do. How do you instill that in these guys?

A: Well, instillÖthe guys know what weíre up against at the end of the game. We did put it away two weeks ago, I donít want to forget about that and thereís been some other ones when weíve done it. But there have been times during the season where we want that on us and we havenít come through a couple of times. Weíll keep working at it. What youíre all steering towards is can a guy like JPP help in that situation, and we would hope that he would.

Q: Does he give you a psychological boost or an emotional boost for this defense?

A: I guess, yeah. Any of these guys that are hurt right now, if we get them back, I think is going to help us. Itís tough in this league and you get guys hurt, other people have to step up. Anytime you can get somebody back, and thatís how we look at it, heís been part of the team and he wasnít here. Hopefully heíll give us a boost.

Q: Did you ask to see his hand or did he just show it to you?

A: No, I just saw it. Thatís a tough deal but heís doing a great job with it now. You guys have talked to him, I think heís got the right outlook on it.

Q: He had a markedly different piece of equipment on his hand today. It was taped different, the three fingers were together almost like a mitten.

A: Today, it was just all wrapped up, I think, right?

Q: Is that what you anticipate?

A: I donít know that, I donít know that. Iím sure heís working with Ronnie. I donít know the answer to that.

Q: How much do you almost have to view him as a player that has to go out there with a club?

A: I donít know that. He kind of looks like that in practice, whatís heís wearing, but Iím not sure if heís planning on wearing that. I honestly donít know that, I donít know the answer to that question. But guys have played with that kind of equipment on before.

Q: Is concern about Jon Beason increasing because itís two weeks in a row now?

A: You always want your quarterback out there. Itís been hard on him, itís been hard on us. Weíll just wait and see, you canít push something like that. I know theyíre being cautious with it.

Q: How about the other teamís quarterback.

A: Weíre going to talk about the Buccaneers. I think heís doing this, just coming on. You can see their team is doing that, their offense is doing that. Theyíre getting the run game going and that certainly helps any quarterback. Heís a pretty talented guy and big, tough to bring down, tough to tackle. I think our guys need to realize that. I think youíve got to stop the run first, canít focus on him without focusing on number 22 (Doug Martin) first, heís really good. Like I said before, heís a legit running back in this league. If we can do that and hopefully get a little pass rush, I think weíre all talking.

Q: With such an inexperienced guy, will it be easier to fool him on some things?

A: Youíd like to get the inexperience on the first game of the season. But heís got some games under his belt. Theyíre feeling their way and finding out what he can and canít do, and I think theyíre starting to figure it out right now, so pretty good challenge.
These reporters are jerks  
AP in Halfmoon : 11/5/2015 5:12 pm : link
Q: Did you say there was only one play?
I wish someone had asked a simple question  
EVERY4YEARS : 11/5/2015 6:05 pm : link
Why didn't you bring the house on Brees?

It would not have been any worse than sitting back and being picked apart would it?
I guess he didnt  
5BowlsSoon : 11/5/2015 7:16 pm : link
Want to take any questions about the Saints game. Can't say I blame him.
Very poor effort  
RetroJint : 11/5/2015 7:40 pm : link
by the writers. By Thurs talk of the previous game is stale. I wouldn't be surprised if Coughlin excused the coordinators. As for the game, they leaked even before the flea flicker. The first series "stop" was really nothing more than an overthrow that Brees can usually complete by muscle memory alone. Spagnuolo also was weak when he said during this presser that it was the first chance they (the media) had to go after him. No, they had been unduly deferential to him after the fourth quarter folds earlier in the season, one of which he survived. Last season they unmercifully piled on Fewell with the miscommunication and complexity themes.

As far as this game, the Bucs have been staying on schedule with Martin, making it easier for the rookie Q. I think he needs to keep Collins up near the LOS on first down. If JPP plays, then on passing downs, he can have Ayers work inside with Moore also playing DE with Pierre Paul.

I would also like Kennard used as the fifth rusher, like Fewell did last season, instead of covering RBs and TEs. He is good at coverage-no question. Guy is a good player. But he could Bogart some of these blocks that are completely neutralizing guys like Selvie and Wynn.

People like BB56 don't think the pressure is on this staff? Listen to Coughlin and Spagnuolo this week. Folks they are feeling it.
his recap  
PaulBlakeTSU : 11/5/2015 7:41 pm : link
of the Saints game is delusional.
He des not sound like the old Spags  
EVERY4YEARS : 11/6/2015 8:52 am : link
Maybe you cannot go home again

I hope he unleashes the dogs soon because trying to cover in this league with the 5 yd no touch rule has become impossible

We don't need another Perry Fewell impersonator
again, 4years with the dogs  
exiled : 11/6/2015 10:41 am : link
You keep bringing up the dogs that need letting out. What dogs? Where have you been seeing these dogs?

No one likes a hard-nosed D more than me, but he has nothing to work with that line.
Its an old time reference to LBer Blitzs- Blitzing period  
EVERY4YEARS : 11/6/2015 7:21 pm : link
Blitzing used to be referred to as Red Dogging

I'm sure even you could equate what releasing the dogs means

In the hunt, hunters release the dogs to get the prey

Lawrence Taylor "We are going to go after them, like a pack of crazed dogs"

get it......maybe not

Im posting this to Steve Spagnuolo who seems to have forgotten how  
EVERY4YEARS : 11/7/2015 7:58 am : link
How blitzing works-

On passing plays, the offense always has at least five people blocking. From the quarterback's left to his or her right, they are: left tackle, left guard, center, right guard, right tackle. The Quarterback will throw the pass, and is not an available blocker. Any other player is available to potentially block, or to be a target for a pass. This is designed as part of the play. Offensive plays have varying levels of protection depending on the play design, and then are modified by the Quarterback and Center based on what they see the defense doing. In this way, they react to the way the defense sets up.

The Defense can bring all 11 players to blitz the Quarterback. This would leave no one to follow and try to stop a target of a pass. So the defense chooses to bring a certain number of players to try and sack the Quarterback, and leaves the rest to protect against a pass. Bringing 4 players or less is not considered a Blitz. It is only considered a Blitz when the defense rushes more than 4 players.

By nature, blitzes are risky endeavors for the defense. Since the defense is taking away coverage defenders to rush the quarterback, this usually means that the secondary can't afford to miss any coverage assignments. The defense does not and cannot cover all offensive players, but rather through the blitz, is proactively involved in pressuring the quarterbackóspecifically, trying to sack him, throw off his timing, or force him to make an error such as an interception or fumble.

The most common blitzes are linebacker blitzes. Safety blitzes, in which a safety (usually the strong safety) is sent, and corner blitzes, where a cornerback is sent, are less common. Sending a defensive back on a blitz is even riskier than a linebacker blitz, as it removes a primary pass defender from the coverage scheme. The pressure, however, is very severe because a blitz by a defensive back is usually not anticipated by the offensive teamís blockers.

That 3rd paragraph must have been written by Perry Fewell BTW

Do we still have Rod Rust under contract as a defensive consultant? as all our DC changes seem to result in a very passive approach to the game

We had this other Spagnuolo back in 2007 Boy he really knew how to bring the heat

I don't recognize this new Steve
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