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Thursday Transcript: Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/5/2015 5:10 pm
Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo

November 5, 2015

Q: What do you take out of the game when you end up scoring 49 points and your quarterback puts up those numbers but you lose?

A: At the end of the day, when you look back at the game, we felt we took advantage of some opportunities to put points on the board, we had some good drives, executed fairly well. We had a drive in the second half, we were down to the 21-yard line and we ended up getting a play or two called back there and took us out of scoring range, so we had an opportunity to put some more points on the board there and at the end of the game, we had a possibility for three completions to go down and win the game and thatís what weíre working on, getting it fixed.

Q: When youíre in a spot there at the end and you have three plays, the ball doesnít go to Odell on any of the three plays. Is that something youíre okay with because other guys were open or would you like to get the ball to him, regardless, in that sense?

A: The way it went down is the quarterback made three good decisions, we had a chance for three completions and we didnít convert.

Q: Is that the best youíve seen Eli play?

A: Yeah, he had a good afternoon. Threw the ball well, executed at a high level. I still think he can grow and get better.

Q: Have you been pleased with the way Harris has come along and come on to be that third option for you guys?

A: Dwayne made some nice plays in the game, had an opportunity at the end there to come through with what wouldíve been a nice catch for him. He made some plays in the green zone, he hung in there, played fast, played aggressive, heís physical, heís a tough young man, and heís improving each and every week as a receiver.

Q: Will you be at all limited with your inexperienced tight ends?

A: No. No limitations.

Q: What have you seen from Will Tye that you like?

A: The game is not too big for him. He seems to play with a calm mind, has someóplays at a good play speed, soft hands, and when thereís a lot of moving and shaking going on out there, it doesnít seem to disrupt him much.

Q: How about Jerome Cunningham? What kind of skills does he bring to your offense?

A: Jerome is a fast-playing, young guy learning the game. Itíll be good to have his speed and athleticism out there on the field.

Q: What are the biggest challenges Tampaís defense presents?

A: Tampaís defense, they are aóplaying against them a bunch in the past and seeing this defense on film for the first time this week, they are well-coordinated, they play with a lot of speed and a lot of energy. They play with a lot of different bodies so they can keep that speed and energy up. They do a nice job of tackling the football, they try to get the ball out. Theyíll kind of try to wrap you up with one hand and punch and strip with the other. Turnovers are big for them, they like to be well-coordinated and be on the same page with the variety of coverages they run. They spend a lot of time studying the concepts from a past game perspective and they like to penetrate up front. It will be a good challenge for us.

Q: Even though you havenít played Tampa a lot, is this a typical Lovie Smith defense?

A: Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. They play hard, theyíre well-coordinated, they count on penetration up front, and they put a lot of time and energy into studying what you do and letting their instincts take over on the back end.

Q: Is Gerald McCoy the guy you sort of have to keep an eye on at all times?

A: Heís a very talented player. Absolutely.

Q: Do you have to talk to your players about, after a game like last weekís, not pointing fingers at the defense?

A: No, not at all. I think our group of guys, this locker room is a pretty good locker room. Lot of high character in there and Iíve said that before and I think this week shows it.

Q: Do you not do it because itís not needed or do you not do it because maybe Tom does that?

A: I donít think itís needed. No, I donít think itís needed. I think we have a lot of leadership in there, we have a lot of high character in there, and guys seem to rally around each other in tough times.

Q: What have you seen from Will Beatty so far? Youíre getting close to decision time with what to do with him?

A: Yeah, heís getting a lot of work in, really on both sides, whether itís our offense or the look team and making some progress there, making some progress in individuals. Good to see him out there moving around a little bit and weíll see what happens this week.

Q: Are you still learning what he can do with maybe the limitations that he has coming back?

A: No, no. Iím comfortable with what he can do.

Q: How do you look at Shane Vereen? Do you look at him as having the possibility to help you maybe a little more than he has?

A: Vereen, as far as his role?

Q: Yeah, and his production and his ability to be sort of the quarterbackís best friend, which was his reputation coming here.

A: I think each week things shake out a little differently based on the plan and based on the opponent and what circumstances you play under. But heís definitely a guy that shows that he can be a complete back, you can hand it to him, you can throw it to him, and he does a nice job of protection for us. If he continues to do those things, we will find something for him to do each week.

Q: What was the difference with Odell this past weekend in New Orleans and how much was it maybe him just being healthier?

A: I think he was dialed in last week. He dialed in, practiced well, he and Eli by the end of the week were really connecting at a high level in practice. It correlated to the game.

Q: Do you reinforce that to him after? Heís still a young player so do you reinforce to him that thatís what can happen?

A: Heís out there this week. Itís hard to practice when youíre not 100 percent healthy. I mean you have to be smart about what youíre doing there and at the same point and time, he got what he could get out of last week, put a lot of effort into it, and we happened to connect in the game that way. This week is a new week. Heís healthy, heís out there practicing, had a good day today, and a good day today has to turn into a good day tomorrow and we have to keep connecting and keep making progress.

Q: Obviously Orleans Darkwa got hurt, but Rashad Jennings had most of the carries after that early stretch. Was that the plan that you were going to ride a hot hand at some point?

A: What happened in the first half we didnít run the ball as well as we wouldíve liked to. So the second half, the third quarter, we started getting things going and it just so happened that it was Rashadís series and then we had a guy nicked and we took off and ran with it. Then the fourth quarter we didnít have a ton of opportunities to run the ball. Again, defense did a great job coming up with the score there, so weíll take that any time we can get it. We will ride the hot hand and we will do our best to get everyone touches if thatís the case.

Q: So that is the plan then as the game progresses to find one guy and stick with him?

A: Possibly.

Q: How does Jason Pierre-Paul look to you? Iím sure you kept half an eye on him a little bit?

A: Heís jumping off the ball, he shows up out there. Itís nice to have him.
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