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Thursday Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/5/2015 5:12 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

November 5, 2015

Re: last punt at New Orleans

A: Tackling, tackling is the number one thingÖguys getting off blocks. When youíre in that situation, youíre going to roll up and come with a block, which they did against Atlanta, or theyíre going to double bison, so itís eight on six, and so we have to get down there with the core and make tackles. We missed two, but we had poor releases, so itís disappointing. We had two or three guys that could have pushed it further down the field.

Q: Youíve been pretty good at that this year.

A: Yeah.

Q: Something you wanted to improve, though, in general about that punt?

A: Yeah, I mean the punt was good, and two guys that you trust to make tackles just didnít, but then the second wave behind them was too far, so thatís what it was. Then you have the facemask penalty, which just makes it worst, which defending Brad [Wing], he couldnít see because he was getting pushed back, you know that stiff arm in the helmet.

Q: Thatís obviously instinctive in that moment. The fumble happens and itís tackle the guy who picks it up.

A: Yeah.

Q: Is it ever taught the idea that they canít advance the fumble so donít even bother, let them run?

A: No.

Q: Because you donít want to take away the instinct, right?

A: Yeah, yeah, thatís, instinctively youíre going to go.

Q: On that punt, was it meant to go to the sideline? The Desean Jackson play, the ball was supposed to go out of bounds, was the one last week?

A: No, we always try and put the ball out by the numbers. If you can get it outside the numbers, great and that was a good punt there. It wasnít a mishit punt, it was a good punt, so it just comes down to covering it.

Q: What comes into the decision for you guys in a spot like that, whether you want to punt it out of bounds, whether you want to keep it at the numbers?

A: You donít want to hit it short out of bounds and give them the ball with time to complete a pass, then kick a field goal. They still had some time and timeouts, so you have to try and put them as far down. They got what, 10, 12, however many seconds left because thereís going to be another offensive play.

Q: How short were you on personnel on that play? I know Dwayne [Harris] wasnít in the game, Orleans [Darkwa] got hurt earlier in the game, were you shuffling a lot of people in and out or was it just those two?

A: Those two and we had a couple guys playing different positions, but thatís no [excuse], they played earlier in the game there. We work two groups and theyíre ready to go.

Q: Josh [Brown], you had talked about the kickoffs, you have to be a little happier.

A: Yeah, six out of the seven deep kicks were touchbacks, and that was good.

Q: Anything different? I mean was there anything you guys worked on specifically?

A: I think itís tempo. We talked a lot about tempo and he was there. Itís nice to be able to need to work on something and go play inside. You take away wind, and you take away other things, and you can just work on your stroke. He did a good job with that.

Q: Whatís the percentage you shoot for on touchbacks?

A: For touchbacks? You know itís usually higher earlier and then comes down later. Usually weíre a little bit higher, weíve had to cover more kickoffs earlier than we did last year. He hasnít been striking it as good, but usually 50-60 percent early and dwindles down. I think we were in the 50ís last year.

Q: What have you liked about what Brad Wing has done since heís gotten here?

A: Heís a talented punter. He had two really good punts early with hang, distance, and location. He started off really well with the plus 10ís but weíve had three touchbacks. Itís like heís getting a little too aggressive in that area. Iíd rather have him kick to the eight or the 10 [yard-line] with a fair catch than bounce it at the three and if you can make the fantastic play, keep it out, but last week we didnít. You give up field position that way.

Q: He did have that beautiful punt.

A: A couple of them, yeah.

Q: He is capable of that sort of thing. Is that what you saw in him?

A: Yeah, I mean heís talented. He was that way in college.

Q: He has a way with the ball that itís able to move inward because of that end over end. Does that make it difficult to return kicks?

A: Being left-footed is a different spin than being right-footed. In our division, itís all leftyís so thatís one thing. He does have an Aussie punt, heís got like a boomerang punt that kind of moves differently, but again, theyíre all based on how far you can kickÖthat type of thing.
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