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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/12/2015 4:46 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr

November 12, 2015

Q: What do you see when you look at the Patriots secondary?

A: I mean just overall, the whole team, the way that they run the system, the way they do things, theyíre obviously good and theyíre good for a reason. Theyíre very aggressive on defense. They make plays all around, they work together. So itíll definitely be a tough matchup for us as an offense.

Q: Whatís so different about what they do?

A: Theyíre going to play a lot of man and high funnel and things like that. Watching the Jets games and watching how they played Brandon Marshall and Decker, itís almost like a double team between those two guys or whatever theyíll do. Theyíll have the safety funnel and their corners are going to man up. You donít know whoís going to be on you, but Iím definitely looking forward to playing the Patriots, for sure.

Q: Shane Vereen was telling us that when you look at a Belichick defense it seems like every week itís something different and you really canít concentrate on one thing. Do you see that?

A: I definitely think you can say that to an extent. Theyíre going to stick to what they know and theyíre going to do what they usually do, but there may be little nicks and things like that that they put in. You can watch film and you can get an idea, but you never know exactly what you have until Sunday.

Q: Do you have to guard against maybe not trying to get into a shootout with them because theyíve been putting up points every week?

A: I think we (run) our race. We donít try to go at anybodyís elseís pace but at the end of the day, if theyíre putting up points every time they get on the field, the offense is going to have to do the same. Donít fully expect that to happen, but this is a great team weíre going against. Should be a fun matchup.

Q: Itís commonly thought that Belichick defensively will do everything he can to take the best player out of the game from the other team. Do you sense that from looking at the film and do you expect them to do that to you?

A: I donít know what theyíre going to do, to be honest. All you can do is, like I said, we go off of the film and what they do. You can see kind of what they did to Marshall and the other receivers as far as the doubling goes. Youíve seen them line up two guys over one guy as if youíre about to run down on a punt. So you honestly donít know until you get out there on Sunday and you could fully see it firsthand.

Q: When you look at your numbers this year, thereís no big one-handed catches or anything this year but youíre sixth in the league in number of receptions and on pace for a 1,200-yard year. Does it surprise you when you see that?

A: As far as the numbers go? Itís kind of one of those things that itíll just build up and build up. Canít really look too much into it. Iíll tell you it feels way better to just win. Weíre close to winning as many games this year as we did last year. So weíve made improvement on that end and just keep continuing to improve.

Q: There was a play last week, I think on that interception, where you looked like you were really miffed. Was it the guy beat you to the spot or what was going on?

A: I just donít like turning the ball over, thatís all it is.

Q: I know youíre friendly with or you were in the same draft class as a guy like Mike Evans. He took it pretty hard after the game. Did you speak to him and did you say anything to him? He basically said, ďThat game is on me and itís my fault.Ē

A: Heís their playmaker over there and heís one of those guys. He had a phenomenal game. And I think the only thing we talked about after the game was just talking about catching the ball in the rain. He was just like, ďI donít know how you do it with gloves on.Ē I tried to tell him you kind of have to take them off. I mean the gloves are made of rubber and as soon as that gets wet, even when youíre down in the south, I remember going through camps and being halfway through practices muggy, sweaty, and youíre running through your gloves, you canít get a grip on them. Theyíre not going to do you any good as far as trying to catch a football, so just taking them off and using your hands a little bit. But you can never say the game is on one player.

Q: Did you always do that, even in LSU? Whenever any sort of rain, you always went bare hands?

A: There was a game I think I tried to use some all-weather gloves or all-condition gloves or whatever it may be. You donít have the same feeling as bare hands as far as feeling the ball. The gloves are really there to protect from the ball. Theyíre throwing it hard, the laces come and they cut your hands up, they hit your handsóthatís really what they are there for. In the rain, you just take them off and you got to go with it.

Q: Are you all football all the time? I would think after the game youíre just going to shoot the breeze and after the game youíre talking football.

A: Always. Itís hard right now for it to leave my mind, something I care so much for. Iíll leave the game and no matter what, thereís always something that Iím like I could have did better, always. Any game, thereís always something Iím looking for to see what I did wrong or what I didnít do well enough. So itís kind of hard for my mind to leave anything but football right now.

Re: the Patriots

A: On one end, you respect everything theyíve done and what they do year in and year out as far as being one of the top teams in the league and they get the job done and they win championships, the way they conduct themselves. But on the other end, theyíve beaten all the teams I like. I remember seeing Vinatieri kick a million field goals, I forgot who the kicker was back then, it was Vinatieri, it was all kinds of guys. Brady beating the Rams, everybody, itís just been one of those teams like you hate them because nobody was really beating them. And you love them because theyíre always, no matter what they go through, even after what theyíve gone through this year, to see how theyíve come out and they play football, itís something about it I admire. But like I said, itís still one of my least favorite-favorite teams of all time.

Q: So when Belichick talks about your toughness, what does that mean to you?

A: Itís a complement for sure. A guy who, a Hall of Fame coach, heís a great coach. So that is a big complement from him.

Q: You surprised that thatís sort of what he picked up on? You do a lot of things and thatís part of what impressed him the most.

A: Everybody has their own opinion. I canít really take anything but what he says as what he says.

Q: Thatís something that someone who looks beyond the headlines would notice. He didnít notice that youíre making catches and running around. Itís a little deeper.

A: With that being said, it kind of makes me wonder how much has he really watched or things like that. For someone to pick me and put that characteristic as the thing they notice most means that theyíre probably watching a lot of film.

Q: Which Iím sure he does.

A: Yeah Iím sure he does.

Q: Youíre a historian of sorts in this game, youíve paid attention to a lot of things. You understand the history behind it, what these two teams have represented. Does it mean something to you to know youíre going up against one of the greatest defensive minds in the league and he might be looking to take you out of the game?

A: Thereís no better way I could ever really picture this. Going into the league, you get to do all these things and this is one of those ones thatís at the top of the list is playing against the Patriots and Belichick and Brady and everything that they have there. Itís definitely exciting.

Q: You see the pictures everywhere here.

A: For sure, theyíre everywhere.

Q: Every hall you pass you see them.

A: Theyíre everywhere, for sure. So I obviously know the history behind it and I see how itís treated. So itís definitely a big game.

Q: Now you have to get your pictures up there.

A: Yeah absolutely. I feel you on that.
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