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Post-Game Press Conference: DE Jason Pierre Paul

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/15/2015 9:24 pm
DE Jason Pierre Paul

Postgame vs. New England, November 15, 2015

A: Every day Iím getting better or whatever. Still got some things to take care of.

Q: Obviously a championship team you saw, you guys fought until the end with an undefeated team, defending champion. Do you feel like you guys made a statement to the rest of the league that the

Giants are an elite team?

A: Weíve got a lot of work to do. Yeah, weíre a championship team but that was back then. This is a whole new team, whole new faces. Weíve got a lot of work to do.

Q: How frustrating is a loss like this?

A: Anytime you lose, itís frustrating. We had it right there until the end. Tom Brady is a good quarterback, you know? We were expecting him to do that, but we expected to stop the ball and get off the field. But heís a good quarterback, what can I say?

Q: As a leader on this team, the NFC East is a little bit down, you canít let this game get you guys down going forward.

A: Weíve got to move forward. Itís a terrible loss. We wanted to win so badly, but they executed better than us today. But weíve got to move on. Weíve got a bye week and guys are leaving or whatever, so weíve got to come back and get on the roll again.

Q: What was it that you didnít like about the glove?

A: I just felt like going with the club.

Q: Is this kind of strange timing for you now with the bye? Everyone has just played 10 games.

A: Yeah, Iím just getting warmed up. Iím just getting warmed up, man. Stuff happens. It is what it is, but Iím just getting warmed up and next game will be better.

Q: Are you going to go home?

A: No, Iím staying up here. Iíd rather stay up here and keep my mind focused and get ready for the next team.

Q: In another year, you would have gone home?

A: No, not necessarily. Last year, I didnít go home, I stayed up here. It doesnít make a difference. Iím just going to get some studying in on the next team and prepare myself to get better.

Q: What can you do during this bye week?

A: Watch film, first watch this film and see what I did wrong and what can I correct. Then start studying the next team. The next team is our next opponent.

Q: What about physically?

A: Physically, Iím good. Physically, I think Iím in good shape. I donít know, Iím tired man.

Q: This was the first time youíd lost to Brady, right?

A: Yeah, itís the first time I lost to Brady. I didnít even think about that, itís the first time.

Q: Not a good feeling?

A: You win some, you lose some. At the end of the day, Iím just happy to be out there having fun.

Q: Youíve seen progress?

A: Yeah, weíve got progress. That was one of the top teams.

Q: I mean personally.

A: Yeah, Iím getting better every game. Every game Iím getting better.
This is a completely different team with JPP  
trueblueinpw : 11/15/2015 9:25 pm : link
No doubt about it. He's a difference maker and I'm glad this kid is back.
How many of us were hoping against hope  
KeoweeFan : 11/15/2015 9:44 pm : link
for a late season surge to duplicate the 2011 run?
JPP's return has kicked up the team's spirit (and pass rush) up a notch. If Cruz returns, and Randle continues to mature, the NYG should be able to make a respectable run to the trophy.
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