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Monday Media Transcript: Quarterback Coach Mike Sullivan

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/16/2015 5:01 pm
QB Coach Mike Sullivan

November 16, 2015

Q: Youíve now had a chance to see Eli again for half a season, heís having one of his best statistical years. Do you see a difference in him now than the Eli you saw before?

A: You know, I think heís very comfortable in the system. Itís his second year in it and with the receivers and with the scheme and so forth, heís healthy and heís still the same tireless worker, the same guy that prepares thoroughly and meticulously and very, very competitive. I think itís just a combination of all of his hard work paying off and being able to be very comfortable and kind of anticipating things a little bit faster and an awareness of what to expect from the defense and what to expect from everyone on the offense. I think heís very, very comfortable.

Q: Heís obviously got different pieces around him and with Victor Cruz gone, heís got different receivers. Do you see signs of him making those guys better players?

A: I think heís very focused on trying to improve everyone around him. And heís an excellent communicator even back from when I was a receivers coach in the different system, he was very active in giving feedback to the receivers and to the backs and tight ends about specific things heís looking for and things to trigger the release of the football and things to anticipate. Heís an excellent communicator and he gives them some excellent feedback, it helps them to improve. And of course, they know heís the guy whoís getting them the ball, so it probably behooves them to listen, so that works out well.

Q: When you were a receivers coach, was Victor here yet?

A: Victor came in the year that I became quarterbacks coach. Victor was 2010.

Q: You didnít have a chance to work directly?

A: Yeah obviously closely from when I was the quarterbacks coach. I remember that first game in Metlife there, number three, against the Jets. So very sad for him. I heard the news and wish him the very, very best and keeping him in the prayers. Heís definitely a guy thatís going to work his tail off and try to get better. Hopefully things will turn out well for him.

Q: How do you improve in the red zone?

A: Thatís a great, great question. Weíre going to spend a lot of time this week as coaches now that the players kind of go their separate ways for the week and really take a hard look at whatís gone well, what hasnít gone well, and most importantly, the why. Why hasnít it gone well? Is it a matter of scheme that we just donít have the right ideas and getting out-schemed by the opponents? Or is it the other extreme where weíve got some pretty good ideas and putting guys in positions but maybe, whether itís the turnovers, whether itís the penalties, whether itís some poor decision making, or execution, whatever the case may be. But the bottom line is weíve got to take a look at that and certainly those areas where Eli feels most comfortable and where heís had the most number of practice reps and he can anticipate things and react and adjust. Because he adjusts so much in this offense, thatís really where weíre going to need to focus our efforts for the rest of the season.

Q: It looked like you were close on a couple late in the game, too.

A: Yes. Yeah, real close calls there unfortunately didnít go our way. But thereís no doubt thatís an area of emphasis we need to get better at and play a big part in that.
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