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Monday Media Transcript: Cornerbacks Coach Tim Walton

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/16/2015 6:18 pm
Secondary/Cornerbacks Coach Tim Walton

November 16, 2015

Q: Has DRC exceeded or met your expectations?

A: I always try to hold him to a higher standard to anything heís done so far. I think he has elite ability, you know what I mean? Weíve just got to get that every day and week in and week out. So I push him, even times when heíll have a solid game, I think he has the ability to do more, to give us more. I always try to push that and heís doing a solid job for us so far. Iím just trying to keep pushing because his limit is high. Just trying to make sure every game we work hard to try to get that out of him.

Q: He was never known as a very physical player. It seems like youíve been able to get a little more out of him in that regard, is that something you stressed to him?

A: We talk about being complete football players. Nowadays, youíre going to have to tackle. Even in the pass game, when they throw bubble screens, the quick game out there, thatís part of teamsí run games now, so youíve got to be able to come up and make tackles and do things like that and get them on the ground. I think heís taken a step forward with that, heís making an effort to tackle and try to get guys on the ground. Like I said, every day we try to push that because he has the size and strength to be good at all that stuff. So weíve just got to keep pushing him.

Q: The flip side is he seems to be coming off a play or two here or there every game. Does that just sort of come with the territory when you have to play more physical on the edges?

A: Well, thereís different reasons for stuff, sometime he gets nicked up a little bit.

Q: He got poked in the eye?

A: Little stuff that happens that he has to take a play here or there. Just try to push through it and he comes back in and does a good job with it. Those little things happen, he may miss a play here or there with a little nag here or there.

Q: How has Trumaine McBride done? Heís been in and out of the lineup and in different roles? Has he handled that well?

A: Heís handled it well. Like I said, heís been around for a long time. We play him sometimes inside at nickel, and played outside. You go through a stretch in the year he got dinged up a little bit with his body and couldnít move around as much because he was hurting a little bit, trying to get him back going. Heís a smart guy, so try to use him in a lot of utility places.

Q: Just getting Prince back, how does that sort of solidify the group?

A: That helps us a lot. It just gives us some numbers and gives us some depth and thatís what we need going forward. It gives us an extra DB out there so when we see these teams that love to spread us out and theyíre in 11 personnel or they like to use it almost as a fourth wide out with some of these tight ends. Now it just gives us an extra body to be in better position to cover for when weíre spaced out.

Q: It almost looked like you were pleading with DRC to stay on the field on the last drive.

A: He was hurting and he gutted it out. He gutted it out and stayed. He was hurting at the end but thatís what it takes. Heís got to be in there for crunch time to try to pull the game out.

Q: I know you werenít here last year but Jayron Hosley was not in a good way when this year began. What have you seen from him?

A: Heís trying to just take some accountability of being consistent and heís improved some. Like I tell him, really in the game, he had a good game with the exception of one play. You canít take that play away because thatís part of your complete body of work. But heís having growth, heís matured a little bit. And like I said, he had two nice pass breakups in the game, he had some nice tackles, and he did a good job of covering outside. Some of the stuff that doesnít show up in the stat book but he had guys covered well outside. You need to make the play on the one deep ball, get his head around and get his hands on the ball. Should have been an interception; worst case scenario, it should have been a pass breakup. He would have had a solid football game with that.

Q: It looked like he had his head turned around though?

A: Yeah but heís got to find the flight of the ball, got to adjust to the flight of the ball. Itís like he lost his hands in trying to find the flight of it, but youíve got to make that play on it.

Q: At that position, you canít have one bad play right?

A: Yeah because if Trumaine doesnít come in a couple plays later and make a great stop, itís a game changing type play. Theyíre down in the red zone and Trumaine made a great play to keep points off the board, but theyíre in a position now to score or at minimum get a field goal on not finding the flight of the football. So you canít take those plays away, youíve got to make those plays. Thatís the nature of playing outside, theyíre going to throw the ball down the field. Weíve got to make those plays.

Q: They had tried to use Hosley in the slot here a little bit. Do you think moving outside permanently is a better fit for him?

A: That helps him a little bit, outside. He gets to lock in a little bit more and play to his strengths out there. He does a good job in man coverage and things like that. We have to just keep making progress with him, but heís definitely taken steps forward from where he was.

Q: Trumaine has made a couple plays this year that, had you guys ended up winning the game, heíd be up for awards. Is it as simple as heís in the right place at the right time or do you sense something about him?

A: Heís a football player, he has some football savvy about him. He has some football instincts and he understands the game. He plays obviously inside in nickel for us and he plays some dime, he plays outside at corner. And like I said, he prepares well and when the opportunities come, heís been able to capitalize on them.

Q: There arenít many guys who are driving on a route like that and picking Brady on the goal line.

A: It was a nice play. Like you said, he did a great job of driving on it and finishing the catch. It was a good instinctive play by him. He has that type of awareness and instincts that heís been able to do. Like I said, heís a football player, so he understands the game.

Q: He said he knew he had inside help there so he played the back shoulder. Formation recognition?

A: Yeah and knowing where your help is coming from, knowing what leverage you have to win. And thatís the stuff, heís been around long enough, he understands that. So he puts himself in the right position to give himself a chance to make plays.

Q: What has Trevin Wade showed you in his time on the field?

A: Heís a good, solid competitor. Heís a young guy that knows how to compete, has good awareness, has solid cover skills. Same way, he has a solid feel for the game. Heís done a good job the last couple weeks blitzing. He has some quarterback hits and things like that. Like I said, he has a good feel for it inside and just continue to try to get him to grow and continue to develop. Got to get better so that itís good enough to get Ws on the board.
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