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Monday Media Transcript: DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/23/2015 1:57 pm
DE Jason Pierre-Paul

November 23, 2015

Q: How much do you pay attention when you see Washington and Philly lose yesterday?

A: None. I didnít really watch any games yesterday. I did watch the Minnesota [Vikings] and Green Bay [Packers] game to watch my boyÖplay. Thatís the only game I watched. I didnít watch all the games or whatever. Coach Coughlin talked about it or whatever, but who cares, you know? Itís all about us right now.

Q:Ödivisional opponent coming up and knowing what happened yesterday and you could potentially get another half game on Thursday?

A: Weíre just going to go out there and play our best football. Coming off the bye week, we put last week past us, when we lost against the Patriots, and now weíre just studying for Washington. We know what kind of team we have here and weíre going to keep on fighting.

Q: What did you do during the off week?

A: I relaxed, man. I relaxed, took care of my body, a lot of rehabbing for me, but other than that, Iím ready to go. Iím fired up.

Q: What kind of rehab are we talking about?

A: Everyday rehab, being consistent with my hand, thatís basically it. Other than that, my entire body is fine.

Q: With the idea of building strength back?

A: Yeah, and building up strength, and getting better.

Q: When you started out the game, you had the glove on and then you switched.

A: Yeah, Iím more comfortable with the club. I feel better, I donít have to worry about anything, and it is what it is, so I just wear that.

Q: Was there a certain thing that happened on that first drive?

A: Not at all. I just was like, ďYou know what, Iím just going to go ahead and put it on and just play like Iíve been playing.Ē Thatís basically it.

Q: You didnít get a chance to play the Redskins the first time the Giants played them this year.

A: Nope I didnít. I was at home.

Q: Youíve seen them [Redskins], you know what Kirk Cousins is about, some thoughts about what you need to do against that Redskins offense?

A: I really have to go study the film. I know heís a good quarterback, both of the quarterbacks they had were good, but heís getting better and better. Each game heís making plays and getting better and better. I have to study them really hard, study my opponent, study the tackle in front of me. Trent Williams, heís a good tackle. I played against him for five years now and heís been dominant. He made me better as a player, so I have to study him, and thatís basically it from me.

Q: What have you seen from the two games youíve been back in the pass rush?

A: Weíre getting back there, man.

Q: Youíre feeling it?

A: Yeah, Iím feeling it. Weíre getting back there as a group, itís not just about me, and weíre getting back there as a whole group and thatís what counts. The sacks are going to come, but when you get back there as a whole group and disturb the quarterback, thatís a great feeling.

Q: You havenít been back here yet with Prince [Amukamara] on the field but you know what heís like.

A: Yeah, Prince is going to do his job. Heís not going to go out there if he knows he canít do it. I talked to him, and heís in good spirits, and heís going to go out and do what he can to help the team.

Q: How much can he add to the back end of this defense?

A: A lot. Heís a good player and I donít care what anyone says.

Q: Did you stay up here during the bye week?

A: I stayed up here the entire time. I didnít go home or nothing. I just stayed up here and relaxed. Like I said, I rehabbed and that was basically it for me.

Q: When you did your self-study of yourself, did you identify specific areas where youíveÖ?

A: Yeah, everything is new to me. Like you all can see, everything is new to me, still learning everyday, daily, the system, and how to use to my hand. The good thing about it is that I can still play football. I have to be consistent with things, but like I said, everything is just new. Iím just learning and as time goes on, Iím just getting better.

Q: Regarding calling the little kid that lost a finger.

A: People donít know what other people are going through. Iím just blessed, not saying this was fortunate to happen to me or whatever, but Iím a role model and it happened to me. A lot of kids are like, ďWhat is he going to do now?Ē Now, itís just continuing to do what I do. They got discouraged, but heís okay and heís in good spirits now.
I assume  
Andy in Boston : 11/23/2015 2:22 pm : link
"his boy" is Linval?
JPP doing better  
Randy in CT : 11/23/2015 2:33 pm : link
with the interviews.
Good for JPP...  
trueblueinpw : 11/23/2015 2:51 pm : link
Really happy to see him back on field. Love the positive attitude! Its like they say: "10% of life is what happens to you, 90% is what you do about it". Seems like JPP is working hard to overcome his accident and he's even found some time to help others.
I love the new JPP.  
BurlyMan : 11/23/2015 2:51 pm : link
Much respect.
As badly as he handled things prior  
giant24 : 11/23/2015 3:30 pm : link
to coming back to the team, he is doing just about everything right since. Anyone know that the "club" is made of?
I follow his instagram  
liteamorn : 11/24/2015 3:36 am : link
He is a different person, completely.
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