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Friday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/27/2015 3:31 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr

November 27, 2015

Q: Did you watch the games yesterday?

A: Yeah I did.

Q: Good day for the Giants?

A: Yeah, good day.

Q: When you see whatís going on in the rest of the division, do you see this as a big opportunity for you guys?

A: Absolutely, but you have to come out and take care of business. Canít overlook anybody ever even with the lead in the division. One game at a time.

Q: Youíve always spoken about how you break down your own game and what you want to improve on. These next six games, obviously for your team, but how important is it for you to see your game improve to another level?

A: Absolutely. Itís just that time of year where everybody needs to step it up, we all need to come to work and bring our A+ game every single day and it will translate on Sunday. Iím going to try and get better each and every day.

Q: You guys finished with a flourish last year, but as a team you werenít in contention. You were pretty vocal about the numbers were great but you wanted to be in contention and play in big games. Do you feel it? Do you feel different this year?

A: You can definitely feel it in the atmosphere, itís just buzzing around us. We all have a good feel about it and weíre all going to work for it. We know what we have at hand and we know we control our own destiny.

Q: Do you see this as a chance to kind of put the hammer down? If you win Sunday, you have a two-game lead in the division with only five games left.

A: Itís definitely a big game, but we donít really look at it as that. Youíve just got to come out and give it our best Sunday and hopefully come out with the W.

Q: When youíre watching the games, are you rooting?

A: Iím not really rooting, I love football, so I just love watching good football.

Q: Was there any part of you while youíre watching your rivals losing--?

A: Itís a good feeling.

Q: Washington has been a much better team at home than they have been on the road, clearly their record indicates that. Have you seen that on film?

A: Just come to play. I donít know what it is. Theyíre a good football team and itís going to be a tough challenge. We played them already and itís tough to beat a team twice in the same year so we have to get it done.

Q: What went right for you guys in that game in Week Three that made you feel good about this matchup?

A: I think itís just the vibe the team had. I felt as if everybody was on the same page and we were all clicking, things were just going our way. Hopefully we can get a little more of that energy and bring it a little bit more.

Q: You werenít around here when Hakeem Nicks was one of the stars in the room. Just curious of your impressions of seeing Hakeem this week on the practice field?

A: Iíve seen him and first time I met him, I had to put my hand up to his. I was like, ďYou know, weíve got to kill the awkwardness and see whatís going on.Ē Thatís kind of how we broke the ice and weíve been cool ever since heís been here. He knows whatís going on, he knows how to win. From what Iíve seen, heís been great and he always will be great.

Q: So what was the measurement?

A: Itís pretty much the same. His may be a little bigger, I donít know, I couldnít remember. We were kind of just like ďReal quick, alright.Ē

Q: When was this?

A: When I first met him, when he first got up here.

Q: So he didnít ask to borrow your gloves?

A: No, he canít fit in my gloves. He canít wear that.

Q: Itís been a couple days past a year since you made the big catch. Do you ever think about how much your life has changed since then?

A: Every day. Since it happened, itís crazy how much things have changed in 365 days. God is good.

Q: As much as youíve produced this season and in some games in particular, do you look at this six-game stretch and say that you can do more to help this team win?

A: Absolutely. I take a lot of pride in myself and what I want to do for the team, same as everybody else should. We all have pride in our jobs. Hopefully I can take it to another level and finish out the season strong.

Q: Whatís the biggest change? Your celebrity? You had confidence before but is that the biggest change?

A: Itís just everything. I donít really think my confidence changed. Itís not so simple to answer, itís just everything.
I like this  
Emil : 11/27/2015 4:12 pm : link
"Canít overlook anybody ever even with the lead in the division. One game at a time."

This is the right attitude

OBJ is due a big game.  
Ira : 11/27/2015 4:29 pm : link
I don't think the Skins have anyone who can cover him.
Lots of stupid questions here,  
CT Charlie : 11/27/2015 5:48 pm : link
and some thoughtful answers, all things considered.
RE: OBJ is due a big game.  
OBJ_AllDay : 11/27/2015 6:33 pm : link
In comment 12646686 Ira said:
I don't think the Skins have anyone who can cover him.

won't matter if the line doesn't hold up. We might be missing pugh and richburg. Add in beatty and that is 3 projected o line starters this year that will be out for the game.
The OL play  
Emil : 11/27/2015 7:16 pm : link
could very well be masked by 3 step drops and OBJ's ability to win at the LOS. He is a very bad match up for the skins.
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