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Monday Media Conference Call: CB Prince Amukamara

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/30/2015 2:42 pm
CB Prince Amukamara

Conference Call, November 30, 2015

Q: Can you talk a little bit about the way that Odell is playing and how difficult the matchup for him at cornerback is and him facing potentially Revis this week with the Jets.

A: Everybody knows that or everyone should know that Odell’s athletic ability, playmaking ability is second to none in this league. Everyone knows that he’s one of the best and he’s a defensive coordinator’s worst nightmare. But I think this is going to be a good matchup with him. We saw a little bit with him and Revis in the preseason. I don’t know if Revis played yesterday, but if he does, I’m sure Revis is going to shadow him and follow him around and it’s going to be a great matchup. Revis doesn’t look like he’s been slowing down any either.

Q: Prince, where do you think the team goes from here to pick up from the disappointment from losing yesterday’s game?

A: I think just like you said, we’re disappointed in ourselves but we’re not discouraged. We’re excited that we have another game this week to go out and prove ourselves and we feel like our goal, which is winning the NFC East, is still achievable. Guys just have to be excited about that.

Q: After what you saw yesterday in a big game, is there anything that you’ve seen since that game, even this morning, that leads you to believe that you guys will come out a little more aggressively in the next big game?

A: I don’t think you can really gauge how we’re going to perform next week by how guys feel after a game or by how guys feel this Monday. I think it’s all about the preparation through a week of practice and even that, it’s all about how guys show up on Sunday. We just hope to have the right mindset on Sunday.

Q: Coach said on the DeSean Jackson touchdown play, they hurried up out of the huddle and quick snapped it. Is that something they did often and how did you see that play and was everybody set?

A: I think it was right after a timeout and yeah, I don’t think I was set on that play, but I was able to still get myself in position. I think you’ve just got to applaud the offensive coordinator and Kirk Cousins for throwing a great ball. I mean, it was a good matchup. DRC was out, it was right after a timeout and they just caught us on one. It was a great play by them.

Q: Is it something they tried to do often or was it just that one play right there?

A: No, I don’t think hurry up was a big part of their game. For the most part, they huddled up and just did everything routine.

Q: I know this game is pretty important for you guys for obvious reasons in the standings, but the fact that it’s the Jets, does it get you excited or mean anything else to your team, do you think?

A: I think guys right now, I think we’re all just focused on this just being just another opponent that we need to beat. We’re still trying to win the division and I don’t think it’s about who we’re playing and if we need a rivalry to get us up, I feel like yesterday, I feel like we should’ve been more amped than any game on our schedule. I don’t think we need it to be a rivalry for us to get us up. We know how great the Jets are, we know they came up with a huge win yesterday against the Dolphins so we know what’s ahead of us.

Q: What do you remember about the 2011 game when you guys played against the Jets?

A: Obviously the play that stands out is Cruz’s 99-yard touchdown that Eli threw to him and I just remembered that feeling, that atmosphere, we were on a roll, and that was one of the best performances that we’ve had.

Q: You mentioned you should’ve been as amped up yesterday as for any game. Why weren’t you and can you explain perhaps if you took the Redskins for granted a little bit?

A: I don’t know how anyone else was feeling. I’m just saying we weren’t because we lost. If we would’ve won, I would’ve said that we were amped up. I don’t know. I felt like in the first couple of series when we came out blow for blow, they came out on fire and I say on fire because they got two turnovers real quickly and we stopped them and held them to no points. Then I think the first half wasn’t the way that we wanted it to go and the second half I felt like we fought and we started to get things going, but we were just a little too late. To circle back to your question, why weren’t we as hungry in the second half as the first half, I seriously can’t speak for everybody, but all I know is we fought in the second half and the first half we were just disgusted with how we played.

Q: Can you explain the lack of consistency in the team’s performance?

A: Yeah, you’ve brought up good evidence and I think we’re well aware that inconsistency is our biggest problem and we’re definitely trying to fix that, because, you’re right, I feel like when we’re on, we’re on and when we’re off, we’re off, so we just have to be consistent with that light switch.
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