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Thursday Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4:09 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

December 3, 2015

Q: Youíre second in kickoff returns, is that something youíve seen improve as the years have gone on?

A: It started out pretty good, Atlanta where we had some good holes, and would have gotten some more but Dwayne [Harris] slipped on one, so that started out pretty good. Itís hard because you donít get into a flow because you have one this game, two this game, and you donít have a whole bunch. Itís been a little bit piecemeal but weíve been happy with the progress of that. You always feel like you can do a lot better. Obviously there are some games I felt like if we made one or two blocks, it could be a better return average.

Q: As it gets into December, the kicks are going to be shorter, and there will be more chances.

A: Yeah, so youíll get more opportunities, and weíre starting to see that a little bit. Last week we only had one, so that makes it tough.

Q: What are your biggest concerns with the Jets?

A: Their team speed is really good and they have good size. There are some tough matchup problems, really like their punt returners, really have done well. [Jeremy] Kerley is tough to tackle, you see him break a ton of tackles, and then obviously they have Antonio [Cromartie] back there. Heís a weapon with his speed, so we have to do a good job with our coverage teams.

Q: Montori Hughes, a 350-pund guy, you ever have a guy that big?

A: In the wedge?

Q: Yeah.

A: When I first got here, we had the four-man wedge and we had some bigger offensive linemen, but never 354 pounds. Thatís a good size.

Q: What makes him capable of doing that?

A: He wants to do it. Some guys arenít willing and you have to really (convince) them, but he enjoys it, so thatís always a good place to start. Heís a good athlete for his size and he can move his feet pretty good.

Q: He seemed to get a pretty good hit, at least one, in there?

A: Yeah, on the one return, he got a knockdown, so that was good.

Q: Big advantage though, he probably had 150 pounds on that guy.

A: I think so. Iím not a physics guy.

Q: Is that sort of how itís going to play out on most kickoffs?

A: No, like this week, there is size versus size, so. We always talk big on little, theyíre going to try and run around, so heís got to do a good job of setting the guy up and getting a shoulder on the guy so youíre not getting a holding penalty.
GMenLTS : 4:10 pm : link
stellar questions

holy crap
Do they ask these questions over a beer  
SwirlingEddie : 4:17 pm : link
at the corner bar?
This was especially good  
Q: Big advantage though, he probably had 150 pounds on that guy.

A: I think so. Iím not a physics guy.
I liked this one  
Cornman33 : 5:18 pm : link
Q: Who exactly is in those compromising pictures you have?

A: Well, obviously you know I would have loved to have somebody from ownership or even the GM but unfortunately it's just Tom.
No questions about Harris bad decisions on fielding punts inside the 5  
FranknWeezer : 5:46 pm : link
Good grief.
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