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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4:16 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr

December 3, 2015

Q: What was the longest field goal you ever kicked?

A: 73 yards.

Q: 73 yards?

A: Yeah. No, Iím just playing, I donít know. I just like to have fun, get out there and clown around.

Q: Skill transfer there anywhere?

A: I donít know where. I donít know where. Somewhere down the line it might help out.

Q: The emergency kicker here?

A: If we ever need one. We wonít need one, our kicker is pretty automatic.

Q: Do you remember watching Victor Cruzís 99-yard play the last time they played the Jets? Do you remember that back then?

A: Yeah, he caught, I think it was an out, or something like that. He made a guy miss and split two guys, I think, and just took off. I think we always clowned him and we tried to tell him he didnít have as much speed. And you just see that play and anytime you can take a play 99 yards, you have to have some speed with you. So I definitely do remember that.

Q: Revis is almost certainly not going to play. Whatís your reaction to that?

A: You just got to move on. We still play the Jets. Last time I was concerned, it wasnít me versus Revis. It would have been fun to be able to go against a guy like that. Obviously, you know I have high praise for him. Unfortunate that heís not playing, but down the road, you never know, there may be a matchup there. But right now weíre focused on beating the Jets.

Q: How much did you prepare for facing Revis or maybe even look into that? Obviously youíve heard about it for months now.

A: Definitely prepared and looked into it. I mean, you have to, you have to study a guy like that. Obviously we know that he studies, studies in the offseason, during the bye week. I guess not much more to say. We donít really know what exactly the case is for Sunday so just keep preparing and I guess keep playing it by ear.

Q: Itís a unique year for the NFC East. Youíre 5-6 and youíre still right there one game out of first place. Talk about the opportunities that are available still this year.

A: I think it just goes in general with life. Life is all about opportunities and how you seize them and make the most of them. We had an opportunity to do some pretty big things last week, as far as putting ourselves in good position to be where we want to be. It didnít happen, so you move on, you keep going, keep preparing, keep getting better. You still have got five games and you try to win them all.

Q: The Jets talked a bit about knocking the ball away from you--when go up and attack the ball it creates an opportunity to get their hands in there and try to sort of swipe it sort of like Malcolm Butler did. What do you have to do to?

A: I mean, thatís their job, to knock the ball out your hands, so itís surprising that somebody is just now saying that. Go up, catch the ball, tuck. I put an emphasis on putting the ball away no matter where I am just because you canít leave it on anybody else to ever make the call or ever make a decision for you. Just leave it in your hands.

Q: You know what itís like to make big plays in college at LSU. You make a big play in the LSU-Alabama game and maybe it takes it to another level. Do you feel kind of that this week, the Jets-Giants? Four years later weíre still talking about the Victor touchdown.

A: I donít know, maybe itís something that Iíll learn more about while being here. I could obviously see that there would be some kind of thing with the Jets and the Giants or whatever the case may be. Two teams in the same city, so whatever the case is there, Iím coming to find out, I guess.

Q: You laughed a little about them just kind of realizing they have to go after your hands. Donít you usually find guys trying to play you pretty physically?

A: Absolutely. Especially as far as when I catch the ball and they try to knock it out of my hands. Like I said, them trying to knock the ball out of my hands, I donít think it was the best observationóitís obviously what youíre supposed to do is knock the ball out of somebodyís hands. Like I said, they have their game plan and we have ours. Keep preparing and definitely looking forward to Sunday.

Q: If a cornerback or a safety is going for the ball or trying to knock the ball out of your hands, does it create an opportunity for you if youíre able to get it away from them? Does it get them out of position or anything?

A: Well, itís better if theyíre going for the ball and not going to play the ball out of my hands. I feel like that just plays into my advantage. You go up for the ball, we go up for the ball together, I have confidence in myself that Iíll be able to make the play when it comes that way. Sometimes they make a great play and thatís NFL football. I donít know what to say, knock the ball out of my hands, I guess. I donít really know what to say on that.

Q: Eli had talked earlier in the week about you getting 18 targets for 9 completions. He said, ďWeíve got to get together and figure out a way to have more completions.Ē Did you guys have that talk?

A: Yeah, itís just being on the same page. Itís really the littlest thing. It could have been your angle 20-something yards down the field on a go ball. It could be anything, thereís so many things that play a factor in completions. Like they say, itís a game of inchesóone inch out of position and the play can be made the other way. So we talked about it Tuesday and right after the game, just as far as being on the same page.

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