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Friday Media Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/4/2015 4:14 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

December 4, 2015

Q: Any thoughts on the fact that Nat Berheís cousin was one of the victims in the San Bernardino tragedy?

A: No, just a very sad thing. I didnít realize the proximities or anything like that. Everyoneís tried to express themselves to Nat about how sorry we feel about that circumstance. And, of course, for everyone in our country, itís a sad, sad situation.

Q: How does something like this affect the players? Theyíre supposed to be so focused on the next game.

A: Well, how can you not be? How can you not be? Youíre a citizen of this country and you have this circumstance thatís taking place in our country and just, why? And how? Whereís the value of life? What do these statements mean? What in the world are we up against? I think that they are affected by it, no doubt. Theyíre very aware of what has transpired. Iím sure they join all of us in wishing it would stop and it wasnít a part of our world today, but unfortunately, it is.

Q: Have you been in direct contact with Nat over this?

A: Heís not here today. He was here yesterday and, quite frankly, I didnít know anything about it until later on in the day. But a bunch of the players saw him and talked to him.

Q: Itís been a difficult year for Victor Cruz, but what at the memories of the 99-yard play the last time you played the Jets from your perspective? What you saw?

A: I was doing jumping jacks on the sideline. That was a heck of a moment now. You can say all you want, but that might have been the boost that got us going right there. Youíre sitting there at the minus-one, and Iím thinking, and I hear the call, the play call, and Iím thinking, ĎOh man, here we go.í And then he catches it and he breaks outside and all of a sudden I see the angle of the safety and I said, ĎI donít think he can catch him.í Great play.

Q: Just have Ben McAdoo call the same play on Sunday.

A: Donít want to be on the minus-one, thank you very much.

Q: Have you spoken to Victor since heís had his calf surgery?

A: I havenít, no. Supposedly he was going to be stopping in today. I havenít seen him, though.

Q: For all the talk of the rivalry between the Jets and the Giants, weíre still talking about the Victor play four years later. Does that kind of speak to the kind of event and stage that this could potentially be with both teams eyeing the playoffs?

A: Well, as I said earlier in the week, itís December in the National Football League and both teams have opportunities. Because of that, itís a big game, thereís no way around it. Itís an important football game for both teams.

Q: Any more encouraged by Marshall Newhouse?

A: Heís feeling better. I think we need to see him do some football-related things, which the way weíre working now, weíd get a chance tomorrow morning to do that.

Q: How about Weston Richburg?

A: Heís worked, heís gotten a little bit more work each day and heís pretty positive. Again, weíll see tomorrow morning.

Q: Will you go with Mark Herzlich in place of Devon Kennard or will you move Jasper over there?

A: Thereís a combination of guys that will play over there.
These questions are just awful  
AP in Halfmoon : 12/4/2015 4:19 pm : link
What you saw? He saw the play. It's not like he's in an alternate universe.

Q: Itís been a difficult year for Victor Cruz, but what at the memories of the 99-yard play the last time you played the Jets from your perspective? What you saw?
What kind of questions do you want asked?  
Old Dirty Beckham : 12/4/2015 4:30 pm : link
Any meaningful football related question is going to be danced around by the coach anyway. So the writer is getting a quote from Coughlin about the Cruz play so he can use it in his story about that game.

What do you expect?
Tough to be a reporter following one team  
Ivan15 : 12/4/2015 5:36 pm : link
Softball questions at least get you answers.

Insightful questions probably get you no answer at all and maybe you get a trip to the doghouse.
Is anyone really talking about the Victor Cruz play??  
rasbutant : 12/4/2015 7:16 pm : link
Besides the beat writers?? Did i miss the BBI thread on this?
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