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Post-Game Transcript: DL Cullen Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/6/2015 6:07 pm
DL Cullen Jenkins

Postgame vs. Jets, December 6, 2015

Q: Defense obviously had a chance in the fourth quarter to put the game away. You gave up a couple long drives. Were you wearing down at that point or breakdowns? What happened?

A: Everything. Obviously everything. We had a 10-point lead and we just couldnít get off the field, we couldnít get the stops we needed.

Q: They seemed to run a lot of screens. Is that what you guys saw and anticipated that they would run against you?

A: Yeah, we had studied that, we had talked about that. We knew coming in that that was going to happen. Some of them we played well, there were a couple of them that they got on us.

Q: Itís happened before, obviously. Can you put your finger on why you guys canít get those fourth quarter stops?

A: If I could figure it out, then we would be standing here in a different tone and a lot better mood, but just canít figure it out.

Q: Is there a fine line between the mistakes, the uncharacteristic, undisciplined errors? Are those the fine line between wins and losses?

A: Yeah. You canít have that many mistakes, you canít have that many missed opportunities, you canít have the same thing every week. We come in and we get in position, we make mistakes, missed assignments, missed opportunities, all of it. Itís just something that I donít understand, it has to become more of a priority to us. Itís got to be something that we get solved, it canít be something that we try to fix. Itís something that you either fix or you go on. We just arenít fixing it. Itís frustrating.

Q: You get the 20-10 lead and as a defense you stopped them for most of the game. Did you feel pretty good at that point or were you at all worried about things that have happened in the past?

A: Not necessarily worrying about it, but youíre saying, ĎOkay, this is where we have to get over this hump. This is where we have to finish. This is where we have to close it out.í And we come in and we say it to each other at halftime, talk about it on the sidelines, ĎLetís go out and finish, letís go out and do this,í and we donít.

Q: Were you surprised coach went for it, the touchdown, or at least the first down, on fourth and two, instead of the easy field goal?

A: No, I wasnít surprised. He was showing faith in us and thatís what you want. As a player, you should want to have that opportunity to put the game away. You should want the coach to have faith in you to be able to go out there and get the job done. And coach showed faith in us and he gave us an opportunity and thatís got to be something we cash in on. We score a touchdown there and youíre up three possessions.

Q: So much talk going into this game was there wasnít a rivalry. Why did it feel like there was that much more emotion out there on the field?

A: Well, itís December, youíve got two teams fighting for the right to continue to play into January. Weíre both right there on the edge, and itís a game that both teams needed to win.

Q: Youíve got Josh Brown out there kicking that field goal and he hasnít missed all year. Did it pretty much feel like you were going to get that one?

A: Yeah, we were getting ready, as a defense, to go out and continue to play. Josh has been kicking great all year. He missed one today, we canít put that on Josh because heís been kicking his tail off this whole year. Thatís a game that shouldnít even come down to that, we should have put that game away earlier, we had all second half to put that game away. It shouldnít even come down to that. I feel bad for him right now because people remember stuff like that, but it shouldnít even come down to that. Heís been kicking his tail off all year.
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