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Post-Game Transcript: DE Robert Ayers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/6/2015 6:41 pm
DE Robert Ayers

Postgame vs. Jets, December 6, 2015

Q: It seemed like you were rotating a lot of guys in and out on the line, was that the plan and did you feel that really helped you guys in terms of trying to switch it up?

A: We do that every week Cullen plays a lot, I play a lot, JPP plays a lot, Damontre [Moore], Nikita Whitlock plays a lot, [Jay] Bromley plays a lot, everybody plays a lot. Thatís the game plan every week. Thatís what we do every week.

Q: Those last two drives in regulation, you guys had played so well defensively, is there anything specific at the end?

A: We executed sometimes, and sometimes we didnít execute. They made the plays they needed to win and we didnít. We let the opportunity slip out of our hands.

Q: Fourth quarter defense is tough at times, do you think previous fourth quarters were a factor today?

A: I donít worry about our resume, about what we do in the past. I just worry about what we do today. We had opportunities to win and we needed to make plays and we didnít make plays and they made plays to win the game at the end, so you know, what we did in other games doesnít matter. This game is all that matters right now, so weíre going to watch this film and learn from it and get ready to try and get a win next week.

Q: Ö.Youíre still very much alive in this thing.

A: Thank you very much. I donít know the outcome of whoever else in the NFC East but the focus is to be on top of it first and the worst we can be is in second, so weíve just got to put our head down and keep working and prepare for next week.

Q: When you get into these situations (since itís happened a few times before), is there any panic or nervousness that happens?

A: We just gotta handle the business. We gotta make plays when we need to make plays. We gotta do what we need to do. Execute the play thatís called. And you know, weíve just got to do that. We take one game at a time. All that stuff that happened in the past, thatís irrelevant. What we do today is all we care about and thatís all weíre going to care about until we get the opportunity to prepare for the next team. I donít care about nothing else but winning this one game that we just played. I never think about anything else, all I care about is one play, one snap, one game. Thatís all itís about. I donít look at the big picture. I look at what weíve got to do and the opportunity that we had today and we didnít get the job done.

Q: When we look at film in preparation for your next game, what do you look for, does that cause you to reflect back on the game?

A: Iím going to reflect back on this game against the New York Jets. Iím going to look at it and learn from my mistakes. Iím going to look at our positives and try and correct them and get better for next week. Weíve got a big game next and thatís all were going to do. The routine is the same every week; thatís how we go about business. Thatís how professionals work. You handle what you can handle and you get ready for the next one so thatís what weíre going to do.
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