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Thursday Media Transcript: DT Cullen Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/10/2015 3:45 pm
DT Cullen Jenkins

December 10, 2015

Q:ÖAt his press conference today, we asked Coach Coughlin how he felt about Dallas winning Monday and he did three jumping jacks and said, ďThis is how I started the meeting today.Ē

A: Itís exciting to still have opportunities and still keep getting opportunities to have a chance to win the division. Itís still exciting and itís still something that we have to approach with a lot of intensity, a lot of emotion, and win it.

Q: What about seeing that enthusiasm from your coach, whoís getting close to 70?

A: Itís always great. Coach Coughlin is a very energetic person every day. He always has energy, heís always enthusiastic to be here and you have to admire it.

Q: But to have that attitude despite the situation, coming off a loss, and managing to look at the bright side of things.

A: Itís all about whatís up next. You have to correct but you also have to move on, you have to look at your next opportunity, and thatís one of the things Coach Coughlin is good at doing. He sees an opportunity that we do have and heís trying to make sure that we take advantage of it.

Q: Do you feel almost blessed that you keep getting these breaks like you did on Monday night, that youíre tied again, and youíre right there? You just have to start winning the games now.

A: Yeah, we just have to do our part. It seems like everything around us is working in our favor but weíre just not doing our part. We just have to stay focused on that and go into this week and know that we have to win. The first thing we have to do is just get a win.

Q: There has been talk about veteran leadership on this team. Do you feel thatís something thatís been lacking or do you feel that you need to be more vocal?

A: I donít think leadership lacks, I feel like we have a lot of leadership, but sometimes you need role players, sometimes you need people who embrace the role as a role player on the team and not being in the spotlight, just embrace that role of just a hard worker that may or may not get attention. I do think we have leaders but we just need people to just embrace their roles on the team.

Q: Are there times when youíre looking around going, ďWill somebody just make a play?Ē

A: The first thing you do, because in a game youíre saying that, ďOkay, itís a big time, I need to do something. I need to make sure I play the best play that I can doĒ and thatís the first thing you do. Then you go out there and play as hard as you can but weíre not making plays when we need to and thatís pretty obvious.

Q: Has this season been almost like a yo-yo in a sense that you have a devastating loss on Sunday but then Monday you get new life again? Is it sort of a roller coaster?

A: Yeah, emotions are all over the place. To have opportunities, you get excited for them, you go out there and youíre in the game, winning the game, feel like you have it, and then you lose it, then youíre down, and then, like you said, all of a sudden everything around you happens in your favor and then you get up again. Itís been, a roller coaster ride is a good word for it.

Q: Are you still surprised when the head coach busted out his jumping jacks for you guys? His mood seems to be the idea of every time you may think that heís going to act a certain way, he comes out and seems like he surprises you guys.

A: Yeah, Coach Coughlin is, heíll get frustrated, heíll get mad, but heís never down. Heís always still energetic, and heís always still looking at what you can do next. I think the saying he used this year, ĎSo what, now what?í really describes him and his personality well. Whatever bad can happen will happen, but he still looks toward the next opportunity and does it enthusiastically.

Q: So have there been times when youíve been expecting him to act one way and then he comes out like yesterday and just kind of give you the unexpected.

A: No, Iíve said that since Iíve been here. One thing with Coach Coughlin that you admire is that he is who he is and that doesnít change. Heís one of the most consistent people that Iíve ever met and he comes in every week, every day, whether itís during the season, in the offseason, he has the same attitude, the same energy, and heís always that way.

Q: So he did jumping jacks in the meeting yesterday?

A: Yeah, yeah yesterday.

Q: Because he busted them out for us today.

A: Yeah, thatís what they told me. I asked them, ďHow did you guys know this stuff?Ē

Q: And he did it for you guys by basically saying Dallas beat Washington, weíre still in this?

A: Yeah, heís saying get the energy going, weíre still in this, weíre still tied for the lead, letís go.
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