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Friday Media Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/11/2015 1:06 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

December 11, 2015

Q: When you look at the Miami passing game on film, what are the problems that they present? Also, is there any prognosis or diagnosis on Devon Kennard and any surgery concern with him?

A: No, at this point in time, there’s no surgery. But when you look at the Miami passing game, you look at a talented quarterback who can run, who has all the throws, and has a nice skillset to work with.

Q: Will Kennard practice today?

A: No. How did (the) Kennard (conversation) start? I just covered him yesterday, I said he’s not working. He’s not working. Kennard is not going to work.

Q: But Ereck Flowers might work today?

A: Yeah, he’s going to try to go.

Q: Can you put your finger on one thing that this team would have to do in the clutch Monday night with a minute left in the game?

A: Make a play to win the game. Finish the game. Whether you’re ahead 20-10 or whatever it is, you’re looking at nine minutes in the fourth quarter, make some plays to finish the game. If it’s four-minute, keep the ball, make some first downs. If it’s defense, make a play. We had them at fourth and six, how many times does that type of thing happen? Get it over with, get them out.

Q: The perception on the outside is the talent simply isn’t good enough, but if talent is good enough 58 or 59 minutes, what fails in the clutch?

A: The fail part of it is just what I’m trying to say—at the point where you need to make a play to win a game, that’s not taking place for whatever reason. We’re not making the plays at the critical times to secure the win.

Q: Any concerns about Prince Amukamara’s ability to bounce back?

A: No. No. I think he’ll bounce back.

Q: He’s always been a confident kid?

A: He’s been confident, he’s been tough, resilient.

Q: With regard to Josh Brown, he made so many in a row. Do you look at that as kind of a blip or an aberration there?

A: Well, he’s made so many in a row. He is human. And it’s unfortunate it happened at that time, it goes along kind of with what Kim said. Okay, you have a chance to make the difference in a game, make the difference. That’s what we play for. You play to be responsive and Josh has done a great job, look at the numbers. But on that particular kick, it wasn’t going to be.

Q: Miami has had some vulnerability against the run. Would you look to try to assert yourselves that way?

A: We do every week, we try to. And we’ll do the same thing.

Q: The perception on the outside that the personnel here simply isn’t good enough.

A: You’ve been on that for a while.

Q: I understand that, but it continues to be the perception that, “Hey, what can they do, they don’t have the talent.”

A: Well, if we can lead, like you just said, if we can be ahead at the end of three quarters, then finish the game and win the game. We have to be good enough.

Q: Did you feel better about your pass rush last week with the alignment of Jason Pierre-Paul on the left and Robert Ayers on the right?

A: I felt better about our pass rush because whatever side Jason was on, he played a better game. And he felt that the conditioning aspect, the things that he worked with over the course of the time he’s been back, was starting to come together. So I felt better about that, yes.

Q: Did Ayers look different to you as well?

A: Ayers has been pretty solid playing inside all year long, if you’ve noticed that.

Q: In working with as many running backs as you have, are you looking for somebody in that group to assert themselves?

A: Yeah, take over the job. Any time anybody wants to be the guy, that’s fine, I’m all for it. There’s a different skillset along the way and we’re trying to utilize them all.

Q: With the offensive line, will what transpires at practice today pretty much determine who will line up?

A: Well, we’ll see. Yeah, we’ll see how Flowers does. I have to be optimistic about the kid, he’s a tough kid. He’s bounced back before when they said he wasn’t going to be able to go and he’s gone. So we’ll see how it goes today.

Q: Marshall Newhouse, his back is better?

A: Yeah, he’s better, he’s feeling better. I’m not going to tell you he’s all the way there, but he’s feeling better.

Q: Going back to Prince, what did you see on film that allowed Brandon Marshall to have so much success against him?

A: Marshall’s a good player. He’s a big, strong player and he’s had lots of success this year. Prince was in position, but not in position a couple of times and the size, speed, ability of the player—Prince made a couple of plays and could have made a couple more.

Q: A couple weeks ago when I asked you about Bobby Hart, and I’m paraphrasing, you said that he’s coming along, there’s some things that we want him to do better. What have you seen from him since then? Is he getting better?

A: He’s coming along and there are some things that we’d like him to do better. He’s a young guy who’s got one of those really sharp personalities and he wants to do everything, wants to learn, wants to play, and so on. And there’s some things, obviously, that have to be improved on. I certainly do like the way he approaches it.

Q: Has he put himself in the top-five where you have to find him a spot?

A: Well, if everybody was healthy and on the field, he would be close to being in that. Due to the fact that we have some injuries, he’s naturally been catapulted into the position he’s in.

Q: Have the injuries on the offensive line been the biggest thing that worked against the running game in your mind?

A: Well, they haven’t helped.

Ok, I have to say  
jvm52106 : 12/11/2015 3:00 pm : link
there are times TC's conferences are pretty humorous. That last line about the Oline and the Running game was classic.

I don't buy into the RB asserting themselves answer as none are ever given any kind of consistent chance to succeed and the one back that shows the most, Darkwa, seems relegated to the 3rd spot.
Not one  
Josh in the City : 12/11/2015 3:06 pm : link
question from the media asking why Moore didn't practice today? Seems weird.
Josh in the City : 12/11/2015 3:07 pm : link
it was pre-practice.
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