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Friday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/11/2015 3:13 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr

December 11, 2015

SoÖYeah I think itís going to be an interesting matchup against the Dolphins. Should be a lot of fun getting to play against Jarvis (Landry). Theyíre a great team and we all know that this is a must win.

Q: You think all this talk about finishing games is finally going to happen?

A: You could talk about it. You could talk about it, but I think everybody knows that you could talk about it until youíre blue in the face, you have to go out there and actually do it. Thatís obviously going to be the goal. We know our situation, we know what we need to do, and we just need to come out and do it.

Q: Do you guys feel like youíre running out of chances? Every time it seems like you fall back, something else happens to put you back in the race?

A: I think thatís life. Opportunities present themselves, they come and go, and itís only a matter of which ones you seize and which opportunities you can take advantage of. So yeah, weíve definitely lost many, many opportunities. It used to be a six-game season, had a big chance there, missed out on that, had another chance last week. We know thereís only four games left and all four of them are important. Just got to go out and put our best foot forward, thatís really it.

Q: Youíre a young player but you understand the national spotlight and Monday Night Football is something thatís been around forever. You know ESPN is really promoting you and Jarvis in this game. Does that put any extra attention on you or any extra responsibility to perform? Does it even matter, does the hype matter at all?

A: Not really, to be honest with you. Itís one of those games that Iíve had in my mind for a long time, playing against Jarvis and being able to do this. So thereís nothing extra that can really be added to it, we both understand the situation. We finally get to play against each other. I donít think it adds to any extra pressure, but being able to see that Monday Night commercial and a guy who, in my mind, is a very underrated receiver in this league. To be able to do the things that he does and just still stay under the radar, I donít know. But itís great to finally see his talents and his skills actually being praised.

Q: Do you keep tabs on the other receivers from your draft class other than Jarvis? You guys all came in last year and it seemed like the whole class had a great season. Do you keep tabs on those guys and what theyíre doing?

A: I think it was more last year when I kept more tabs on, ďWhat is Sammy doing? Whatís Mike Evans doing? Whatís Cooks, all these other guys, whatís everybody doing?Ē Because I love seeing it. These are guys who I came out with. This is my class, this is our draft class. It will forever be the class of, I donít even know which one it was, so confusing. But you know what I mean? Itís something that is history, itís history. So I definitely keep up with them. But the first thing Iím doing after a game, if Iím checking for anything, itís probably going to be to see what Jarvis is doing, if I didnít get to see it while we were playing.

Q: Will you watch the games on Sunday?

A: Whatever games we have a chance to. Iíll be in the hotel room and we usually just sit there, me and B-Wing (Brad Wing), and weíll watch any games that are on. Usually weíll be able to watch the Saturday games, the college games for the most part. But yeah, Iíll definitely have an opportunity to watch some of them.

Q: Is there anything different that they can do to you defensively? Youíve seen it at all, at least is seems like everyone has tried to do everything they can to stop you. Youíve got five straight 100-yard games.

A: I honestly donít know. Weíve seen what their tendencies are and what they do and their game plan. They game plan and we try and game plan around it. I wouldnít try and give out anything to help them do whatever they need to be doing as far as stopping me. I canít really put my finger on it.

Q: I asked DRC, you get to see Beckham in practice all the time, now youíre going to see Jarvis. Is it kind of like seeing a shadow. He said, ďItís not going to be a big deal to us.Ē Do you sense that that helps your guys?

A: I guess just being able to go against those guys in practice, itís the same. You get to go against the DRCís and the Princeís in practice and you take those reps. You take every rep seriously, but you get a chance to go against the corners on your team and youíre going to give it your all, youíre going to try and give them the best work, theyíre going to try to give you the best work. So I think theyíre going to be seeing a lot of everything that they see from me with him. Jarvis and I play very similar. Heís got a little more shiftiness to him as far as getting in and out of things. I try to tell them, donít sleep on him.
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