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Thursday Media Transcript: Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/17/2015 12:53 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

December 17, 2015

Q: You get Owa Odighizuwa back today.

A: We get Owa back practicing today, which is a good thing. Have Barry Cofield in and he will get his first taste of practice. Heís had the rush course, obviously, on whatís going on. For a guy as smart as he is, heíll pick this up.

Q: What do you think he brings for you guys?

A: He brings veteran presence, he brings a guy thatís very aware of the way in which we play here with the Giants. Heís a guy thatís in excellent condition, and I think heís really going to help us down the stretch here.

Q: Did it take a little longer for him to sign with somebody coming off of the hip last year? I guess he had hip surgery in the offseason.

A: Yeah, he did and heís been rehabbing and so on and so forth. Heís in that business himself now, I guess. So heís taken this much time and he really looks good, he worked out very well for us. He said he feels good.

Q: It also probably helps that heís familiar with the system.

A: Well, thatís what I meant, yeah, he knows. Heíll have to do some catching up, heís been away a few years. But I think it will come fast for him.

Q: Your secondary has drawn more offensive pass interference calls than anyone. Is that something you coach and you practice or is that maybe more circumstance?

A: Well, Iíd like to say that itís strictly circumstance. I donít know those numbers, so for me to comment on that is, we certainly donít teach that. We teach an aggressive style of play, but you really donít want those kinds of consequences because of the placement of the ball. As I look at tape, I see a lot of that around the league. I donít know what our numbers are but we certainly arenít encouraging that.

Q: With your secondary, are you more aggressive because of the short passing games? You see a lot of pick plays from other teams.

A: Not necessarily, I donít think so. Itís not all in range of the short, three-step drop game that these things occur. They do occur down the field as well.

Q: When youíre preparing for Cam Newton, is there a specific spot in the defense he puts more pressure on than other areas?

A: Well, he naturally puts a lot of pressure on your perimeter to be able to keep him contained in the pass game. In the run game, I really think they do design runs according to if youíre overplaying the perimeter, he takes it up inside. He runs the counter play, he runs the quarterback draw, so there are a lot of things that are game specific, based on what they think youíre going to play. Then through the course of the game, as they watch, they go ahead and institute whatever the emphasis might be.

Q: No Jonathan Stewart for them. What do they lose in that regard?

A: I think heís second in the league in carries. Heís had the ball a lot and heís been very productive. He had the long run the other day right away in the game against Atlanta. Heís carried the ball a lot this year, theyíve been an outstanding running team. So heís their number one runner, so they will miss him. Fortunately for them, they do have the veteran in (Mike) Tolbert; they do have (Fozzy) Whittaker, whoís been their kick returner, not as many runs. But they do have guys that are very familiar. Then they have a young man that was inactive that theyíll bring up.

Q: I know weíve asked you about Ereck Flowers time and again. It seemed like he did more than maybe you expected yesterday.

A: Yeah, heís a tough guy now. He wants to go and itís tough not to let him go. So what you try to do is stay within some kind of limit, maybe 50 percent, but heís going to get those snaps. You think that he wouldnít be able to, but he goes right out and does it.

Q: Whereís George Selvie?

A: Heís still in the protocol.

Q: Is he progressing in the process?

A: Not to the extent that you would like.

Q: They talk about the Giants always being able to play well against teams that are unbeaten, highly favored and having big seasons. Do you take pride in that and what do you think thatís a result of?

A: Well, I donít know who says it. I do take pride in it to the extent that itís true. Youíre playing against the best, you better bring your bestóthatís the attitude weíve always had. Itís a great motivational and inspirational type thing to be able to play against the teams that areóat least this team with a 13-0 recordóand we work our tail off to try and be in position. As I mentioned yesterday, the important thing is to realize that we have a lot at stake as well. So thatís part of the motivation, obviously.

Q: In your estimation, what makes this offense a good fit for Eli and his skills?

A: Our offense?

Q: Yes, your offense.

A: Because Eli is, first of all, over the course of his career, heís always had the button and been able to maneuver the offense the way that he sees it at the line of scrimmage. Itís an intellectual part of the game that heís always done very well with. But if you notice, heís up around fifth or sixth in the league at releasing the ball, the ball is coming out quickly, and so heís been very productive with it. And we pick our spots to throw the ball down the field, and heís always been a very good deep ball, particularly a deep ball post, that type of a quarterback.

Q: Will Tye caught his first touchdown the other night. How is he coming along?

A: Heís doing well. Heís progressed, thereís some things that Iíd like him to do better, obviously. I really do believe he can be an outstanding blocker. But as far as the way that heís performed and played in games, the touchdown notwithstanding, heís made some big catches for us in the last four or five weeksóone or sometimes two in a game. And (Jerome) Cunningham did a better job blocking the other night, and that helped.

Q: Is it more technique with Willís blocking?

A: Itís a lot of that. Itís understanding his technique, itís quickness off the ball, all of those kinds of things, being able to understand leverage and keep it that way.

Q: Is there fear that Markus Kuhn may not be able to get back from the knee injury this year? Is that a serious concern or just a minor thing?

A: Well, what we hear is the expectation will be, weíll be looking at it week-to-week. Heís made some improvement now and hopefully that will continue.
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