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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/17/2015 4:56 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr

December 17, 2015

Q: The hype surrounding Jarvis Landry is over, but now the hype surrounding Josh Norman seems to have taken over here. Your thoughts about him as a defensive back? What has he done so well to take out some of the superstar receivers in this league?

A: They play cover three and he does a great job at just attacking the ball and making it difficult. It should be a very interesting game and a very interesting matchup knowing we have a lot to do and what weíre really trying to accomplish.

Q: Coach said he doesnít necessarily follow a guy all the way into the slot all the time. Is that the kind of thing where youíll be watching like, ďIs he there? Is he not there?Ē Can you exploit that when heís not there or do you expect him to be on your tail every play?

A: Iím not their coach, I donít know what coverage theyíre going to play. I would assume they would do the same thing theyíve always done, which is play cover three and do the things that he does. As far as following me in the slot, I donít know what really their game plan is.

Q: Seems like we went through this a couple of weeks ago when Darrelle Revis got hurt, but do you relish these kinds of one-on-one challenges if he does matchup against you that much?

A: As far as Iím concerned, the Giants play the Panthers. Thereís (10) other people on the field and everybody has a one-on-one matchup. So no matter who youíre going against, the goal is to win your matchup and thatís the plan for us is to try and win the matchup the most amount of times we can.

Q: What did it mean to hear Ron Rivera compare you to Jerry Rice?

A: I didnít even hear that. Just, I mean, to be mentioned in the same sentence as Jerry Rice is still shocking to me, knowing what he accomplished and the things he was able to do. Thatís where you want to go, thatís the direction you want to go, but nowhere near there. But I do appreciate the compliment and just keep working.

Q: Norman said the matchup of you against him is so exciting, he described it as ďedible.Ē What do you think about that?

A: It doesnít really matter. Like I said, we play the Panthers and looking forward to it. It should be an interesting game.

Q: Is Jerry Rice a receiver that youíve somehow patterned your game after or are there other guys maybe youíve looked at over the years?

A: Itís kind of a combination of a lot of people. I used to watch the Larry Fitzgeraldís, how he would go up and attack the ball, and how Megatron would go up and attack the ball. Then Iíd watch how DeSean Jackson gets open down field and how he uses his speed and watch how Vic(tor Cruz) used his quickness. I would literally just try and take everybodyís strength and try and combine it into my own game and use it. Really taking a lot of things they did and try to make it your own craft.

Q: Have you ever talked to Jerry Rice before? Have you ever met him or talked to him?

A: Talked to him. I havenít gotten the chance to meet him in person. But a great guy, a guy who will give me tips whenever he feels the need to. Just making sure he looks out like a big brother and he wants to see receivers, in general, succeed. And heís definitely helped me out along the way.

Q: You know Joshís nickname is Batman. Is there a coincidence with the Joker shoes?

A: No coincidence. Just so happened to have them.

Q: This week?

A: I had those last week.

Q: Is that something you plan on continuing? These new cleats every week?

A: Yeah. Itís just fun, a way of expressing yourself. Whatever you have going on, you kind of just put it into a shoe, and itís cool. A lot of people seem to like it. By the end of a career, youíll have a big collection of all kinds of custom shoes. Youíll be able to look back and Iíll be able to look back and remember special moments like, ďWhen did I wear these?Ē And what you wore them for, really. So itís a lot of fun.

Q: So do those Joker ones get worn Sunday?

A: No. No, never wear the same thing.

Q: So what do you plan for Sunday?

A: Weíll have to wait and see.

Q: May I suggest The Riddler?

A: I donít need any Batman or anything like that. Iíll probably do something else.

Q: You have something planned for every game?

A: Pretty much every game try and come up with whatever idea or whatever the theme may be for the week, and put it on a shoe. Itís creative, itís fun, and I kind of like them, so you get a big collection of them.

Q: You were the top-voted wide receiver in the Pro Bowl voting. What does that mean to you?

A: Itís awesome. Obviously, thatís the goal. The goal will either be in the Super Bowl or be in the Pro Bowl. And right now weíre working for Santa Clara. Trying to sneak into these playoffs, and get a clean slate, and start from there. First youíve got to start by taking care of the Carolina Panthersó13-0 team, arguably one of the best teams in the league right now. And theyíre playing at a very high level, so itís definitely going to be quite a game come Sunday.

Q: Youíre ahead of guys like Julio Jones and Antonio Brown in the fan Pro Bowl voting. Seems like a pretty nice honor that the fans will put you in that category.

A: Definitely, definitely. Appreciate all of them that voted. Itís just something that youíve worked for, you want to be able to accomplish those things. But like I said, obviously, the goal would be to be in the Super Bowl ideally then have to settle for a Pro Bowl. You want to be in the big game. So weíre just going to keep working towards it.

Q: There has been a lot of talk about the 13-0. This team, the Giants, usually plays well against a team thatís in this position. Has there been a lot of talk about that?

A: I think everybody knows that theyíre 13-0, thereís no hidden fact about it. Theyíre a great team, they beat a lot of great teams, and you can see on film the things that they do well as far as being able to win the games. Just kind of countering off, trying to find your best places to attack and go from there.

Q: You feeling better? Is that something that kind of dragged on or were you fine the next day?

A: Itís gotten better, itís definitely gotten better. Today being Thursday now, kind of gotten almost all the way over it. Just still lingering there, but I think come Sunday Iíll be alright.

Q: Youíre talking about the little illness you had or the dehydration kind of deal?

A: I kind of forgot about that. No, I was just dehydrated. I got an IV, what was that, Friday before we left. I got an IV before the game, and I got two at half time. It was just, your body is fighting something and a lot of things are coming out, you canít really hold much fluid. So try my best and I came out at half time and I just took off running down the field like I usually do and I started cramping. I was like, ďItíll be a long half if I donít get the IV.Ē So ran back in and, thankfully, was able to finish the game.

Q: Cramping was gone the next day though?

A: Yeah, it was gone the next day. It was kind of gone after I got the IV and it all settled it. When I first ran back out there, I was like, ďMan, I may need to warm up again or stretch or something.Ē It kind of just started loosening back up and kind of got the feel for it again, as far as my body goes.

Q: Looking back, are you at all amazed that you were able to do all that in that game, feeling how you felt?

A: To be honest, some of my better games have been whenever youíre sick. I can remember one in high school, I had probably one of the better games of my life. I think you know what youíre fighting against and you know how much more itís going to take out of you. I think you push yourself even harder knowing that youíre fighting against something. I donít know if it really helped me, but it ended up working out okay.

Jerry Rice Comparison  
geelabee : 12/17/2015 5:04 pm : link
To be mentioned in the same sentence as Jerry Rice is absolutely astounding!!!

As has been said on this board many time...we got ourselves a generational talent...equivalent to the Giants #1 selections in 1981...and 2004...thats how huge getting Odell really was...hats off to Jerry and the crew for having the foresight for making the pick and bringing Odell home to New York...
i love this kid  
Les in TO : 12/17/2015 5:12 pm : link
I think next year he really steps up to be a vocal leader of this team. Eli is the leader, but as we all know, more of a leader by example, a guy who will reach out to Odell to come up with their own dissection of the defense, not a guy who gives rah rah speeches. Odell brings the fire/intensity. It's nice to have both. Also amazing that he gets feedback directly from Jerry Rice.
These inrerviews are awful  
dune69 : 12/17/2015 5:22 pm : link
The interviewer wants to talk about bright lights and accolades and the kid wants to talk about football and the Panthers. Most of these interviewers do not know enough about the game they cover to ask football related questions.
These inrerviews are awful  
dune69 : 12/17/2015 5:22 pm : link
The interviewer wants to talk about bright lights and accolades and the kid wants to talk about football and the Panthers. Most of these interviewers do not know enough about the game they cover to ask football related questions.
Thought he handled  
TMS : 12/17/2015 5:24 pm : link
the interview very well. He is confident but not cocky and learning the interview game. Love this very talented kid, and think he eats that loud mouths lunch if our Ol gives ELI the chance.
Odell was on with Michael Kay this afternoon and he....  
Crispino : 12/17/2015 5:59 pm : link
really made me laugh with a little mistake he made. He was discussing Cam Newton and he said "Cam is a very dynamic player. People just naturally levitate to hm." Cracked me up.

Good interview, though. He's really getting the hang of handling the media and will just get better at it. Engaging guy.
He is a very disciplined  
CT Charlie : 12/17/2015 6:04 pm : link
interview subject. I'd like to think that he's realizing that his actions on the field are speaking for themselves, and that Rice and Fitzgerald and others didn't waste energy on me-speak. Good for him.
JOrthman : 12/17/2015 6:50 pm : link
Those were very humble and veteran like answers. I'm impressed.
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