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Thursday Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/17/2015 5:00 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

December 17, 2015

Q: How concerned are you about [Dwayne] Harris and his shoulder?

A: Anytime a guy doesnt practice, youre concerned, but hes a tough guy so well see how it plays out the rest of the week.

Q: Is Odell [Beckham Jr.] a possibility right there?

A: Yeah, we always try and keep a lot of guys ready. Weve had Odell, Shane [Vereen] and Rueben [Randle] all working. Shane has worked on kickoff returns and hes had kickoff reps this year.

Q: Hes done that earlier, Shane?

A: Yeah, a couple of games.

Q: The operation with your new long snapper seemed fairly smooth.

A: Yeah, it was fine; just have to make the kick.

Q: Unusual that wed be asking you about a struggle for Josh Brown but two kicks in two weeks for him, I guess thats a struggle.

A: Theyre not chip shot field goals, and he went back and looked at it and made sure his alignment was right, and his start was right. Hes feeling like hes still striking the ball, hes striking it well in practice, so hes still confident.

Q: How difficult was it for you with Damontre [Moore] all of a sudden not being there? Im sure you were counting on him for a lot.

A: Yeah, I mean hes been a big factor really on our coverage teams, kickoff coverage teams, really did well in punt return, he had really a knack for blocking kicks. You just move on, you wish him the best, too bad it didnt work out here, but he contributed well on the kickoff coverage for us.

Q: With Josh, is it just a technical thing or do you have to get in his head?

A: Obviously, its a confidence thing, but hes making them in practice and so he feels good about it.
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