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Thursday Transcript: Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/17/2015 5:13 pm
Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo

December 17, 2015

Q: What did you see in the running game on Monday?

A: You know what, we had a couple get out of the gate early. Our big guys up front, they fought pretty well. Didnít win them all, they had their hands full but they battled. Got Rashad (Jennings) going, had a couple of nice runs early, which was encouraging to see, and got a nice workload because of it.

Q: Do you see that workload continuing on Sunday or do you think youíll go back to more of the committee?

A: Weíll see how the game goes.

Q: Did Orleans Darkwa get dinged up at all?

A: Not that Iím aware of.

Q: Is Dwayne Harris a concern? Didnít practice today, how important do you thinkÖ

A: Thatís probably a better question for Coach.

Q: Were you amazed at the production of Odell Beckham in that game given that he was so sick he did a couple of IV bags?

A: I was really unaware of it until it happened. I know he was ill a little bit earlier in the week, I know it was going to be a humid night and Iím glad he came back and responded well to the treatment, to the IVs, and didnít miss a beat really. Youíre just hoping that he can come out and not cramp up after that. He had some opportunities to win down the field and he caught the right coverages and cashed in on them.

Q: Whatís he doing better this year?

A: What I think heís doing better, I think the starting point is at practice, heís getting a lot of reps at practice, you can see the chemistry developing between he and Eli, and heís playing multiple positions and working hard to get the techniques down at those positions.

Q: Is Josh Norman as good of a cornerback as heíll face this year?

A: Heís a young, athletic, hungry guy. Heíll be a great challenge. Look forward to the matchup.

Q: You anticipate heíll be playing on Odell most of the game? Seems to be what they do.

A: Weíll be ready for it either way.

Q: Do you have to try and scheme around a cornerback? Is that something as an offensive coordinator that you do at all or is it something that you even think about?

A: Weíre going to play our game. Weíre not going to shy away from anybody. Weíll pick our spots at times, but weíre not going to back down from any challenges.

Q: Obviously we focus a lot on the individual matchups, but is it too simplistic to say, as good as Odell is, that one cornerback by himself could shut him down in a game? Is it the scheme more than one guy?

A: You donít go into a game thinking theyíre going to double-cover Odell on every play. Theyíre going to pick their spots like everyone else has. Iím sure the single-high safety, if they want to play that way, will favor him, they may play a safety over the top of him at times, and they may give him a one-on-one matchup at times. Itís up to the quarterback to find his one-on-one and take advantage of it.

Q: A cornerback like him gets his assignment, his receiver of the week, and heís been studying Odell. How much time do you or how much time does Odell spend on him specifically versus their scheme?

A: We study the techniques. First, it starts with the personnel department. Theyíre on these guys and the way they play and their athleticism and the type of players they are since they come out of college, so you obviously have a record of these guys that goes back a long way. Then you study the tapes and see how theyíre playing this year. Put a plan together and the players really kind of jump into that and study their individual matchups and Iím sure there are a lot of conversations going on around the league about the type of players theyíre going to see and the type of matchup and their play style and you tailor it to that.

Q: Do you try to run more pick plays or crossing patterns to try and force a different matchup?

A: No, we donít pick here. Itís against the rules.

Q: Ron Rivera made a comparison to Odell and Jerry Rice. Do you agree with that and how do you want to shield him from that maybe? Or is that okay for him to hear those things?

A: We talk a lot about focusing on what we can control, and thatís the way we play. Being ready for situational football, being ready for the matchups in front of us, and taking advantage of our opportunities. Thatís really out of our control.

Q: What is it about their pass rush that makes it so effective?

A: Theyíre a talented front and they have some depth, they have some big bodies, some wide bodies. Jared Allen, playing against him for a bunch of years in my last stop, heís a slippery guy still and heís effective there, but they have a variety of guys to get to the quarterback and in a variety of ways. They do a nice job in coverage, so you have to hold the ball a little longer than you would versus a normal opponent. But I really think what separates this defense from a lot of defenses in the league is they have three linebackers plus who are instinctive, who can play with speed and physicality and they can cover. they can rush and they can cover and they can do it in a variety of ways so theyíre very skilled there.

Q: What is it about this offense in your estimation that makes it a good fit for Eli? It was a pretty good game he had Monday.

A: I think it starts with his preparation. Heís a guy who plays the game before he plays the game. He studies the opponent, he studies the scheme, he knows what he likes and what he doesnít like, and he likes having some control, the adjustments at his fingertips. There is a lot of responsibility that goes with it and he handles that well.

Q: This offense gives him more of that opportunity than most of the other offenses out there?

A: We play fast-paced, we want to be adjustment-based, thereís a lot of flexibility in the offense. You just canít try to do too much.

Q: The numbers suggested last week was Eliís best game since youíve been here. Do you feel like that?

A: You know what, going through the game, didnít feel like he was having a monstrous game by any stretch of the imagination. We were focused on the task at hand, and afterwards when you see the numbers, you think back and you didnít see the ball hitting the ground a bunch. But we definitely had a big time challenge, that was a good defense we played. I guess as the game was going on, I didnít necessarily realize.
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